Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of July 24th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday July 24th, to Friday July 30th.

The Thunder Moon was aptly named by the indigenous people of North America; it accompanies their summer storms. Yet it’s lightning flashes of inspiration that make this weekend’s Aquarian Full Moon so exciting. As Jupiter returns to Aquarius, and opposes Mars, we’ll be inspired to strike while the iron’s hot and take full advantage of the emerging opportunities. Though passion alone won’t ensure success, if enthusiasm’s combined with pragmatism, great strides forward are possible this week.

Until now, one of your heart’s desires has been obstinately, exasperatingly, tantalisingly out of reach. It’s as if you’re attempting to herd cats, chase shadows, and spot flying pigs… all at the same time. Members of your sign love a challenge. You’re full of ideas, which you don’t always see through. This week, if you give yourself permission to be experimental and daring, and focus on the best possible outcome, you’ll be able to take tangible steps towards realising a dream. What’s more, the cosmos will take care of the rest.

The past is enthralling. We can dwell on it and mull it over to our heart’s content (or its discontent). The future is intriguing. We can get so caught up in wondering what it may (or may not) hold that we fail to notice the arrival of a new reality. And, when we look in either direction, we gain a sense of escape from the present. But is that what you want? This Full Moon week’s due to be deeply rewarding. If you spend too much of your time focusing on what was, or what will be, you risk missing the opportunities it brings.

Imagine someone who’s unhappy because they feel as if no one’s listening to them. Their feelings and carefully made observations are being treated as inconsequential. Their complaints are overlooked. Then, someone comes along who supports them; but they also fail to grasp the key principles. Maybe the original objector isn’t being as clear as they need to be. To get the assistance you desire is as easy (or as difficult) as finding the right way to explain what you need. Speak from your heart this Full Moon week.

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How much faith can you place in the movements of the planets? Just because this week begins with a powerful Full Moon (and you’re ruled by the silvery orb) should you see it as a promise of power? Does it mean that under such celestial circumstances, you can expect to be blessed by good fortune and positive encounters? And, if no such promises can be made, what’s the point in reading this? The good news is that if things have been good lately, they’re about to get better. And if they’ve been bad? They’ll still get better!

Having the Sun in your sign is always healing, restorative and helpful. Especially when it happens to be your ruling planet. What’s more, there’s always a moment when the Sun and the Moon meet briefly, swap notes, make plans, and see what can be done about ensuring that the coming year will be more constructive than the one that’s just gone by. If this weekend’s Full Moon, in your opposite sign, doesn’t set things straight immediately, just give it a bit more time. You’ll soon see why you have so much to play for.

Once upon a time a hare challenged a tortoise to a race. Of course, the result was always obvious; there aren’t many creatures faster than a hare. But the tortoise made up a story. The hare (apparently) was so over-confident that he got distracted and ran round in circles. Meanwhile, the tortoise plodded on. That’s where we get the saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’. There’s a lot to be said for being consistent. Yet there are advantages to moving at speed too. Don’t be afraid of going too fast this Full Moon week.

Have you ever used a catapult? Or a bow and arrow? Just before the missile is fired, the sending mechanism needs to be drawn back to the point where a great deal of tension is created. The Full Moon puts you in a similar position; you’re full of pent up energy. But what about the target? Do you have it in your sights? If you take your time this week, and take careful aim, you’ll be ready for an upcoming moment of opportunity. Your recent hard work has given you the strength and energy you need. Take a deep breath, and fire!

We’re surrounded by clues to the past. When we’re standing in a field, someone has planted it. When we stroll down a street we’re encircled by buildings whose architects we don’t know. Although we can choose not to pay attention, we can’t deny that history has taken place. Clues to the future are just as easy to spot. But do we really want to see them? I’m not talking about astrological clues. Logic can tell us plenty too. Since this Full Moon week offers valuable insight into your potential future, it also brings an important choice.

Suppose you win the lottery this week? (Please note, that I’m not telling you that’s what’s going to happen!) But, if it did, what would you do with the winnings? What difference would it make to your life? And, where wouldn’t it have any effect? The Full Moon encourages you to look beyond your ideas about fortunes and prices, and acknowledge what you have that’s truly priceless. This will help you see where you’re already far better off than you know. And this will help you seize an opportunity that will improve your material outlook.

Who’s going to maintain the treadmill’s rotation and keep their nose to the grindstone if you take your eye off the ball? The fact that you take your responsibilities so seriously is a wonderful gift to the people in your life. Yet, you have a spirit for adventure, and a sensitive, sensual side that often gets overlooked. Events this Full Moon week offer you a chance to explore your creative ingenuity. If you take a break from your obligations and concerns, you’ll be able to resolve a tedious problem. Then, you’ll be able to have some fun!

Shall we list the reasons why you might not have a successful week? Shall we carefully classify the difficulties, then probe and dissect them? Surely you don’t really want to do that? Aren’t you fed up with them? You’re a discerning Aquarian; you’ve already worked out all the possibilities and tried every trick in the book. The Full Moon signals the arrival of a new chapter. Rather than focusing on what’s been impossible in the past, try to look instead at what’s possible now or in the near future… and be open to an exciting idea.

Why do they tell us to put the past behind us? Surely, if we kept it in front, we’d be able to keep an eye on it? Although we tend to think that bygone times are set in stone, the past is as constant as a chameleon, and as reliable as a spin-doctor. It answers its questions according to who happens to be asking and what it thinks they want to hear. This Full Moon week, history is rewriting itself. Since you’re about to discover that you haven’t quite been where you thought you were, you’re not quite headed where you expected. Phew!