Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of March 20th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday March 20th, to Friday March 26th, 2021.

This Equinox week is pivotal. Not only does the Sun move into your sign, heralding a new astrological new year, but Venus, the planet of love and abundance makes its home in Aries. The implication, is that you’re reaching the other side of a major drama. A situation will be sorted in the nick of time, and a far more comfortable outcome is achievable. You may still be recovering from all that has transpired. But, as events unfold, it becomes clear that your fortunes have begun to significantly improve.

This week, why don’t you write your forecast and I’ll read it as if I were you? Are you ready? What kind of a week are you going to have? What do you need to watch out for? What can you look forward to? You don’t really need to be an astrologer this week, in order to foresee a key element of your destiny. You just have to have faith in your own ability to make what you want to happen, happen. If you sincerely believe that it’s possible and fair, you’ll get it. And I like that outlook as much as you!

Your life has been filled with challenges recently. If you were anyone else, born under another zodiac sign, you might have found it particularly stressful. But you’re creative, imaginative, intelligent and ingenious. Challenges present you with occasions to excel. Despite the difficulties, you’ve been making inspiring progress. This week, the boost of energy created by the Equinox ensures that you’re more than able to tackle any issues and take a giant leap into a brighter future.

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The Equinox is a time of regeneration and reclamation. If someone has been undervaluing you, this is when your abilities and skills will be recognised. The uncertainty you’ve been experiencing is on the wane, and the doubts that have threatened to undermine your confidence will dissolve. Here comes an opportunity to deal with a challenging situation with stylish flair and show your worth. Not only are you in no danger of encountering a problem that can’t be solved, your insight will be dazzling.

Suppose you own a wobbly table. In order to make it stand evenly, you saw a bit off the three longer legs. But you misjudge the amount, and when you’ve finished, one of the other legs is too short. So you have to start all over again. Aargh! If you’re not careful, the same thing will happen until the table is only inches above the floor (and still wobbly!) That can happen when you set out to solve a problem. But, if you go carefully, you can find an easy solution to any challenges this Equinox week.

Although they say ‘fortune favours the bold’, they also say ‘blessed are the meek’. It’s highly confusing! Yet, perhaps both these maxims are true. This Equinox week, you’ll be well taken care of if you assert yourself, and equally well looked after if you pursue a more passive policy. The middle-path, though, isn’t an option. You need to summon the strength of a sumo wrestler and take action, or the patience of a spiritual teacher and relax. Who hesitates, is lost. And who has faith, wins!

As your ruler, Venus, moves into a new sector of the zodiac, it enables you to find a valuable sense of perspective. With so much celestial activity focused in your opposite sign, any swirling issues you’re already dealing with will gain momentum, and the boat you’re travelling in will be well and truly rocked. But, even if you find yourself being swept off course, you’ll be able to see a clear light on the horizon that you can safely navigate towards. That’s your vision of the right thing to do.

What should you be worried about this Equinox week? Actually, what should you not be worrying about? It’s often the case that the issues preoccupying us are distracting us from those that really deserve our attention. It’s the things we turn a blind eye to that often merit our scrutiny. If you take the cosmic gifts on offer, the change of perspective will enable you to see that a fuss has been made about next to nothing. Actually, it’s far more likely that you can relax about almost everything.

What kind of noise does a happy bluebird make? Does it cheep like a sparrow or screech like a hawk? Some people might argue that it doesn’t make any kind of sound because it doesn’t exist. But they’re not optimistic Sagittarians! This week’s powerful Equinox indicates that you’re about to be more able to answer this question than any enthused birdwatcher. Even if you can’t hear it, you’ll experience it. Your spirits might not have been at their highest recently, but they’re being raised again.

Grit Goulash. Concrete Curry, and for desert…Tarmac Tiramasu. Hmmm… you can add as much seasoning as you want, but that menu choice is problematic; it’s going to be hard to digest, let alone challenging for your teeth! If you saw these items on a menu, you’d order your food from somewhere else. So, why are you trying so hard to find ways to deal with the equivalent dishes in your life? It’s time to stop trying to like something impossible. The Equinox brings a more palatable alternative.

Although many websites offer to measure IQ, I haven’t seen any that propose to assess our sanity levels. Why’s that? Probably, because no one would be interested! Or perhaps it’s impossible to make a subjective judgment. We need someone else to make that assessment for us. But, when one person’s idea of sanity is another’s madness, who would you trust to assess you? Who can say what’s crazy about this week? Don’t let your fear (or anyone’s negativity) make you doubt your brilliance.

It’s not easy to weigh up the positives against the negatives. We grow tired of being buffeted by options that blow across our lives like crosswinds in an open field. So we construct shelters out of things we have to hand, and take cover in the relative calm space they offer. The Equinox enables you to put down a clear boundary this week. And, as Venus changes signs, you can make wise choices about the direction your life needs to take. You’re about to discover reasons to feel more hopeful.

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