Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing March 27th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, March 27th to Friday, April 2nd.

Even a city boy like me appreciates feeling connected to the earth. As inspiration and initiative abound in early April, it’s more important than ever to stay grounded. That doesn’t entail being a stick-in-the-mud!

As Mars and Jupiter helpfully combine, we can afford to be creative and express ourselves in the pursuit of wealth, happiness and satisfaction. The seeds we sow will grow fast this month. As long as we plant for positive change, we’ll be delighted by what we harvest.

Your astrological outlook is calm. And, after the turbulent times you’ve experienced recently, you might be glad of a rest. Yet, the one thing you shouldn’t do is take it too easy. Since it’s during such relatively fallow times that you’re least likely to be emotionally stretched or disrupted, this is the ideal opportunity for some cool-headed planning. The recent Full Moon, in your opposite sign, was a cosmic gift. It offers a breathing space that can provide the springboard for your next adventures.

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When we’re having a hard time, it’s easy to joke that we must have done something bad in a previous life. Conversely, it’s easy to take the excitement and satisfaction of life on planet Earth for granted. If recent restrictions have cut you off from nature and friendships, it’s time to uncover new avenues that bring joy into your life. This week’s skies deliver a rare moment of respite from normal proceedings. Here comes a chance to recharge your batteries and realise what a privilege it is to be here.

When all else fails, we might throw our arms up in the air and say, ‘let’s just hope for the best’. Sometimes flinging ourselves on the mercy of the cosmos is the only action that makes sense. As Mercury and Neptune link up this week, the skies offer you a chance to reassess the way you view a challenging situation. You can vanquish a fear and regain a sense of self-control. The added plus is that a change of approach will influence your key relationships. Don’t be surprised if a revitalised you emerges.

If you’ve ever doubted that the cosmos is on your side, this week will convince you otherwise. Any ideas and plans that are formed around the Equinox just need just a little more time to take shape. Your cosmic gift is a conjunction between Mercury and Neptune. It brings the ability to collate different strands into one cohesive plan; like the pieces of a jigsaw finally coming together. You know where you want to be – and who you want to be there with. The picture should soon become clear.

Even the bravest Leos have occasional doubts. Fortunately those moments rarely last long. But recently it seems as if you, and your role in life, has been defined by others – or by circumstances beyond your control. For a lion, feeling caged in this way leads to no good. The positive news, is that the Full Moon brings clarity. The message is simple: you’re defined by what’s in your heart. Your generosity and kindness are gifts to be offered, and it’s through sharing your attributes that you’ll find freedom.

Very few accidents are accidents! Although some events come completely out of the blue, if you take notice of the warning signs, most crises or difficulties can be prevented or dealt with before they become major challenges. This week’s Mercury/Neptune conjunction won’t only stimulate your imagination and help you attract some welcome attention; it also promises to heighten the communication between your conscious and unconscious mind. You can easily deal with any outstanding issues.

With the Full Moon in your sign, you don’t need me to tell you that your emotions have been amplified. But you probably do need me to remind you that you’re being offered a precious chance to boost your intuitive powers, clarify your goals and make decisions about the road you want to follow into the future. Try to find a moment or two to give yourself valuable breathing space. Take advantage of the celestial outlook and use it to identify what your next move should be. Inspiration awaits.

If we only made our judgments using references found in popular culture, it would be easy to think that love is a kind of war: Love Is A Battlefield, Love Wars, You Win Again… the list goes on. But the best relationships are built on trust and partnership. As Mercury links with Neptune, there could hardly be a better, more sensitive time to invest your energy into a relationship that is (or could become) dear to you. If you take this opportunity, and sensitively share your dreams, transformation is possible.

Some people erroneously believe that the future is set in stone; that we have no choice about the path that lies ahead. And, the way things have been lately, you might be forgiven for thinking that little will go right for you. Yet we have free will. The planets’ effects simply guide us along the way. Since this is a week in which the cosmos brings intuition and increased sensitivity, emotional and romantic opportunities abound. All the pieces are in place. You decide what to do.

The best relationships are always strong enough to allow an occasional disagreement. As long as an argument is reasonable – and each side listens to the other, we can compromise or learn to live with differences of opinion. The key thing, is that trust and mutual respect remain the backbone of that relationship, whether it’s at home, at work or within our social circle. Some battles aren’t worth fighting. You have the power to prevent a trivial issue becoming a silly dispute this week.

Fools may rush in… but sometimes the ‘wise’ ones who stand around in judgment don’t get anything done. The person who never makes a mistake, never makes anything. So, don’t let fear of failure (or criticism) hold you back this week. Without all the facts it’s easy to misjudge something as being foolish; but you have information the ‘wise’ ones don’t, and you’re working on more than a mere hunch. Success is never guaranteed; but unless you try, you’ll never know. Honest, wholehearted action is needed.

Everyone can change; but if the change is to have a chance of long-term success, it must come from our hearts. If we try to change someone, we alter the balance of the relationship – and that can be risky territory. Gandhi is credited with the following wise advice: ‘Be the change that you wish to see’. Let that guide you this week. By setting an example, you have a chance of finding common ground to build on. With the skies favouring empathy, you have every chance of success.

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