Your love horoscope for the week is here, from January 30th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, January 30th to Friday, February 5th. 

The cosmos is challenging us to make breakthroughs and, in February, Saturn’s alignment with Uranus encourages us to put theory into practice. With Mercury initially in retrograde, we’ll need to spend some time identifying and fixing problems before we can focus on what’s next. Yet, as Venus joins the planetary party in Aquarius, we’ll find that by working hard and committing our resources to manifest an inspiring vision, we can make valuable, innovative progress this month.

“Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it”. Winston Churchill’s famous words, paraphrasing Spanish philosopher George Santayana, should be uppermost in your mind as the new month beckons. Your emotional wellbeing depends on moving on from past hurts in order to discover new routes to happiness. But those pathways won’t appear until you resolve not to repeat a habitual misstep. As Venus changes signs, it brings you the support and self-confidence you need.

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There’s been little to cheer us over the last months. But one small positive has been the chance to reorganise our lives; a new regime of diet and exercise or a major sorting out of unwanted clutter, perhaps. When the world returns to ‘normal’ will we be so keen to make up for lost time that our good habits fly out the window? Have we learnt valuable lessons about the qualities of kindness and community? As Venus, your ruler, changes signs, you can take action that helps bring lasting happiness.

If you cast your mind back to when people were allowed to gather, you might remember an awkward social occasion when someone made a faux pas, found themselves in a hole, and was told to ‘stop digging’. Good advice, but who’s there to perform that same role when we’re spending so much time by ourselves? You might have, unwittingly, overstepped a mark. Before leaping into reparative action this week, the cosmos encourages you to put down your shovel and reconsider your position.

‘Our biggest communication problem is that we don’t listen to understand; we listen to reply’. Has the author of The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, highlighted something that rings true for you? If what you’re saying to others isn’t sinking in, you might need to consider a different tactic. Try saying nothing for a while! If you pause, you’ll find the right time to be heard and understood. You have a fair point to make, and it deserves to be appreciated. Patience is key this week.

There’s a wonderful term in the game of snooker: it’s ‘a shot to nothing’; the chance to play a shot that has no danger to yourself but could end in success. It’s essentially a free shot. Such opportunities are rare in our emotional lives. But this week, as Venus moves into your opposite sign, is different. There’s something you can say or do – at no risk to yourself – but with a real hope of a breakthrough. As long as you stay focused, a tangible improvement in a key relationship is possible.

When playground games got out of hand, depending where you spent your childhood, you could cry ‘pax’, ‘kingy’ or ‘fainites’; Australian children said ‘barley’, and Kiwi kids shouted ‘pegs’ or ‘nibs’. These truce terms were a safety valve when things got heated. Although you’re not in the playground any more, some friendly joshing or emotional toing-and-froing has got overheated. The truce you need involves an honest sharing of feelings – and the granting of space to everyone involved.

No one would dream of laying a carpet before making sure there was no rubbish on the floor. And it’s pointless trying to paint a wall where the old surface is peeling off. You need to strip it back, fill in the holes and sand it smooth before applying undercoat. So why do we think it’s possible to sort out emotional difficulties without stripping away the arguments or actions that brought us to an impasse? As Venus changes signs, you have a chance to get to the core of an issue and build positively from there.

The past few months have taken their toll. For Scorpios, your hidden, sensitive side has felt the imposed restrictions more keenly than others. So much so, that you’ve started to question your sense of self-value. This week, as Venus moves to a new sector of the sky, practical action is paramount; by whatever means you can, email, Zoom, phone or text the people who matter most. Your legendary loyalty will be repaid with a wave of affirmation that delivers a welcome, deserved boost.

There’s a moment in relationships when someone we think we knew well displays a skill or knowledge we knew nothing about. It comes as a shock! They answer a niche quiz question, or sit down at a piano and play something delightful, or reveal surprising cookery skills. This week, you can impress someone by revealing some of your hidden talents or interests. You don’t have to engineer a situation. As Venus changes signs, the cosmos will present you with the perfect moment.

Schools encourage kids to take part in joint endeavours; projects that only succeed when everyone gets involved. That’s not to say there’s no place for competitive activity, even if it does mean there are losers as well as winners. Both approaches generate good life lessons. Your inner radar’s telling you that someone thinks they’ve got ‘one up’ on you. Before you get pulled into a competitive fray, if you reach out and share your feelings, you’ll enable deeper understanding… and healing.

When we spend too long looking in the mirror, it’s easy to become overcritical. Of course, we care about our appearance; but getting the balance right is crucial. With so much celebrity preening and selfie-checking, it’s easy to overlook the fact that what’s on the ‘outside’ is only a small part of the package. We’re all at our most attractive when we’re showing interest in someone else. As Venus enters your sign; the planet of love brings a boost. You’re about to feel more appreciation for just being you.

When we negotiate to buy a house, a second-hand car or anything that can be haggled over, it’s important to keep the other party guessing as to where our limit lies. This can be anxiety producing, as negotiation involves the fear that one party will walk away if the other demands too much or offers too little. Part of the fun in relationships, though, comes from keeping the other person guessing too. But there comes a time when we have to declare our hand. Don’t be drawn into futile bargaining. Be honest.

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