Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of April 17th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday April 17th, to Friday April 23rd, 2021.

As kids, we’re encouraged to have heroes and heroines. We look up to this person and, when we follow their example, we glow with pride. The downside, is that when they possess qualities we don’t feel able to manifest we tend to think we’ve failed. Of course, such comparisons are superficial. We see only the image of the celebrity, not the human side, with all its hidden flaws. Whatever you think of yourself this week, know that someone very special holds you in high regard.

Although dreaming and being awake seem to be very different states of consciousness, the two states aren’t as far apart as we think. Dreams aren’t completely divorced from reality. Psychotherapists know that they’re inextricably linked, and that dreams help us understand what’s going on in our lives. Why should our reality be so different to our fantasies? Surely it’s right for us to seek the fulfilment of our brightest hopes? This week, as Mercury and the Sun enter your sign, a dream can come true.

Do you have any idea how able and knowledgeable you are? Or do you consider yourself as someone with only finite abilities and merits? It’s important this week, for you to make a conscious effort to think more highly of yourself. Talk to people who appreciate you. Remind yourself of past accomplishments and achievements. Forgive yourself for any of the mistakes you think you’ve made. Your self-esteem deserves to be high… especially at a time when you can accomplish so much.

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If your life was the subject of a novel, what a great character you’d make. Readers would identify with the dramas and struggles you’re contending with. They’d empathise with you over the difficult people who contrive to undermine your quest for contentment. They’d be so caught up in the excitement, as they waited for your next exciting move, that they’d find it hard to put the book down. And by the end of this week, your audience would be smiling with satisfaction. It’s going to be good.

Some decisions are simple. What are you having for dinner? Pizza or lasagna? No matter what you choose, the world isn’t likely to change. Who do you want to share your life with? Are you going to stay in the same job? Much more hangs on your answers to these questions. I’m not trying to indicate that you need to consider such important questions this week. Rather, there’s a possibility that you’re focusing too much on something trivial. The cosmos brings welcome perspective.

Are you highly intelligent? You don’t need to answer that… but I’d like to point out that bright folk (like you) don’t tend to take too much pride in their talents. You’ve been dealing with an issue that’s not as complicated as it appears to be. And, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know what to do for the best. Will you lose face if this leads to a change of mind? Maybe. But is image more important than integrity? As the Sun and Mercury change signs, just do what’s right. What else matters?

You have every reason to feel proud of yourself. It’s time to stand up and receive the recognition you deserve. It’s not that you want fame, admiration or power, but respect is due and merited. You want to know, when you go to the trouble of doing a job as well as you have, that it has been noticed and valued. Someone has failed to see what you’ve been doing on their behalf. This week, if you explain why you’ve done what you’ve done, their appreciation will follow. You deserve it.

Get your skates on! The guards are busy elsewhere and the key to the prison door is within reach. If you act now, you can escape to freedom. As Mars and the Sun enter your opposite sign this week, they light the way for you to find a path around an obstruction that has been preventing you from making progress. This chance won’t last forever. But with courage, optimism and audacity, if you seize the moment, you can take a leap forwards towards the future and implement a long-wished-for change.

You’re facing a source of great frustration. Even if someone set out to achieve this, it’s difficult to imagine how anyone could concoct such an infuriating situation. That’s your first reason to stop worrying. Since real-life opponents aren’t this clever, it’s highly unlikely that anyone’s plotting against you. This source of stress has come about largely by a series of unlikely coincidences. To improve things this week, all you have to do is wait for the wind to start blowing in a different direction.

If you think you’ve got a problem, you’ve got a problem. The fact that you think you’ve got one is a problem in itself. On the other hand, when we think that life’s plain sailing, it doesn’t mean we’re problem-free. If we’re burying our heads in the sand and refusing to see an issue that needs sorting, we have a much bigger problem. But, what if the only problem you’ve got is that you think you’ve got a problem when you haven’t? This week brings reassurance about problems; real and imagined!

When money’s raised to find a cure for a problem, the people who work for the industries involved find themselves in the difficult position of looking for something that, when they find it, will put an end to their jobs. They’re working against their own best interests. In a similar way, when we find ourselves looking for solutions in improbable places, it’s questionable whether we really want to find the answer. You can make progress this week, but you need to recognise where vested interests lie.

The brain, like all other parts of our body, needs to be exercised; when we don’t use it, we start to lose it. And when we give our minds a ‘workout’ they respond astonishingly fast, fire on more cylinders, and begin exploring new avenues of possibility. Have you been wasting your time on an irrelevant process? Who can make such a judgment? A truly smart person finds connections where others see divisions. How smart are you?

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