Your November horoscopes are here

Our myBody+Soul astrologer helps you work the all-knowing zodiac in your favour this month.

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November brings an adventure. Visit a foreign location that’s always fascinated you. While on your trip, appreciate the culturally rich surroundings, but also be open to meeting an intriguing someone. Who knows, you may even bump into a soul mate on your travels. At the same time, Mercury reverses through your relationship zone. A piece of advice? Rethink your approach to intimacy. You might be surprised to realise that the person you’re keeping at an arm’s length could be a fine fit for you in more ways than one. Although you’ll be out there spending money, the Full Moon solves a financial puzzle you’ve been stressing about. Chat to someone with financial savvy and act on their recommendation to rejig your budget.

Pluto’s clash with Mars activates a power struggle with a co-worker, associate or team leader. A professional peer could be draining you, leaving you depleted. Remember that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. In the end, your opponent won’t stand a chance against your headstrong nature and determination. Your well-being comes first and foremost, so don’t become exhausted defending yourself. This month, the full Moon blooms in your sign Taurus, boosting motivation and drive. La Luna encourages you to put yourself out there and be noticed. Admiration is sure to follow. Even your haters can’t help but sing your praises. Mars heats up your partnership zone on November 19. Singles get hot and steamy with an intoxicating new lover. Taken? Inject some spice back into your relationship. Use your imagination and get in touch with your wild side.

Pushing through tiredness is hard enough, but things get worse when you’re also facing relationship challenges. Take heart, a misunderstanding gets sorted, and things fall back into place. Your sweetheart will empathise with your point of view, giving you all the support you’ve been longing for. And, if you’re single, chance are you’ll meet a lover with a vastly different cultural background, proving that opposites really do attract. Mercury’s backwards slide causes you to reconsider every angle of a past health niggle. Go over all the information once again, and the answer will pop up. Given that the New Moon rocks your relationship zone, you won’t face this problem on your own. By month’s end, Neptune flows forward in your career sector. When inspiration drops in at work, allow yourself to surprise your boss with an ingenious suggestion or a creative approach to a long-standing problem.

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Forgiving is hard, but holding onto negative feelings is harder. The Full Moon highlights a critical relationship, prompting you to ditch an overly judgemental bestie or ex. Forgive the damage that’s been done. But, at the same time, don’t give this person the chance to strike again. The Sun’s kiss with mega asteroid Chiron is healing on many levels – mental, emotional and physical. Make sure you take away the vital life lesson out of a hardship. Ask yourself whether you need to cultivate more patience or if being more assertive would serve you better. By month’s end, Venus dances in your relationship zone, making up for tears already shed. Feeling disconnected can be remedied by spending quality time together. There’s nothing that a date night somewhere quiet can’t fix. Talk about your desires and share your dreams.

Feeling on top of your game? That’s because Venus skips into your wellness sphere, giving your health a cosmic boost. But, be warned; don’t overindulge on sweets or alcohol. Otherwise, you could visit the land of regret next month. Mars inspires you to spruce up your living space. Pro tip? Add some candles and aromatherapy for extra zen. Feeling as relaxed as you do, you perform like a well-oiled machine in the workplace, too. You’ll shine bright like a diamond even under pressure because of the Full Moon’s glow in your career sector. Expect to smash a deadline that’s been weighing heavily on you. If your team leader asks you to go above and beyond, don’t shy away. By month’s end, you’ll realise you shouldn’t have stressed out about a work party as much as you did.

November tests your patience. The Sun’s tango with Neptune brings a sensitive piece of information to your attention. Chances are, it concerns your sweetheart. Don’t be in a rush to jump to conclusions. Discuss it openly, honestly and without judgement. It’s most likely the issue has nothing to do with you. Keep in mind that your partner’s feelings for you haven’t changed. Due to being a little rattled, you’ve put off a critical household duty. Get on top of your domestic game by being super organised. Mid-month, the new Moon slays procrastination. Tackle tasks and declutter. The highlight of November arrives by month’s end when Venus skips into your love zone. That’s when you feel a great sense of pride towards someone close who achieves recognition for a job well done. You deserve a standing ovation, too.

