Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of August 14th

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday August 14th, to Friday August 20th.

We weren’t placed on this spinning ball of rock so that we could all agree. Even the most optimistic folk, who dream of achieving peace on Earth, would be bored if everyone shared exactly the same points of view. There’s colour in difference and interest in argument. That’s why the great works of literature and film tend to focus on friction. Yet this week, the unusual cosmic climate offers you an opportunity to defuse tension and reach new understanding. A struggling relationship needs help. You can be the catalyst for healing.

Even if you find yourself dealing with an untenable situation, you don’t need to implement drastic, dramatic changes. Although a transformation’s needed, a minor adjustment might just work a miracle. Things can’t (and won’t) stay as they are for much longer. Yet, in order to bring about a minor correction, a major process of re-evaluation might be necessary. Even if this is triggered by a situation that appears as if it’s going to be problematic, under auspicious skies, there’s nothing to fear… and everything to gain.

Some people try their best to keep things exactly the same. They uphold traditions. They honour past precedents and try, wherever possible, to promote stability and constancy. Yet, you’re a Gemini. You’re born with an ability to adapt and change. Innovation and creativity are part of your nature. This sometimes means you feel a weight of responsibility on your shoulders; you can see what needs to be done, and it’s frustrating when others fail to take action. This week, you’ll appreciate the upside of being different.

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You’re in the mood for an argument. What’s that… you’re not! Well someone is; and you’re going to find it hard not to be drawn in. A controversial issue’s made its way into your life and exasperating assumptions are being made. Even if you’d much rather ignore it all, since you’re emotionally implicated you’re going to find it hard to subdue your feelings. Good! It’s better to express them! Somebody needs to hear the truth about what’s going on, and you’re the best person to tell them. Be gentle, but state your case this week.

You’re not contradictory by nature, but neither are you totally consistent. You’re not prone to exaggeration but you don’t see everything in perfect proportion. There’s a part of you that likes to be rebellious; when someone tells you what you can or can’t do, you think, ‘hmm… well, we’ll see about that’. You’re a human being! You have your flaws and your attributes just like everyone else! With your ruler, the Sun, in your sign, just because you’re not perfect, there’s no reason to feel as if you don’t deserve success. You do!

It’s hard to believe there will ever be peace on Earth. It would need an awful lot of people to put their differences aside, let go of their justifiable resentments and find forgiveness. But, if you and I agree to try to make that choice, it starts to become possible. There must be some people, somewhere on this spinning ball of rock, who consciously choose to put arguments to the side, and who are motivated to find peaceful solutions. That can be you this week. You can use your innate sense of fair play to create a sense of harmony.

It’s not easy being a news editor. To have the confidence to choose between the latest celebrity drama and a breaking political scandal, they have to know their audience well. Yet we’re all making the same kind of difficult choices in the newsrooms of our minds. We decide which story we’re going to focus on, and whether we’re going to make it into a front-page headline. Lately, you’ve been focusing on a saga that has demanded your urgent attention. This week brings valuable perspective, and a more fun topic to focus on.

We all sometimes indulge in pointless activities; like deciding to get fit by going out for a jog, and taking a sugary drink along for energy. Or going out of our way to please someone who’s criticising us. Such processes are doomed to fail. In order to make tangible progress this week, you need to pursue a plan that stands a good chance of working. And treat the cause, not the symptom of a situation that’s making you feel uneasy. Think about what’s really going on and overrule any seductively deceptive inclinations.

When you’re overly hungry, it’s hard to think straight. Similarly, when you’re feeling emotionally drained, or suffering physically, you don’t function at your best. At such times, you need to address your own needs before being able to engage your peak critical and creative faculties. Although you’ve been trying your best to solve a particular problem, there’s a real possibility that you’re creating an unnecessary difficulty in the process. This week, you must do whatever it takes in order to get some precious perspective.

When you make plans, you do your best to stick to them. You understand that things aren’t easy, and are able to make allowances for the unpredictable. You do this by allowing time for the unexpected to occur and by nurturing resilience. That’s your game plan. So, in order for things to go well this week, should you stick to the same recipe? Although you may need to summon up a little more patience (which is frustrating) and cope with some surprising new developments, if you maintain your approach, a victory is within your grasp.

A constructive conversation needs to take place. The trouble is, we often think we’re communicating, but we’re talking at (instead of to) one another. We’re all keen to express our points of view, but less fond of hearing what other people have to say. Yet, as you know, the funny thing about being a good listener is that it has a positive effect on the folk who confide in you. It makes them surprisingly receptive. Although you’ve got a tricky task on your hands, you’re perfectly equipped with the necessary tools to succeed at it.

We don’t always find ourselves in situations that meet our requirements. Things don’t consistently fall into place. Recently, it has felt as if other folk are reaping the benefit of serendipitous events, while you’ve been struggling to deal with a series of obstructions. Yet life’s full of surprises; and the results of your recent endeavours are going to be better than you expect. Get ready for a series of helpful coincidences and surprisingly positive developments. This week holds more promise than you dare imagine.

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