Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of July 10th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday July 10th, to Friday July 16th.

We don’t need words in order to reach understanding with one another and share beliefs about the way the world works. People whose views match our own receive our validation and approval. And we’re suspicious of those who don’t respect the issues we think of as being important. Yet, every so often, the cosmos conspires to broaden our horizons and increase our understanding of one another. If you’re open to the possibilities you’re presented with this week, you’ll benefit greatly and a relationship will grow.

Imagine how different life would be if we could see into each other’s minds. There’d be no secrets. Our deepest motives and most passionate desires would be obvious to everyone. How would that be? It’s the ‘not knowing’ that makes life so exciting! We thrive on a degree of confusion and uncertainty; we need the drama it creates and the conflict too! Well, perhaps not all of it… but some. You don’t need to be in too much of a rush to resolve a mystery this week – and you don’t need to be too worried about it either.

We need to be cautious when we think we’re in the process of losing; we might be in the process of winning… we’re just not reading the signals correctly. On the other hand, we need to be wary about treating signs of victory as concrete indicators that we’re on the right track; we might be following a path that’s about to turn in a very different direction. We need to be open and hopeful, grateful for what we’ve got – whatever that turns out to be. As long as your heart’s in the right place, you’ll find plenty to inspire you this week.

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You’ve been shouldering a heavy load for a while. Hardly a day goes by without you being made more aware of a certain responsibility. This would be easier to accept if you weren’t also aware of the fact that you’re powerless to change this situation. I can’t promise that this week will bring the solution to this problem. Yet, this weekend’s New Moon, in your sign, brings a spark of freedom. Even though you won’t end the week completely liberated from your sense of duty, you’re being released from a hook. At long last.

There are more than seven billion people on this spinning ball of rock. It’s a lot! But just think about the number of fish in our oceans, and how many insects there are! What about the number of problems? Since each and every one of us has a few of these to deal with, there must be gazillions of them! Yet, maybe there are no more than two or three main issues that we’re all suffering from. Either way, you’re not up against anything that’s wildly unusual and, following the New Moon, something that’s been challenging will get much easier.

We ought to be grateful for every moment we get to spend on our wonderful planet. And, we should be especially grateful for the exasperating ones. They’re the moments when we’re being offered opportunities to learn valuable lessons. A chance means nothing unless you take it. But if, this week, you take a good look at a situation you’d prefer to look at from as far away as possible, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find something delightful hidden right in the middle of it. The New Moon brings courage and insight.

What do you know to be true? And what do you believe? And what’s the disparity between the two? That’s never an easy distinction to make. We often doubt what we ‘know’ because it’s hard to explain (even to ourselves – let alone someone else). Sometimes, too, we put our trust in an idea that we believe to be real, yet have no proof to back us up; it just makes so much sense that we give it the benefit of the doubt. This weekend’s New Moon opens your eyes and changes your mind so that you can start to improve your future.

‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be’ is a quote from Shakespeare. It just goes to show that even back then, the world ran on credit. Of course, it’s more commonplace these days. When it comes to the bills that arrive in your inbox, or through your letterbox, do you have the best deal? Or should you make the effort to renegotiate with your supplier? We feel so daunted by the thought that we tend to just let things carry on. The New Moon inspires you to think less about what you owe, and find an easy way to get something you’re due.

Even people who don’t have much astrological knowledge understand the concept of ‘retrograde motion’. When a planet’s going backwards, we tend to think that it brings problems to deal with. Should you then, as your ruler, Jupiter, traces its way back across our skies, be concerned about having to deal with past mistakes? You’re being offered an opportunity to review a decision that took you away from something you were passionate about. This week brings positive possibilities. Be willing to listen to your heart.

The more profoundly we feel things, the harder we find it to express our emotions. And, the more private they are, the more susceptible we become when we share them. Following the New Moon, this week brings circumstances that call for sensitive responses. The cosmos is encouraging you to reveal the more tender side of your personality. As long as you’re honest, and act with Capricorn integrity, this is a chance to move a delicate situation forwards. Something that’s been a source of concern can become a source of relief.

If you eat too many crisps, you’ll ruin your appetite for a proper meal. But what if there’s no good food to look forward to? Suppose you need to extract as many nutrients as possible from a bag of potato chips? Some people have odd ideas about diets. They get used to things which aren’t particularly good for them. And, just because we eat the right stuff, there’s no guarantee we’ll have a healthy approach to life. A little of what you fancy this week, in many areas of life, might well do you more good than you think. Enjoy!

The fact that Jupiter (faith, optimism and opportunity) is still moving backwards in your sign is good for you. Yet, it may indicate that your prime wishes and desires are in a state of suspended animation. You’re not quite able to instigate your chosen routine, or bring about the changes you want to make, because you’re waiting for something to happen (or to stop happening). Have faith. Keep doing what you’re doing. If, this week, you work hard at getting what you want, you’ll be delightfully surprised by what proves possible.