Your love horoscope for the week of January 23rd 2021 is here

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, January 23rd to Friday, January 29th. 

It’s often in uncertain times, when we’re struggling, that we realise that our reserves of strength run deeper than we thought. This week, as Venus meets Pluto, and the Sun converges with the separating Great Conjunction at the Full Moon, we experience a sense of urgency and awaken to the changes we need to make. There’s no need to just ‘let’ things happen. We can take control of our destinies, actively shape our transformation, and begin building something better and long-lasting.

Anyone who follows astrology has a rough idea of the traditional character traits of their sign. But what’s going on when you feel distinctly unlike your ‘official’ profile? If you’re feeling somewhat less than your usual ebullient and confident Aries self right now, fear not, the cosmos is coming to your assistance. When the Sun links with the separating Great Conjunction later this week, the old you will return, with gusto. The confidence you’ve been missing is on its way back.

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If we look into the night sky we might be lucky enough to see the starry constellations at first glance. But often it takes a while for our eyes to adjust; a moment or two for the stars to emerge one by one. There may be other reasons why that first glimpse is misleading; like city light pollution, or cloud-cover too. It’s time to look again at something which has failed to meet your expectations. As Venus, your ruler, connects with mysterious Pluto this week, you can find a diamond glittering in the dark.

There are an abundance of pop songs urging us to ‘dream big’ or telling us how to ‘make a dream come true’. They seem to suggest that just having the dream is enough; and rarely mention the hard slog we need to put in in order to turn a wish into a reality. That’s the trouble with music, movies and fairy stories; they raise unrealistic expectations. But this week, it’s not unrealistic for you to hope to realise a dream that’s close to your heart. Just a little bit of effort can bring a great reward.

Everyone has their own personal standpoint, a world view of their own, and with it, a range of problem-solving techniques that come from their lived experience. If there’s a DIY task to complete at home, chances are that it would be approached differently by a hairdresser, an accountant and a shop assistant. Who’s to judge who has the best method? The emotional challenge you’re facing needs a different solution to the one you’ve been considering. An unconventional approach will help.

For some people, hypnotherapy can be a wonderful tool; it helps them overcome fears and conquer cravings. It aims to connect us to our unconscious minds and allows us to access a solution or find hidden willpower. Yet there’s no guarantee of success. This week, as your ruler, the Sun, links with the separating Great Conjunction at the Full Moon, you have an opportunity to look at an old, outgrown fear and remove its power to limit your thoughts. It’s time to let go and move on.

Since fairy tales often involve a romantic element, there’s no wonder we grow up expecting our love lives to end up ‘happily ever after’. Yet, that strikes a contrast with the reality of relationships here on planet earth. Whether we’re single or not, all our important personal interactions involve the art of negotiation. Don’t worry if things aren’t quite as you wish they were in your emotional life right now. This week, you’re being blessed by a kindly cosmos. You’re on the way to a happier future.

We’re not always in the mood to be helpful and amicable. Sometimes, when someone asks us to do something, we might feel as if they’re imposing on us. That’s one of the reasons that money makes the world go round; it keeps us motivated. Fortunately, it’s not the only currency at our disposal. We respond very well to acts of kindness, a smile, and to courtesy and respect too. Under this week’s powerful cosmic climate, if there’s something you need in your personal life, you know what to do.

When we buy a new car or a piece of kitchen equipment, we’re issued with a handbook that acts as a repair manual too. If only such a guidebook existed to help when things go wrong in our lives. Actually… it does! Not a book exactly; but a wealth of information and experience from those around us who’ve experienced similar setbacks. As Venus converges with your ruler, Pluto, this week, don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side. If you find the courage to ask for help, you’ll get it.

I was surprised to learn that a Sagittarian friend of mine, who writes for a living, didn’t study literature or history. Her subject was mathematics. The reasoning for her choice was impeccable: ‘because you know when you’ve got the answer right’. Yet in real life she loves to take creative risks. Again, her reasoning is impeccable: ‘because not knowing where a storyline is going is exhilarating’. Under this week’s exciting cosmic climate, take a leaf out of her book. Don’t worry about being right!

No matter how much you might want to run away from your problems, you have the grit and tenacity to see things through. As always, when difficulties arise, the passage of time allows some difficulties to solve themselves or simply fade away. There’s only one issue, on the relationship front, that requires your attention this week, and you have bought yourself the time and energy needed to tackle it. The powerful cosmic climate brings you the courage to do what you have to do with style.

At last, you’re starting to feel reinvigorated. This lock-downed life won’t last forever, and it’s important to at least begin to consider the direction you would like things to go next. You don’t have to expend too much energy on this; your plans have been simmering on the back-burner for months. With the Full Moon in your opposite sign, what’s needed is a gutsy move, a positive step towards making your ideas a reality. Here comes the chance to start something positive, and long-lasting.

Honesty is one of your strongest character traits. I’m not talking about the honesty that’s so important in your dealings with other people; it’s the quality of self-honesty, that allows you to admit when you’ve misjudged something (or someone), and it’s under the cosmic spotlight this week. In the light of information that reveals you’ve taken a step in the wrong direction, the powerful cosmic climate gifts you with the wherewithal to incisively change your ideas. A more ingenious – and fun – possibility awaits.

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