Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of July 17th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday July 17th, to Friday July 23rd.

If I tell you that the cosmos intends to smile on you this week, will I be raising your expectations? Will you feel resentful if you don’t feel the effects of a celestial bonus? Of course not. You’re an Aries. You’re not the kind of person who thinks like that. And I’m not the kind of astrologer who gives a forecast that isn’t based on reliable cosmic data! As Venus moves into a new celestial home, it brings the chance to attain an important objective. You just need to focus your thoughts on constructive plans (rather than silly regrets).

We should be glad of all the drama we see on our TV screens. It captures our imaginations and prevents us from having to create excitement in our own storylines. If our minds are busy digesting complicated plotlines, we don’t have time to imagine our own enemies or anticipate unlikely challenges in our lives. Or do we? Could you be conjuring up a dubious explanation of an ordinary event? This week, as your ruler changes signs, what looks as if it could be a problem turns out to be the seed of a source of great satisfaction.

We live on a minuscule lump of rock that spins in space. The space goes on forever – in all directions and for all eternity. Time and space are infinite. Human beings, on the other hand, are not. We begin. Then we end. And since we’re not capable of comprehending the concept, we just ignore it. Unless we happen to be physicists – in which case we work on theories that try to explain it. Understand it or not, there’s no getting away from the fact that you live in a world of infinite possibilities. This week, anything is always possible!

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If you had to overhaul an engine, you’d start by stripping it down. Of course, this means that several of the parts would be temporarily rendered useless. Then, once they’d been examined and cleaned, everything could be put back together again, in a much better condition. Your life’s like an engine. The situation you’re in is comparable to that important procedure of repair and renewal. Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll be up and running again. And glad of all you had to go through. You’re nearly there.

It’s one thing to be scared of your own shadow; it’s another thing entirely to be cross about your own opinions, or afraid of your behaviour. If there’s something about ourselves which we disapprove of – we need to find ways to forgive it or to change it. If someone else’s attitude proves difficult this week, don’t waste your precious time trying to make them see what they clearly can’t see. As Venus changes signs, you need to focus on broadening your own horizons. You’ll see that nothing looks as difficult as it used to look.

How much more of your sentence do you still need to serve? Sorry? You weren’t aware that you’re imprisoned? Well, you’ve certainly been through a tough time recently. Not to mention the fact that you’re being judged by all sorts of people. And you’ve had to put your own needs and interests on the back burner. As Venus, the planet of love and creativity, moves into your sign, it brings a much-deserved sense of freedom. You can shake yourself off and enjoy a more liberated approach to life. It’s time to enjoy yourself again.

Does anyone on the planet enjoy filling in forms? There are always impossible questions to answer. What, for example, would you write in the box where it asks about the number of people who are dependent on you? Surely, it’s an incalculable number! There are so many folk who rely on you for support. Of course, those forms are asking about ‘legal dependency’; but don’t you place integrity above everything? As your ruler, Venus, changes signs, if asked to choose between obligation and inspiration this week, stick with the latter.

The situation you find yourself facing may not be ideal. Yet, once again, you’re able to rise to the challenge. Because recent events have eroded your self-confidence, you may be questioning your ability to make a difference to a tricky scenario. Yet, as Venus moves to a new celestial home, it brings you the will and the resolve to take action. You’ve already achieved more than anyone could ever have expected. Even if you don’t accomplish all that’s on your to-do list this week, you’ll be delighted by how far you get.

We believe that time only moves in one direction. Yet it’s nowhere near as chronological as we think. Of course, we can’t actually pop back to revisit yesterday, or zoom forwards to tomorrow; and if I suggested otherwise I’d risk making a fool of myself. So, since I can’t promise you a time machine this week, I’ll only say that you’re about to see persuasive evidence that your future has already communicated with your past. That’s why the issue you face provides both the perfect challenge and the ideal opportunity!

Who are you? What are you doing here? Why do you matter to the creator of the universe any more than a blade of grass or a buzzing bee? What gives you the right to expect any kind of status or success? Surely everything we see is an expression of the same life force? Why should nature prioritise your needs over anything else? I ask because this week, as Venus changes signs, you face a situation that shows you how much you matter and how clearly the cosmos cares about you. Don’t let it go to your head!

Should we accept well-out-of-date food or poor behaviour? Of course not. Even if there seems to be no choice, we shouldn’t settle for such bad deals. Yet other factors are a matter of taste and expectation. Sometimes, we learn to appreciate experiences that we started off disliking. Don’t accept the unacceptable this week. But do feel free to experiment with what might just be acceptable after all. As Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, changes signs, an experience you’re not looking forward to holds a treasure.

Some of us like to cling onto our dislikes and our objections. We nurture our grievances as if they’re our pets. You’re not usually like this. You’re a giving and forgiving Piscean. You like to let bygones be bygones. Somewhat understandably, though, you’re still upset about a recent experience. You don’t feel inclined to let it go just yet. Hold onto the lesson it taught you, by all means, but try to forget the upset that it’s caused. As Venus moves into your opposite sign, you need and deserve your heart to be light this week.