Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week commencing December 20th 2020

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Sunday December 20th to Saturday 26th, 2020. 

There’s something special in the air as “the great conjunction” arrives on the same day that the sun reaches its bi-annual turning point. The skies offer you a chance to reflect on what holds the most potential in your life. With several lovely developments due in your world, it’s time to declare the festivities “open”. A positive attitude will bring powerful results.

Despite the challenges we face, the pressure to celebrate Christmas seems even more intense this year. Your current lack of enthusiasm is understandable. And when your heart isn’t in it, it’s hard to find the energy needed to keep everyone happy and everything running smoothly along towards the big day. But as long as you try to keep giving, all will be well.

As adults we realise Santa’s not quite as able to fulfil our wishes as we’d once thought as kids. And this year, it’s no wonder you’re stepping even further back and reviewing your contribution to the materialistic frenzy. This week encourages you to question assumptions about what you’re able to give to make this a magical Christmas. You can do things differently.

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It’s easy to get fed up with the commercial aspects of the upcoming festive season,and easy to forget its underpinning themes: to give and receive, and to be extra kind to one another. Although lots of things hold the potential to wind you up this week, under this extraordinary cosmic climate, prepare yourself. Love(from an unexpected source) is heading your way.

Feeling overwhelmed by the impending revelries and the appropriateness of the festivities in these complicated times? You’re not alone. Yet, this is a season when your sensitivity and subtlety will be appreciated. And there’s a real possibility that you’ll find the time and space to dance and dream, too. Your instinct will guide you towards a happy and healthy way to celebrate.

If we want to deepen the level of trust we share with someone, having a difficult situation to solve can be helpful. After all, you can’t tell what a relationship’s really like until you’ve pushed its boundaries. Although a tiring development has taken its toll recently, this is not the week to give up hope. The powerful cosmic climate inspires you to new levels of understanding.

What have you done to deserve extra luck? Can you really believe there’s a rescue team heading your way? If you indulge in this pessimistic outlook for a moment or two, you’ll soon realise how unsatisfactory it feels. Despite the challenges you face, if you make the effort to be positive, change awaits. With the right approach, this Christmas can be magical.

Thanks to “the great conjunction” and the solstice, this week’s cosmic message is encouraging. It’s an opportunity to let go of a burden. As a troubling situation resolves, you can start to invest your hope and determination in a more satisfying area of your life. Your current objective, though worthwhile, can be shifted to a different cause that has far greater potential.

Do you also struggle to remember all their names: Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Donner, Blitzen… and… the other one? Let’s raise a glass to their kindly owner. The spirit of Santa can be found in all of us. That’s how he manages it: we all turn into his assistants. Even though you feel you’re doing more giving than receiving, the tables are about to turn. Rudolph hasn’t forgotten you.

The date we celebrate Christmas originated well before the birth of Jesus. It was a pagan festival to mark the solstice, when the sun appears to stand still in the sky. It’s a sign of renewal and rebirth. Like the sun, you’re being offered a chance to turn around this week. “The great conjunction” brings a significant change. Seize the moment. Despite the uncertainty that surrounds us all, life is about to improve.

We all know the saying “what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive”. As soon as we start to obfuscate the truth, we invite trouble into our life. Over the festive season, you get the chance to set a record straight. Although the process of unravelling brings some discomfort, the result will be wonderful and bring long-lasting benefits.

With “the great conjunction” and the solstice taking place this week, you can pop the champagne corks, dive into the festive food and share your enthusiasm (even if it’s over social media) with other folk who aren’t as joyful as you. Which isn’t to say it will be stress-free. Yet, as long as you hold on to hope, it will carry you through. You can bring magic into people’s lives.

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