Luck is on your side, Libra. So much so that you either gain a bunch of new social media followers or be given a generous recommendation. If you work from home, don’t get slack with your time management. Set firm boundaries and avoid becoming distracted by chores, kids or domestic duties. As Mars enters your cash zone, ensure your financial plan has substance. Are your goals attainable? Keep an eye on your incomings and outgoings. Balance is key. Go for gold when Venus makes an auspicious alignment with Jupiter on November 25. Remember that study program you’ve been putting off? You’ll be determined to finish it now. And the new skill you’ve been planning to learn? Take the first step towards that. Your newly gained motivation might even win you brownie points with your sweetheart!

Money insecurities are holding you back from achieving your full financial potential. Consider having a conversation with an advisor. It’ll shed light on how you can fix a problem and increase your earnings. Mercury reverses through your sign, Scorpio, urging you to dig deep and ask probing, taboo questions. Be careful, though. Mars could get you into trouble if you push too hard, so stay sensitive. On the bright side, the Full Moon lights up relationships. Skip the small talk and replace them with meaningful discussions. Reaching greater depths or commitment might strike you as impossible at first. But, if both of you get clear on your expectations, progress will happen. Ditch your pride and set your mind on working towards a common goal. Go out for a walk in the park or get amongst nature. Admiring the beautiful surroundings will make it easier for the two of you to open up to each other.

Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

Happy birthday, Saggie! You’re the star of your own show when the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter add extra oomph to your sign. Claim the stage; everyone is applauding. Lucky you, even the New Moon blesses your sign on November 27, filling you with optimistic, positive energy. You couldn’t care less about what others think about you, which is extraordinarily liberating. At the same time, you’ve been feeling off-kilter about a relationship, but this new Moon resets your course. As Venus aligns with Jupiter by month’s end, you sense there’s a green-eyed monster waiting to take you down a peg or two. Although it feels like you can’t go wrong, you should still watch out for jealousy. Mercury’s backwards slide warns you not to blurt out your thoughts without knowing what you want to achieve first. If it’s the truth you’re seeking, do your background research before revealing your suspicions.

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

Living in the fast lane feels good. Yet, this month, you’re being called to slow down. Rest, rejuvenate and repeat. The past year has been eventful for you. If you can, escape on a relaxing holiday and recharge your batteries. Even better, stay at home and potter. Next month, you’ll have to be ready to shine. November’s full Moon encourages a dialogue with your lover or a child. Open up. Listen. Connect. What you uncover allows you to be a more supportive parent or partner. Your unconditional love is more appreciated than you realise. Thanks to Mercury’s reversal through your friendship zone, something may be lost in translation, and the understanding and support you are yearning for may be lacking. Don’t worry. After Mercury shifts gears next month, you’ll correct the confusion.

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

Your creative mind is bursting with brilliance! As the Sun dances with Mercury, one of your ingenious ideas could provide more than one source of income. A VIP is bedazzled by your input and contribution at work. However, if you don’t reach a professional goal this month, don’t stress. You’re being kept in mind for a mega future opportunity. By month’s end, Venus tempts you. A love affair or forbidden romance might feel new and exciting but think twice before you go for it. Thanks to Mercury’s retrograde, your part in a delicate situation could be twisted. The New Moon reminds you that you’ll have to deal with the consequences of your actions, so choose your next move carefully. A frenemy shows her true colours. How long you put up with her drama depends on your stamina and care-factor.

Work, kids and life’s responsibilities have kept you away from your social playground. But, as Saturn connects with Neptune, you’ll be motivated to get back in touch with friends. Remember, it’s not about having tons of free time, but instead about making time for your nearest and dearest. Surprise them by organising a fun event. Keep in mind that they haven’t ignored you on purpose. November’s new Moon urges you to accept extra professional responsibility. Your earning potential is on the rise, so go for your target with gusto. Plan B is not an option. Be careful, if a co-worker or higher-up looks like trouble, don’t be afraid to work independently. Avoid office gossip like the plague, put your nose to the grindstone and focus on the job at hand. After all, you’re as efficient on your own as you are in a team.