Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing March 27th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, April 3rd to Friday, April 9th.

There’s nothing wrong with blowing off steam sometimes. We just have to be careful about who’s standing next to the vent! It’s all very well if we find ourselves in proximity to someone who’s got some wrinkles that need ironing out. But some folk aren’t built to take the heat.

This week’s Mars-Venus link suggests passions will rise. Yet, just because we’ll be quick to speak our minds doesn’t mean we’ll end up in hot water. And, with ingenuity we can fix problems that have reached boiling point.

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Even people who say they don’t believe in a higher power often honour superstitions. Although they don’t think that walking under a ladder will offend the ‘powers that be’, they act cautiously ‘just in case’ – or perhaps they fear a bucket will drop on their head! We all do things that might appear irrational because we’ve ‘always done it that way’. If someone questions the way you do something, don’t dismiss them out of hand. If you consider a change, it will bring the opposite of bad luck.

You don’t need to be a philosopher to know that you get back what you give. The idea’s in countless cautionary tales; there was even a hit record of that title. So why do we need to be reminded? That’s simple… since the pace of modern life doesn’t give us time to take stock, we’re constantly looking for the next problem; everyday stuff gets in the way. Try to take a step back this week. Since you get back what you give, perhaps it’s time to give a little more. You’ll be delighted by what you receive in return.

In modern Chinese, the word for ‘crisis’ also means ‘opportunity’; it’s an optimistic way of looking at problems. But the ancient, traditional Chinese pictogram for ‘crisis’ was less positive; it meant ‘possibility of danger’. Although you’re wise to be wary of an apparent ‘crisis’ you face, fortunately, the cosmos is on your side this week. Any possible risk really is just an opportunity in disguise. You’ll need to show a little courage, but that very act will attract a result that you’ll find most welcome.

If you read your forecast hoping to know exactly what’s going to happen to you, you’re only getting half the story. These predictions are a kind of psycho-social weather forecast. I can give you an overall picture but, ultimately, it’s always you who decides what happens next. If it looks like ‘rain’ you choose whether to wear a raincoat or whether to take a chance. Your astrological weather this week is sunny, especially midweek, when Venus and Mars get together. It’s time to step out and soak it up.

When you’re feeling low, it can make you feel even worse when someone tells you to ‘cheer up’. Yet, scientists have discovered that the very act of smiling can help release hormones in the brain which make us feel happier. This ‘fake it till you make it’ approach works in many other spheres of life too. This week, you don’t have to act as if you’re the life and soul of the party (even if parties were allowed). But, if you act as a good friend to someone who’s in need, a relationship will positively evolve.

There’s lots of fun to be had in a rowing boat on a small lake. But imagine that same boat out in the middle of the Atlantic with a storm brewing. Not quite so much fun! Are you sure you have the right equipment (physical or psychological) for the task you have in mind? Someone else does; or, to be precise, they have skills that dovetail yours, which can benefit you both. An alliance is called for; but it’s down to you to respond and reciprocate. Any offers of help should be warmly welcomed.

As a fair-minded Libran have you ever found yourself on the losing end of a transaction – only to shrug your shoulders and put it down to experience? I thought so. Where others might flare up in anger, you choose to play the long game. But to be forewarned is to be forearmed. This week, if a proposition doesn’t turn out to be quite what it seems, don’t be afraid to turn it down. The Venus/Mars link suggests a much more emotionally rewarding prospect is emerging. Patience will be rewarded.

If you’ve used lockdown to do a big tidy-up, you might be feeling a little bereft as you look around your de-cluttered rooms. New surroundings can take a bit of getting used to. You might even be beginning to regret having had such a big clear out. After all, every oyster needs a bit of grit to make a pearl. While reverting to a former state of near-chaos isn’t to be recommended, a slight relaxation will be enough to get your creative juices flowing once again. Someone will notice the difference in you!

The best lawyers only ever ask questions to which they already know the answers. This is sometimes also true of the ‘non-lawyers’ who are closer to us – who care enough to couch a suggestion in a way that sounds like a question. Sometimes you need to step back from your certainties and consider other people’s ideas. Since you’re not always aware of how daunting you can be, indirect tactics can be useful. A key person is allowed to have good ideas – even if they hide it in the form of a question!

If you’ve ever doubted the power of random acts of kindness, nowhere does it manifest as quickly as when you’re in a car. Another driver kindly gestures for you to join the traffic ahead of them; then moments later, glowing from their kindness, you do the same to help someone else. This is known as ‘paying it forward’. As Venus and Mars link this week, don’t be surprised to benefit from random acts – and to gain an emotional or romantic boost after you get the chance to pay them forwards.

You only have to look at your nearest main road to see how we all have different needs. A sports car wouldn’t suit a tradesperson who needs a van to carry their tools; and an SUV would be of little use to a busy parent on the school run. So why do we think that a one-size-fits-all forecast can work for all Aquarians? We don’t! Consider this a weekly set of wheels; you design the rest, and you choose the route. The skies hint at excitement that could be life-changing. It all depends on who’s driving.

‘Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it will always get you the right ones’. John Lennon had a knack for encapsulating truth in his lyrics – but this quote shows that his sharpness wasn’t confined to hit songs. This week, you find yourself having to choose between being honest or opting for an easy solution (instead of the right one). The Mars/Venus link shows you it’s possible to be clear without being hurtful; stick to the truth, and spare the feelings of others where you can.

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