Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing May 8th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, May 8th to Friday, May 14th.

My son’s a fussy eater. I often battle with him over trying new food; and it’s especially frustrating when he decides that he won’t eat something he’s previously enjoyed. But it’s not that he’s fickle – it’s just that his taste buds are evolving. So, even if potatoes become ‘disgusting’, he might be amenable to oranges!

As Venus moves into Gemini ahead of the Taurean New Moon, we may all find our tastes changing. Jupiter’s arrival in Pisces encourages us to move on, develop, and grow.

How do those dating sites do it? They seem to pair people up according to their shared interests. Yet mightn’t that be a recipe for long-term boredom? Who’s to say that an outgoing fell-walking type might not get on with someone who loves doing needlepoint? Don’t let conventional rules confine you this week. What really matters is that people connect emotionally and share space when they want to be together. When someone outside your normal circle shows interest, see it as a chance to explore new territory.

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Every profession has its own internal shortcuts, language and specialist terminology. Similarly, language, signs and signals evolve within our relationships. Sometimes it’s just pet names that are shared; and sometimes difficult concepts are communicated with just a word, a look, or a raised eyebrow. It’s both inclusive and exclusive at the same time. This week’s Taurean New Moon brings a chance to take a metaphorical journey and create something special. Someone wants to open up their special world to you.

It wasn’t long ago that partnerships which crossed cultural, ethnic, traditional or religious lines were a rarity. In the modern world they’re much more commonplace, thank goodness. But that doesn’t mean that some of the old ‘rules’ don’t make life hard for some people. Yet they say that ‘Amor Vincit Omnia’, love conquers all. Or, more accurately, ‘love can conquer all.’ A barrier can only be a barrier if you allow it to be. As Venus enters your sign, a brave choice, to value the heart above the head, is needed.

‘It’s the little things you don’t do; and it’s the big things I don’t say’. Songwriter Conor Hirons’ wry lyric about relationships refers to the things that get in the way of domestic bliss. Whether it’s a wrangle about the washing-up or who puts the rubbish out, domestic blisters occur in every relationship. The secret, is not to let everyday issues undermine what we build with our nearest and dearest. As Jupiter moves into a new home, the time is right for an honest discussion about fairness and balance in a key relationship.

Surfers are skilled at getting beyond breaking waves. They paddle vigorously and purposefully to reach the water beyond the crashing foam. Then, they turn and choose which wave to ride into shore. Your cosmic outlook presents you with a wave you can ride to emotional success. But, you need to be in the right place and position yourself carefully in order to take full advantage of the moment. Although some effort is called for, it will pay huge dividends as long as you ensure you’re going with the emotional flow.

There’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t like to transform some aspect of their life. Whether it’s a hope for more income, or a new job, or to lose weight or develop muscle-power, we all have dreams of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images we’d like. For many of us, a makeover is about physical change; but when benevolent Jupiter moves into your opposite sign, as it does this week, it brings a chance for some soul-searching introspection that will transform your spiritual and emotional life. It’s time to map out your crucial next steps.

If you’ve only learnt one thing over the past year, it’s that you can’t control everything. Yes, you’re more forward-thinking than most people; and you know how to make successful plans. Yet, since everything isn’t down to you, you need to be open-minded about having to adapt. Uh, oh, I hear you thinking… bad news is coming. Quite the opposite! As Jupiter changes signs, you need to be receptive to an opportunity – certainly an emotional one, and it might be a romantic one too – when it appears out of nowhere.

What can you expect when the New Moon’s taking place in your opposite sign? On one hand, it’s reasonable to anticipate some kind of clash between reality and an ideal you hold dear – which, although it might not be the news you want to hear, will bring a valuable realisation that you can use to create a brighter future. On the other hand, you can expect a time of change and new growth, both spiritually and emotionally. As with all cosmic phenomena, use what this week offers and seize any opportunities.

Jigsaws, video games, badminton, zumba classes, jogging, yoga. For everyone who loves one of these pastimes, there will be many who think they represent the opposite of entertainment. That’s the wonder of life on this spinning ball of rock with its crazy inhabitants; we’re all different. This week, as Venus moves into your opposite sign, there’s an emotional challenge to deal with. Yet, your ruler Jupiter’s move into a new celestial home suggests that with a light-hearted approach, you can easily resolve any tension. Enjoy!

While I would never say anything to offend you, everyone knows that when you get the bit between your teeth, whether it’s the hottest political story, or a weird and wonderful DIY project, you can be, er, well… a little obsessive. Focus and determination are extremely valuable qualities, as long as they’re used in moderation. Lately, you’ve been in danger of becoming too focused on one particular issue. Fortunately, following the New Moon, you’ll return to a more even keel. As you relax, a key relationship will benefit.

Sometimes, all that’s needed to turn your day (or week) around is one piece of good news, or a connection with someone who cares. Although you know that it’s too much to hope for everything to go your way; after the time you’ve been through, you could be forgiven for wondering if things will ever turn in your favour. This week marks the arrival of more than a little light at the end of your tunnel. The tide begins to turn with a chance encounter or an unexpected conversation with someone who has your best interests at heart.

There’s a lovely story about how the American space program spent a fortune creating a pen that would write in weightless conditions; meanwhile, the Soviet space team gave their cosmonauts pencils! Whether it’s true or not, the lesson is clear; there’s often a simple solution that can cut through our problems. All that’s needed is the ability to look again and find another way. As Jupiter, the planet of optimism and insight moves into your sign this week, you’ll find innovative ways to solve a problem easily.