Your weekly love and relationships horoscope is here, for the week commencing November 8th 2020

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your love and relationship horoscope for the week of Sunday November 8th to Sunday November 15th 2020. What’s in store for your love life? 

Each Sunday, astrologer Oscar Cainer delivers your weekly horoscope – covering off the highs and lows that will play out in your career, health and general happiness… but if it’s your love life that you really need insight to, his separate love and relationships horoscope might be of more use.

Read on to see what the stars have in store for you, romantically speaking, for the week of November 8th. Still want more? Be sure to bookmark your daily horoscope, too!

Timing is everything. The good news is that an opportunity you’ve been wishing for has suddenly presented itself. Yet, since your circumstances have changed, you’re not quite sure what to do with it. It’s as if you ordered a lovely pair of open-toed sandals which have arrived just as it has turned cold; fur-lined boots would be much more useful. Don’t waste precious time cursing your emotional luck this week. The Jupiter/Pluto link indicates that if you’re innovative, you’ll find your way to a happy outcome.

‘One can be alone in a bar, like an island he’s all alone. Two can make just any place seem just like being home’, so sang Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston in ‘It Takes Two’. And while there’s plenty to be said for independent living and enjoying solitary pursuits, some things are just better when shared. Everything from a tango to a tug-of-war would fall pretty flat if only one person turned up. You could use a new source of support right now. Happily, the Jupiter/Pluto link encourages new partnerships to thrive.

Which is easier? Getting stuck into a project which might just change the world for the better; or carping from the sidelines? We all know the answer to that! Sadly, in our social media age, people are quick to take to their keyboards and dish out criticism – even about folk who close their laptops, switch off their phones, and go out to achieve something. You might feel powerless to make a difference to a key issue. But if you choose your moment, a carefully planned intervention will reap lasting dividends.

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The men who wrote novels in Victorian times considered women to be delicate, helpless creatures. According to them, ladies fell into a swoon if they overheard an indelicate remark, or even mildly bad news. As your every move seems to be met with gasps of horror and people fainting with shock, you might feel as if you’re surrounded by fragile people this week. Are you being particularly insensitive? No… it’s just that some folk are determined to take offence. You need to carry on doing your own thing.

‘There’s something gnawing away at me’. When people say this they’re referring to the almost physical sensation we experience when something ‘isn’t quite right’ and doubt and anxiety become a sort of aching tension that never quite goes away. You’ve experienced such a feeling recently. You have a nagging suspicion that all is not as it should be. Frustratingly, the answer somehow seems to keep just out of your vision. This eek, Jupiter and Pluto will intensify those emotions – but also help you find a solution.

If someone told you that 7:30pm was bedtime, and lights out was at 8pm, would you do it? Of course not; we leave those sorts of rules behind in childhood. Yet there are times when we’re compelled to follow regulations. Although you’ve felt hemmed in by restrictions recently, there’s still the potential to be creative. You can approach a problem from a new angle and find innovative ways to make valuable changes. As long as you don’t throw caution to the wind, you can find a way to move forwards.

Remember the Rubik’s Cube craze? When the colourful, 3D puzzle first came out it was everywhere. There were books, tv shows, competitions that some fast-fingered masters could unscramble the cube within seconds. Inevitably, it spawned spin-offs – puzzles in the shape of snakes, pyramids and stars. The point is that as soon as we’ve solved one riddle, another emerges. Jupiter and Pluto enable you to crack the challenging conundrum at the heart of your world this week. What emerges, will be simpler to deal with.

‘All the world’s a stage’, Shakespeare wrote, ‘and all the men and women merely players’. But unlike his plays, our life stories are improvised. We’re ad-libbing our way through ever-shifting plotlines, and none of us knows how each individual scene will end. At the moment you’re caught up in a very interesting narrative. But it’s moving so quickly that you fear you’re in danger of missing out on the outcome you desire. Jupiter and Pluto enable you to take control of your story arc. If you act decisively, a joyous ending is possible.

It’s easy to think that we’re living in relentlessly gloomy times. With so much heartache and worry around, we can be consumed by negative emotions. Yet there’s as much good in the world as there has ever been. So many small things can lift the heart: a chance encounter, the song of a bird in a neighbour’s garden, children’s laughter in the park, a communal triumph on a tv baking show, listening to favourite tunes in the bath. Concentrate on the positive, and you’ll notice something (or someone) who’ll lift your spirits.

Did Mark Antony carry out a risk assessment before he embarked on his relationship with Cleopatra? When Paris eloped with Helen of Troy, had he filed a health and safety analysis? Clearly not… both relationships ended in tears and worse! These days, we’re not supposed to do anything without first considering every possible outcome, and drawing up an appropriate response. But there are times when you need to throw out the paperwork and follow your heart. Be bold this week. The prize is worth it.

When I was a kid I received a board game based on my favourite TV show. It looked like a brilliant chance to emulate my hero, and take part in an adventure. I unpacked the box to find about 100 different counters, a bafflingly complex board, and an instruction book the size of a Stephen King novel. It was so complicated I abandoned it before I’d even rolled the dice. Your emotional world is unnecessarily intricate at the moment. Now’s the time to step back and reassess. In a key relationship, simplicity is key.

‘Count your blessings’, they say. It’s a wise piece of advice which encourages us to be a little more grateful for what we have. But that shouldn’t mean we must be content with our lot, or settle for where we are right now. Life would become very dull if we never tried new things and avoided different experiences. Thanks to the meeting of Jupiter and Pluto, this week brings a chance to strive for a transformational goal, even if it seems out of reach. Go grab it – then you’ll have another blessing to count!

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