Your weekly love and relationships horoscope is here, for the week commencing November 14th 2020

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your love and relationship horoscope for the week of Saturday November 14th to Friday  November 20th, 2020. How star-crossed will your love be this week?

My favourite football manager/philosopher used to refer to his team’s under-performances as ‘playing with the handbrake on’; he viewed it as a psychological issue. And when his players had the right approach, they played at their exciting, free-flowing best. With the New Moon planting powerful seeds for change this week, we all have the opportunity to get back to something like our finest. It’s not as simple as pulling a lever. But as Mars changes direction, the brakes finally come off.

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‘Love is like oxygen. You get too much, you get too high – not enough and you’re gonna die’. Although this lyric, from a song by the glam-rock band, Sweet, is rather melodramatic, it indicates how difficult it is to get levels of affection right. Where’s the border between intense passion and unhealthy obsession? When does concern for a partner’s welfare cross the line to become controlling behaviour? As Mars turns direct this week, you’re able to get the checks and balances on your emotional life back in order.

‘There’s one born every minute’. This catch phrase refers to the number of gullible people who exist on planet Earth. If it’s true, more than 450,000 of them have been born since the start of the year! Which means there’s a big market available for anyone trying to hoodwink impressionable people. Yet there’s a crucial difference between being tricked, and choosing to be fooled – just ask anyone who loves a magic show. Is your heart leading you down a foolish path? This week’s New Moon makes it easy to judge.

When people are together for a long time, they become hyper-aware of each other’s habits. Whether it’s half-whistling the same tune, or forgetting to put the lid back on the toothpaste, what might once have been considered to be a charming eccentricity can end up driving someone to distraction. Something has been bothering you about a key person’s behaviour. But could your focus on their faults be masking your bad habits? As Mars turns direct, it brings an opportunity to make changes that will help you both.

Your naturally generous spirit means that you feel happy for people when you see them take the spotlight. After all, they must have talent to be lauded in such a way. And you’re just an ordinary person who doesn’t deserve singling out for special attention, aren’t you? Hmmm… if that’s the way you’re feeling, I’m happy to tell you you’re wrong! You have the gift of empathy, and someone important is beginning to see it. Their appreciation might not yet be apparent, but the New Moon will make things much clearer.

You’d think that the fastest man alive would stick to a rigorously controlled training and nutrition regime. But world-record breaking sprinter Usain Bolt has admitted he struggles to get to the gym on time, and is well-known for his love of fried chicken! Yet he still managed to reach speeds of 43.4 km/hr and win a hatful of gold medals. The moral of this story? Yes, put the work in; but don’t forget to cut yourself some slack. You’ve been pushing yourself too hard; a more relaxed approach will reap dividends this week.

Fancy developing a new skill? Why not learn how to breathe? No, I’m not joking! You can book yourself on an online breathing workshop, where a coach shows how to do it properly. Improve your breathwork, and you might sleep more soundly, digest your food better and lower your anxiety. We take so much for granted… even the amazing act of breathing! It seems you’re overlooking something basic in your life; how special you are. As you’ll discover this week, someone else knows that very well.

‘Men marry because they are tired, women, because they are curious: both are disappointed’. So writes Oscar Wilde in The Picture Of Dorian Gray. He has a cynical, not-to-say gender-stereotypical view of relationships; and if we went along with it, no one would get married or commit to another person ever again! Sometimes, though, we all feel emotionally detached and sceptical about the idea of committed partnerships. Try not to go down that path this week: the New Moon ushers in reasons to feel positive.

There are certain truths we all know. The camera never lies, for instance. And, you can’t change time. But hang on; in this age of the Instagram filter and image manipulation software, the cameras often cheat and bamboozle! And we’re all aware of how time slows to a crawl when we’re bored, yet flies by when we’re having a blast. If you want life to go a little faster now, try pressing hard on your personal accelerator. As Mars turns direct, you might be surprised at how quickly you can change the picture!

They say, ‘don’t make a mountain out of a molehill’. But if you start to pile enough molehills on top of one another they soon add up to quite a climb. You have a lot of concerns at the moment. Although you recognise that none of them is a big deal in itself, taken together they’re more than enough to create a significant emotional barrier. Most of them, though, exist only in your mind. You’re imposing exacting standards on someone close to you. If you cut them a little slack this week, watch and your worries will melt away.

In the tv show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, each contestant gets a number of lifelines – including the chance to phone a friend. If the show were about uncovering emotional truths rather than answering quiz questions, you’d be the friend everyone chose to phone. Why? Firstly because you have the perspicacity to spot when something’s wrong. And secondly, you offer advice with kindness and sensitivity. A friend in need will seek your help this week. An act of generosity will bring a delightful reward.

Where are you on your emotional journey? Well, it’s as if you’ve set off with great purpose to where you want to go, and then stopped off at a motorway service station for refreshments. But instead of jumping into the car and heading back on the road, you’ve decided that you like it where you are. What is it about your prospective destination that has caused you to get so far and no further? This week, with Mars changing direction, you’ll realise what your next move must be. The clarity that follows will lift your spirits.

I wonder who created the first to-do list. Perhaps there’s a cave somewhere adorned with prehistoric tasks like ‘1. Hunt. 2. Gather.’ Or maybe a yet-to-be translated scroll of hieroglyphics will reveal that an ancient Egyptian planned to dust the pyramids in the morning, then buy new sandals after lunch. There’s something very human about the desire to organise our lives into tickable tasks. Here’s a suggested to-do list for you this week: 1. Decide what really matters to you. 2. Go out and get it. 3. Enjoy!

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