Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of April 24th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday May 8th, to Friday Mat 14th, 2021.

Contentment seems to have gone out of fashion. We’re more interested in how others look and their claims to fame than how happy we are. Yet it wasn’t long ago that as long as their hearts were light and their minds were clear, people didn’t concern themselves so much with how they lived, or what happened to them. Nowadays, although we have more material wealth than our predecessors, we have more to worry about. This week, as you shake-off a fascination that has made you restless, you’ll feel much better.

As anyone who has looked after children knows, it’s not always easy to tell when they’re unwell, and when they’re just trying to get out of doing something. Even the kids themselves aren’t always sure – anxiety and worry can lead to such a wide range of physical symptoms that it can be hard to know what’s going on. When we face an unsolvable question, what can anyone do but be generous with the benefit of the doubt? The New Moon, in your sign, brings clarity about an uncertainty this week. Trust your instincts.

Has your prediction been written in undecipherable code? Does it contain a secret, hidden message that only makes sense to someone who has been trained in the ancient mysteries? Or is it simple; and as easy to comprehend as it is to benefit from? It’s easy to understand why people, in these challenging times, are looking for hidden provisos and difficulties. But contorting meanings creates nothing but confusion and conflict. For you this week, as Venus moves into your sign, there need be nothing but clarity.

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It’s easy to get so caught up in the pressures of day-to-day life that we lose our sense of direction and purpose. It can start to feel as if we’re lurching from one crisis to another, or as if the best we can hope for is an ability to keep our heads above water. If you’re tempted to nod in agreement with all that I’ve said, stop! For one thing, you need to keep your head still while you’re trying to float and, for another, the observations describe your past, not your future. You’ll understand exactly what I mean this week.

When something isn’t ‘good enough’, it’s not going to be improved by the addition of more second-rate parts or by making unpredictable arrangements. This week’s New Moon highlights ‘quality control’ issues. There’s a temptation to focus on quantity or speed. Even in an area that’s not material, it seems that someone’s interested in the idea of a quick fix. Yet, under this auspicious cosmic climate, following some careful consideration, you’ll know just what to do to be able to creatively reconstruct, and achieve the best.

With so much going on, it’s no wonder you feel as if you’ve just completed a marathon. Although you’re feeling physically drained, mentally you’re still prepared to keep going. It hasn’t sunk in that the race is over and the pressure is off. In the battle against a repetitive cycle of stress, you’ve won your biggest victory even if you don’t yet realise it. Events this week will show you how far things have moved on. You’ll feel far better. Or, at least, you will, as long you remember that you’re fully entitled to relax.

Some subjects of conversation are guaranteed to provoke a heated response. Many of these topics would have been just as provocative to previous generations; they’re the kind of issues that will probably always be contentious. We can decide to get into them – or we can rise above our reactions to controversial arguments. This week, the powerfully positive sky brings you a choice. Instead of being dragged into a debate, choose to see the bigger picture. As Venus and Jupiter change signs, they bring luck and inspiration.

Before you read your forecast I need to clarify something. Are you sure you’re reading this? Could you be dreaming? Perhaps this is just a part of your fantasy. Even if it seems real… dreams always do. Why not take a moment to pinch yourself… Ouch! Right, that’s settled then! Now, let’s take a look at the other issues going on in your world. Despite the fact that some of what you’re dealing with has an ‘unreal’ feel about it, you’re not dreaming. Nor is it bad. The New Moon makes it possible for a dream to come true.

With so many demands being made on you, it’s no wonder you feel as if your life isn’t your own. But, who’s taking your power away? Surely, you need to make them return it? What’s that? You don’t want it back? You’re happy with the arrangements you’re putting up with? How extraordinarily reasonable of you! Especially since you’re a Sagittarian; known for being independent and free-spirited. You must be committed to something worth sticking at. This week, as your ruler, Jupiter, changes signs, it turns out that you are.

Unless you take your foot off the brake, you can press down as hard as you like on the accelerator, you won’t go anywhere. You can shout at the top of your voice, but if no one’s listening, you won’t be heard. Our actions and comments don’t always have the intended effect. We need to be ingenious as well as determined. The New Moon imbues you with the fortitude and courage to take advantage of an encouraging cosmic climate. As long as you know where you’re aiming, you can hit the target this week.

Although the world might not owe any of us a living, neither does it owe us a challenging time. You certainly don’t deserve that and, if you secretly worry that you do, that means that you’re owed some reassurance, support and companionship. Over the course of this New Moon week, there’s a good chance that life will bring you a fair amount of what you’re owed. For some time now, the cosmos has been aware that you’ve been struggling against difficult odds. As Venus and Jupiter change signs, some of that will be set straight.

Phew… as Jupiter moves into your sign, you’re about to see the progress you’ve been hoping for. This news should be enough to brighten your week. Yet, I suppose there’s always a chance it might all start going in the wrong direction. If you like feeling doubtful about the future, you can always keep that thought at the back of your mind… it’s guaranteed to bring you back down to earth! Yet, why not climb higher before you think about the chance of taking a fall. You’ll see that a situation’s much simpler than it seems.