Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week commencing November 15th 2020

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Sunday November 15th to Saturday 21st, 2020. 

With the new moon in your sign, it’s time to reconsider what you feel entitled to. The celestial message offers hope. While a series of unprecedented complications threw you off track and you felt the need to compromise on your aspirations, you still haven’t lost sight of your dreams. This is good news, because this week, you’re about to rediscover your path. Keep going.

The ethos of having to work hard has been so successfully ingrained, we find it hard to relax. Yet taking a break gives us perspective. Before diving into a project, take some time out on a metaphorical sunlounger to contemplate the pros and cons. The new moon will be bringing a brilliant idea that could change everything for the better.

Although they say “the pen is mightier than the sword”, you might not agree if you were in the middle of a sword fight. Although you’d prefer to employ more skilful techniques to deal with an issue, you’re treading more lightly than you think. This week, rather than criticising your methods, persevere. You’re doing the right thing.

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Everywhere you turn, people are making demands on your time and energy. Either they want you to buy something, use their services, support their cause or, on a more personal level, they need your help and your dependability. The new moon is a timely reminder of the dangers of too much self-sacrifice. You’re not as obligated as you think.

Even though in one area of your life you feel as if you’re back where you started, you’ve made good progress. You’re just recognising a familiar theme and working through different possibilities. The new moon brings the insight to recognise the growth you’ve achieved and the inspiration to see that what you’re discovering is exciting.

Like all great storytellers, whoever (or whatever) creates the soap opera of our lives sometimes plays tricks on us, often changing the end of a predictable storyline. You’ve been feeling as if you’re losing your grip on something you value. Without spoiling the end of the story, as Mars changes direction, be reassured: it’s coming back.

Where are you heading? Are you really making progress or do you need to try harder this week? Or is it time to give up and let go? The uncertainty you’re experiencing is certainly not the result of poor communication. Yet there’s a level of inconsistency and confusion. The new moon brings clarity. Until then, bide your time.

Once upon a time, when you naively believed in your dreams and had faith in the promises you made to yourself, you’d set your hopes on achieving a specific goal. Since then, you’ve been forced to reset your expectations and a degree of cynicism has crept in. This week’s new moon shows you why you shouldn’t give up.

The process of learning always involves peaks and troughs. The new moon throws light on to an answer that has been irritatingly out of reach. If you take another look at the challenge that’s preoccupying you, you’ll realise the solution is much simpler than you think. Your “eureka” moment will enable you to make progress.

When I promise good news, but people’s situations remain the same, they often write to tell me. But if I gently warn of challenges ahead, I get complaints! I’m sharing this as you may be feeling as if you’re in a no-win situation. Yet Mars’ move forward is a sign that if you do your best, things will work out. It won’t be easy; stay the course.

A situation you’ve been implicated in for some time is reaching a climax. That’s why you’re feeling excited. It’s also why there’s a sense of trepidation. What will happen if it doesn’t work out? But what if it does? Suppose all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled? Mars’ change of direction brings the reassurance you’ve been seeking.

How are you feeling with Venus, your ruling planet, in your sign? Does life seem to be full of synchronous events? If you’re not yet feeling this way, the new moon adds an extra dimension to your potential to benefit from the astrological gifts coming your way. This week, a drama you’ve been dealing with resolves in a delightful way.

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