Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of April 10th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday, April 10th to Friday, April 16th.

Do you wish you had more power and that other people would take you more seriously when you try to get your key point across? The good news is that events this week will build on your strengths and enable you to assert yourself in an area where you’ve been feeling unappreciated. You’ve been dealing with an unjust situation for too long. Even though you’ve tried not to let it undermine you, it’s time for a change in the dynamics. Be gentle but firm and nothing will stand in your way.

Success is yours! You can achieve your dreams and become all you wish you could be! I could make this kind of optimistic statement to you at any time and be confident of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. But with your ruler, Venus, moving into your sign and linking to the New Moon, there are specific reasons, this week, to expect triumphant achievements to take place. The frustrations and challenges you’ve been dealing with are in the process of transforming. The sky is on your side. Trust it.

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This is the moment to stand up and take a bow. What’s that? You’re already on your feet. In that case, stand as tall as you can and swell with justified pride before bowing to your imaginary well-wishers and receiving your applause. Your latest achievement is so impressive it deserves an accolade. What’s more, events this week look likely to have even more of an impact. You’ve done more than you sometimes give yourself credit for, and that’s about to be recognised and appreciated.

You’ve been taking some kind of gamble (whilst adhering to current protocols) and seem to be getting clean away with it. The cosmos has been assisting you. Yet this week, it’s worth checking the solidity of the ground beneath your feet. It’s not as stable as it feels… and, in the blink of an eye, much could change. You might manage to achieve everything you hope to achieve, but it would be wise to have an alternative plan ready. It might even take you closer to your desired destination.

No one can be at their best all the time. Some of us, for example, are better in the mornings than at sundown, or prefer the end of the week to its start. While one person’s company might inspire us to be helpful and considerate, other people have a tendency to bring out the more difficult aspects of our personality. Celestial alignments also have an impact on our mood and approach. Since this week’s positive cosmic climate encourages good relationships, prepare to do surprisingly well.

Is anyone really listening to you? Or are your critics conspiring together to obstruct your ambitions and undermine the authority you’ve worked so hard to attain? Is there any point in devoting so much of your efforts into making progress when it feels like the route before you is being intentionally filled with obstacles? Although your indignation is understandable, the cosmos isn’t intending to subject you to any more problems. Reset your expectations this week. Here comes an easier way to make progress.

Although your financial situation may not be as secure as you’d like, it’s healthier than you think. It’s your self-confidence that’s vulnerable and harder to repair. That’s what you can’t afford to compromise now. You’ve been facing a situation that’s made it hard for you to feel good about yourself. Your task, this week, is to feel positive, no matter what anyone says or thinks about you. As your ruler, Venus, moves into a new sector of the sky, it brings the boost of self-assurance you need.

Are you reading the right prediction? I’m only asking because I have a suspicion that you’re about to start wondering whether you’re reading news meant for someone else’s sign. You’ve become accustomed to not setting your hopes too high, and aren’t comfortable when you’re encouraged to cultivate them… after all you don’t want to be disappointed again. Yet your astrological outlook is hopeful. It promises positive progress, just where you most need it. And you’ll see tangible proof this week.

Since ‘nature abhors a vacuum’, when you want to bring something into your life, all you’ve got to do is create the right sized space for it. The trouble is that we don’t like spaces. Gaps are unnerving. We don’t like silences in conversation. Or shops whose shelves aren’t full to the brim. So we swing to the other extreme and cram so much into our lives that we don’t have the energy to appreciate anything. This week, you can create just the right amount of space to welcome in what you need.

Our lives are like soap operas. Every day, a new drama unfolds while an old saga trundles on. Is this what we came to planet earth for? Are we here so that we can play our part in a never-ending series of intense scenarios? Although you can’t overlook the latest development on the stage of your personal life, nor, as you act out the role it requires you to play, do you have to throw yourself into the part to such an extent that you forget everything else that matters this week.

People say that we should forgive and forget; that it’s unhealthy to hold onto grudges. Yet there’s another school of thought that promotes forgiveness, but understands that forgetting isn’t only difficult, it’s inadvisable. How can we learn from our past if we disregard the difficult moments? This week, the celestial message speaks of an opportunity to mend a wound. Here comes a chance to move on from a past difficulty. As long as you don’t pretend that it never happened, healing can take place.

Whenever you face an obstacle, remember, this week, that you can achieve more by doing less. Stand further back. Take less on your shoulders. I’m not suggesting you should be cold or unhelpful; your desire to get emotionally involved is strong. Yet the more reactive you allow yourself to be, the less your ability to see things objectively becomes. You need to be wise and strong. And, as long as you rise above your fears and embrace your most profound insights, you can easily do that.

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