Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of January 23rd 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope, for the week of Saturday January 23rd to Friday January 29th, 2021.

It’s often in uncertain times, when we’re struggling, that we realise our reserves of strength run deeper than we thought. This week, as Venus meets Pluto, and the Sun converges with the separating Great Conjunction at the Full Moon, we experience a sense of urgency and awaken to the changes we need to make. There’s no need to just ‘let’ things happen. We can take control of our destinies, actively shape our transformation, and begin building something better and long-lasting.

If there’s a problem, whose fault is it? Who should we hold accountable? Now, hold on a second! Before anyone starts attributing blame, they need to see if anything commendable is taking place. It will be easy, this week, to spot things that aren’t ‘quite right’. Yet, on closer inspection (and with the passage of a little more time) they will turn out to hold hidden compensations. A moment of insight reveals that a delicate situation, and someone’s role in it, are different to how they first appear.

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We want our lives to run smoothly. Surely that’s not too much to ask? Must they always be filled with a seemingly never-ending marathon of impediments, irritations and stresses? Although it may sometimes seem as if we always face inevitable and inescapable challenges, we’re here for something bigger, brighter and better. Even though you face a dilemma this week, there’s one choice you always have the power to make. You can embrace the light and shun the dark. That’s all you have to do.

If the self-replenishing magic porridge pot hasn’t any water or milk in it, it’s not going to be of much use. A never-ending stream of oat flakes won’t provide much nourishment. Even a source of infinite wealth isn’t particularly helpful if you’re looking for emotional or spiritual sustenance. This week’s powerful cosmic climate brings abundance into your life. As long as you look for ways to make the most of what you have, you’ll be able to appreciate the gifts you’re receiving.

You’re struggling to find clarity. The more you think about something, the more there is to consider. The lack of ability to move a matter forwards is frustrating and making you feel unsettled and slightly cross. So what are you supposed to do? Ignore it? Actually, that’s a good place to start! Keep an eye on what’s developing, by all means, but try not to identify too enthusiastically with an unfolding drama. Under this week’s Full Moon, it will sort itself out more pleasingly than you envisage.

There’s something thrilling about making a definitive pronouncement; it enhances our sense of self-importance by providing us with an anchor in life’s ocean of uncertainty and insecurity. Yet no one can stay fixed to one place forever. Unless the anchor’s going to sit, and gather algae on the seabed forever, there comes a time when it must be raised. Just because you once believed in something, doesn’t mean that your point of view can’t be questioned. The Full Moon suggests it’s time for a rethink.

When the first automobiles appeared on our roads, someone walked ahead of each vehicle waving a flag to warn pedestrians to get out of the way. It was widely considered to be unnatural that anything should travel faster than a galloping horse! Our ideas about what’s natural change. They often coincide with what we’re used to doing; the wearing of facemasks is a good example of this. Don’t be tempted to turn down an opportunity just because it takes you out of your comfort zone this week.

Ancient prophecy tells us we can look forward to a time when there will be peace on earth. It sounds idyllic. Unless you happen to be someone who enjoys a good moan! What would we do if we didn’t ever disagree? If we were all happy to watch the same TV programme and vote for the same person to win a reality show? Being peaceful might limit our options and leave us with little to talk about! If you want to work out a deal that suits everyone this week, start by finding out what everyone really wants.

According to scientists, we have reward centres in our brains. Specific experiences trigger the release of chemicals which make us feel tranquil or joyful. Drug companies have a vested interest in these studies. Suppose they could manufacture a capsule that could specifically target these areas? Their experts ought to study the sky! As you’re about to discover, sometimes, planetary aspects configure to bring about happiness. As Venus links with your ruler, good news awaits this week.

When children learn how to ride a bike, there’s inevitably a grown-up running behind them, holding on to the saddle. Until then they probably had stabilisers to keep them supported. Yet there comes a moment when they’re off on their own… able to balance and ride without any help. You’ve been depending, for a while now, on something you don’t actually need. Just because it has disappeared doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be able to cope. Events this week bring a new sense of freedom.

Pick one foot up, then put it down. Pick up the other and repeat the procedure. Rather than looking ahead at the length of road you’re travelling along, try to remember why you embarked on this specific journey. Just because there are a few obstacles to go around doesn’t mean that you made the wrong decision. It’s just that the reality isn’t quite the same as the concept. It’s the difference between looking at a bus timetable and being on the bus! It takes more effort – but it’s much more productive.

Aquarians might be known as logical and undemonstrative, but the truth is that you’re not like that at all. In fact, you’re so thoughtful and idealistic that you go to huge lengths to conceal your emotions. In an ideal world, you’d happily construct a wall between your feelings and your ideas. Yet, there are times when you can’t stop yourself from revealing your true colours. Right now, you’re not showing as much composure as you think. Yet this week, it’s safe to trust and share your feelings.

The trouble with being so sensitive to other people, is that you’re not always sure about how you feel. Their moods and emotions get so mixed up with yours that you end up worrying about their problems. You care so much about their wellbeing that you negate your own. There comes a time, though, when you have to stop, look within your heart, and assess what really matters to you. This is one of those times. This week’s cosmic climate enables you to identify and meet an important need.

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