Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of April 24th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday April 24th, to Friday April 30th, 2021.

Jigsaws have seen a resurgence of interest over the past year. The fact that so much pleasure can be achieved by the act of sorting through little pieces of jumbled up images, and putting them together to achieve a picture, must have been a source of amazement for the younger generation; their electronic games are so much faster. This week, the cosmos is encouraging you to reconstruct something that was once deliberately dismantled. Expect to feel deeply satisfied by what you create.

As the Supermoon, in your opposite sign, combines with all the other planetary activity, it promises a new way to comprehend a significant agreement or understanding between you and someone who means a great deal to you. Is that good news? Yes and no! Although it’s important to see what’s really been going on, it can throw us off balance when we discover that things aren’t quite as we thought they were. But if you’re willing to work with what you ascertain, everything will work out rather well.

Some people seem to lead normal, ordinary lives. Nothing much appears to happen to them. Uncontroversial and quiet, they just get on with things and don’t expect too much in return. You find it hard to relate to this kind of attitude. It’s not as if you consciously seek drama… it just seems always to be around! Rather than wishing you were someone else this week, be glad of who you are and what’s happening. As your ruler, Mercury, conjoins with Venus, the planet of love, the story that’s unfolding is very right.

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News editors put the most headline-grabbing items on the front pages of their newspapers or websites. Yet the most interesting articles aren’t always found there. Likewise, in our conversations, the most useful discoveries don’t always occur straight away. Sometimes, the most valuable points arise as an after-thought. And sometimes, the best suggestions are made in a playful manner. This week, you’ll hear what you need to hear. Your challenge is to pay attention for long enough… and then, take action!

Have you ever been stuck in a long queue of traffic and watched, with envy, as a motorcyclist wends and twists their way through all the stationary vehicles? Although these machines aren’t particularly comfortable, and don’t protect their riders from the elements, they easily find a way to skirt past obstacles. There’s a lot to be said for keeping things small, simple, flexible and fluid. The security you’re craving comes with a sense of responsibility. It’s on its way… but, meanwhile, enjoy the freedom.

Are you going to get away with the bold activities you’ve got in mind? Well, as they say, ‘you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs’. While it’s likely that you’ll experience a concern that the side-effects of your actions negate the advantages you gain, we all feel like that when we’re doing our homework. But, those thoughts melt away when we pass our exams! As your ruler, Mercury, is empowered by creative Venus, any efforts expended intelligently will meet with success this week.

Some folk believe that success is impossible until failure has been experienced. But that’s not strictly true. It’s a question of being able to spot the warning signs, and then taking preventative action. Life’s downs aren’t a predictable result of its highlights, but the two are inextricably linked. If there were no downs, there would be no ups… everything would be flat. Despite the challenges you face, this week’s cosmic climate enables you to climb to an impressive height – and to remain there.

The world doesn’t seem to be a very balanced place. There are excesses in some places, scarcities in others. And these discrepancies don’t only occur in the material world. On a spiritual level too, there are parts of our planet where belief and faith is high, and others where non-believers far outweigh those who do. And it often seems that half of us are bored, whereas the other half are scared. What have you got too much of? And what do you lack? This week, a very good swap can be made.

You appear to be surrounded by people and situations that need you to expend every last ounce of effort. You’re struggling, striving and courageously grappling with a long list of challenging obstacles, whilst worrying about what will happen if you don’t do your absolute best. The good news, is that there’s a big difference between the way things appear, and the way they really are. The Supermoon signals a welcome change. Something that seems impossible will become delightfully encouraging.

We have to work at being sensible, and strive to be safe. Yet we all aspire to be inspirational. No wonder it’s hard to find the right balance; life is so full of glaring contradictions. It’s not always easy to feel safe and secure when we’re surrounded by so much mystery. Yet, if we’re not here to enjoy the craziness and the impossibility of it all, what are we supposed to be doing? It’s important for you to worry less and enjoy yourself more this week. Fortunately, the cosmic climate makes that entirely possible.

You’re known for your intelligence. Although people born under your sign aren’t necessarily smarter than other folk, you’ve been blessed by an enviable ability to phrase convincing arguments, and to back these up with apparently irrefutable proof. Yet this week, you need to be wary of using your razor-sharp mind as a weapon that ends up cutting you. There’s another way to look at the situation you seem to be stuck in. It involves being willing to hear someone else’s advice. Teamwork is key.

‘Oh soldier, soldier won’t you marry me with your musket fife and drum?’ The words, from this old folk song, illustrate what happens when we allow our common senses to be overridden by romantic notions. The soldier demands an ever-growing list of gifts from his potential lover, and even when she fulfils them, he still lets her down. Don’t worry! This isn’t what lies in store for you. As long as you keep an eye on your empathy levels, and don’t give too much of yourself away, this will be a very rewarding week.

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