Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing May 1st 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, May 1st to Friday, May 7th.

Of all the human qualities, empathy is one of the finest. The ability to understand and share the feelings of another person is what marks us out. But it makes even more of a difference when empathy gives rise to supportive action. Someone who’s in trouble doesn’t need criticism; they know their error. ‘I told you so’ won’t help. You have the sensitivity and practical skills to make a difference. And, someone else will be impressed by how you handle things. Being kind will bring unexpectedly good things your way this week.

Although there seems to be an awful lot of talk taking place, none of it seems to be helping your situation one little bit. The chatter is well meant… but it’s not serving any useful purpose. As you’ll discover this week, you have all the information you need in order to make your next move; you just need to get away from the hubbub and find some time for consideration. With your ruler, Venus, linking with Pluto, you can look forward to a time of passion and emotional fulfilment… but you need that peace and quiet first.

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‘One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist… Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist’. Stephen Hawking’s words are worth bearing in mind this week. You have a tendency to judge yourself too harshly. Of course we should all strive to do our best… but mistakes happen, and we learn from them. What you think has been an error is just a stepping-stone on the way to a better future. As your ruler, Mercury, enters your sign, a clear way forwards becomes clear.

All relationships need honesty and truth in order to thrive and survive. But life’s not always clear-cut. Sometimes, it’s wiser and kinder not to give an uncensored opinion. I’m not suggesting that you should exercise deception; but discretion is key this week. If someone’s feeling vulnerable, you can help them best by being friendly and supportive. They only need to know that you’ll be there for them when they call. The Venus/Pluto link suggests there’ll be long-term emotional (even romantic) benefits if you act with sensitivity.

When something you’ve been waiting for is about to happen, there often comes a moment when doubt and a little fear creep in. This is completely natural – even though it doesn’t always feel normal. If a project that has been dear to you is about to come to fruition, don’t let last-minute anxiety upset your inner equilibrium. No matter how big the task is, you have the skills needed to make it a success. You’ve even got Venus and Pluto making a helpful link and adding a dash of sensitivity and sensuality to the proceedings.

It’s hard to believe, but some aspects of life are starting to get back to normal. What’s proving difficult, is to remember what normal feels like. You may have had to shelve big plans months ago. And although the time isn’t quite right to jump straight back into those arrangements, you can start to take more than baby steps to get your personal and emotional life back on track. With your ruler, Mercury, changing signs, the moves you make will pay dividends. What’s more, you’ll get the support you need.

One of the biggest lesson learnt from lockdown is that time is our most valuable asset. You may feel that you’ve been robbed of some precious moments. Yet since your unconscious mind has been working away, behind the scenes, not all that ‘lost’ time has been wasted. As your ruler, Venus, links with Pluto, you can start to move in the right direction. Other people’s plans have been on hold too; and there’s a hunger to make up for lost time. A connection made this week could start an exciting, mutually fulfilling partnership.

‘For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction’. Newton’s Law of Motion is one of the cornerstones of physics. But it has parallels in human interactions too; no one is an island. The concept of karma encapsulates this perfectly: you get what you give. Fortunately, what you’ve blessed with is good, and what you’re due will be good too. As Venus, the planet of love, links with your ruler, Pluto, as long as you put your heart into a project you’ll reap a harvest of emotional satisfaction… and a romantic bonus too.

People born under your zodiac sign are always able to find short-cuts. Thanks to your spontaneity and quick thinking, you progress much faster than the rest of us mere mortals. Yet, it’s not always best to cut corners. Part of the joy of the journey is the fun gained from the travel itself. When we focus on the destination we miss the delights of the scenery. This applies to emotional journeys too. As Mercury moves into your opposite sign, it enables you to communicate clearly and make emotional progress… just take your time!

It’s easy to spot the villain in old westerns; the baddie wears a black hat. And the goodie (you’ve guessed it) is crowned in white. Nowadays, there’s greater subtlety both in casting and costumes. The actor with a scar can be a hero; and the good-looking character can be a bad ‘un. The point, is that you need to avoid a temptation to view things at a superficial level this week. There’s greater depth to a ‘certain person’ than you thought; and if you set your inner record straight, you can make an impact… and gain an emotional reward.

It’s impossible to live life at breakneck speed all the time. Sure, there are some weeks when you’re at full stretch – often in a pleasantly exciting way. This week, although things won’t go exactly according to plan (or transform in the blink of an eye) good news is on its way. As Mercury changes signs, you can expect to feel reassured about an issue that’s been a source of worry. Your concerns about a key person’s motivations are going to dissolve. And, as you start to relax, your self-confidence and faith in your abilities will grow.

We all like a bit of excitement. And, as it has been in short supply for a while, some of us may be looking for more of it than would be wise! Boredom often leads to destructive behaviour just to get some attention or a flash of pleasure. Someone close to you is of that mind-set, and will need some reassurance and support this week. All actions create ripples. But foaming waves need a breakwater. Fortunately, as Mercury changes signs, you can intervene, offer some perspective and create a rejuvenating sense of calm.