Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing May 29th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, May 29th to Friday, June 4th.

In June, with several planets turning retrograde and the Saturn/Uranus relationship intensifying, the cosmos pulls us in different directions. Yet, although unpredictable challenges look likely, they won’t curtail our progress; the Solar Eclipse, viewable from both sides of the Atlantic, shines insightful light, enabling us to find innovative solutions. And as the Solstice arrives followed by a Supermoon, a resourceful, practical approach will allow us to move confidently forwards with hope.

Some people say that it’s pointless to enter a lottery; the chances of winning are too small. But the real point of buying a ticket (apart from supporting a charity) is that you’re buying hope. It’s a moment to dream – at least until the draw takes place. Yet, just by being here on planet Earth, you’ve already won a lottery; the trick, is to appreciate your good fortune. If your usual positive attitude has been missing lately, it’s about to return. As long as you know what you want to achieve, as Venus changes signs, you can dream big.

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I’m delighted that Venus, the planet of love, is the ruler of the sign represented by a bull. When the tumult of modern life gets too much for many of us, we often find a calm Taurean waiting patiently for the right moment to act. That’s the reassuring influence of gentle Venus. Now, as your ruler moves into a new celestial home, you’ll find those calming feelings becoming stronger. Don’t be surprised to find thoughts of settling down coming to mind. And, be on the lookout for someone to share some good times with too.

When someone’s confidence is low, they need some self-assurance in order to get back on track. Do you see the inherent problem? How do you rekindle self-belief if it’s lacking? The best way, is to give yourself a period of rest and review. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the cosmos has in store this week, as your ruler, Mercury, starts its ‘backwards’ movement across the skies. This valuable time is a gift that allows you to put worries into perspective and realise that you have the skills to achieve your goals. You’re coming back up.

Since I’m a firm believer in free will and freedom of choice, I never tell anyone what will definitely happen; I only suggest what might be, and what could be the best time to achieve it. So, what do I predict for someone who’s hoping for an upturn in their relationships (either in a romantic or a friendly way) when the planet of love pays a visit to their sign? As a new month begins, and Venus arrives in Cancer, a new era could be near. But don’t forget… it’s your choice. No one’s going to force you to do anything.

Many of us, as infants, had a ‘best friend’ at junior school, and those childhood friends sometimes remain lifelong pals. Fine. But, as adults, we usually discover that one ‘best friend’ isn’t enough – or we outgrow each other as our paths diverge. Different relationships offer different kinds of support, help, friendship and love. It’s part of growing up. But, when a friendship alters, it can be hard to adjust. A recent change is not an end; rather, it signifies a mature deepening of what you can offer to one another.

When the ruler of your sign moves ‘backwards’ in the sky, it can mark a fallow time; a period of apparent inaction. But, as Mercury turns retrograde, even if things might not appear to be moving very fast, this is a gift from the cosmos. Here comes a time to plan and regroup. In fact, you’re entering a deceptively busy week… when you can re-energise and re apply your renewed strength to great effect. As long as you listen to your heart, it will lead you in a very positive direction. Clear communication holds the key to your success.

Through no fault of your own, you find yourself in a situation, perhaps even more than one situation, that you don’t want to be in. In trying to please everyone, you’ve ended up pleasing no one, least of all yourself. Fortunately your ruler, Venus, is about to move into a new celestial home, and change is in the air. What looked like a confused state of affairs is slowly coming into sharper focus. New ideas are emerging… all of them good. Your happy task is to select the one which brings you closer to someone special.

‘Sharpening the axe won’t delay the work’. This succinct old Chinese proverb doesn’t really have an exact equivalent in English. The nearest, is ‘a beard well lathered is half shaved’! Good groundwork is everything. No one ever regrets the time they spend in preparation. Have you been quietly working on a special project? Perhaps you’ve held a romantic dream for so long that you’ve forgotten that you need to take action to bring it to fruition. If you’re going to make a move, this week is as good a time as any to act.

“When I was a child my mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general; if you become a monk, you’ll be the Pope’. Instead, I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.” Trust the master of 20th-century art to encapsulate what’s within us all: there’s no limit on what we can do when we invest in our talent. If you doubt you have a gift, consider what makes you happy. That’s where your inner-Picasso’s hiding. Realising dreams doesn’t happen overnight; but once you recognise yours, the cosmos will reveal the way.

When an astrological event takes place in your opposite sign, it doesn’t mean the opposite’s true. This week, as Venus enters Cancer, it signifies a time to enjoy home comforts; it brings a sense of wellbeing and ease… the possibility of nesting and feeling loved. For you, the message is to consider those feelings and ideas, and think about the route you need to follow to bring those qualities into your life. Of course, you’re free to reject those ideals. But, with the planet of love focusing its attention on you, you won’t do that… will you!

I recently came across the old saying: ‘fish can’t see water.’ Scientifically, thanks to the difference in the refractive index between air and water, it’s true. But complicated science is not what the ancients were getting at. They were talking about the inability to see what immediately surrounds us. Have you been guilty of taking familiar things for granted; forgetting their value? Actually… it’s an impossible question! If you’ve been taking things for granted; you probably don’t know! It’s time for a rethink about what really matters.

If you learnt English at school you might well have been taught the rhyme: ‘i before e, except after c’. Although it works for ‘believe’ and ‘receive’ and many other words, as our vocabulary grows, we discover ‘weird’, ‘forfeit’, and ‘seize’, which make everything complicated. Some rules help us get started, but are meant to be discarded as we mature. In your personal, romantic or relationship life, are you still bound by outmoded rules or behaviour you want to drop or adapt for the life you know now? There’s nothing to stop you.