Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing March 20th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, March 20th to Friday, March 26th.

The astrological New Year isn’t heralded with countdowns and parties (like its Gregorian cousin), but it’s a moment to celebrate; especially this year when, hot on the heels of the Equinox, Venus joins the Sun in Aries, and their embrace reaches its peak. Although we can’t simply shake off the hardships of the past twelve months, we can be inspired by cosmic gifts and courageously make bold moves, take positive action, and really start to create a future worth fighting for.

This is a week made for you to shine. The cosmic pieces are in place: the Equinox… tick; the Sun making Aries its celestial home… tick; Venus, the planet of love, moving into your sign… tick. All you need is a foolproof plan. Oops! Did you forget? All this time waiting for the right moment to make your move, and you don’t feel ready for it? Fear not. In your heart, a workable strategy has been forming. Follow your instincts and you’ll find the path to emotional fulfilment this week.

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Some people seem to be at their happiest when they’re unhappy. They take some kind of pleasure in complaining and are so keen to seek out problems, that if they can’t find one, they’ll find ways to create one. It’s easy to find fault with people or situations; we don’t have to look very far in order to discover things that can be improved. But how far do we have to look before we see something to praise? This Equinox week encourages you to seek and reach for the best in your emotional life.

It’s impossible to count the hours people have wasted in the pursuit of perfection. Writer Leo Tolstoy firmly believed that ‘if you look for perfection, you’ll never be content’. He understood that it’s a moving target; the moment you think you’re close to achieving it circumstances change. You don’t have to be perfect to catch the attention of a certain individual this week. As the Equinox offers the opportunity of a new beginning, you simply have to be the best you can be. That’s more than enough.

Is one of your greatest strengths proving to be a weakness? I’m referring to your legendary kindness and dedication to others; your willingness to heed people’s feelings and your eagerness to help them make progress. That’s all good, but it’s quite another thing if you’re deferring to them to make their lives easier. Being kind and thoughtful are laudable qualities, but not when it’s to your detriment. This week, following the clean slate offered by the Equinox, it’s time to put yourself first.

Several different strands of your life are slightly out of kilter. One small setback seems to have caused another, and has led to a build-up of minor misunderstandings. It’s a classic ‘domino effect’ scenario, which you can easily stop. The Equinox is the ideal time to pause, step back and reassess. A brief reflection will be enough to get you back on track with a clear view of your next steps. You may be uncertain about a key relationship, but the insight you gain brings reasons to be optimistic.

Playing Devil’s advocate might not be a role you particularly fancy, yet it’s the way to emotional, even romantic, success this Equinox week. As a series of propositions and opportunities emerge, your task is to gently, yet determinedly ask courageous questions. Even if your enquiries ruffle a few feathers, the information that emerges from this process will be valuable and play an important part in defining your next steps on a potentially fascinating pathway towards a valuable destination.

Our nearest and dearest want the best for us, and we feel the same about them. Well… at least that’s the theory! Yet in reality, there are often hidden dynamics which add confusion to seemingly ‘perfect’ moments and turn them into tense situations. Even when we find ourselves entangled with someone who seems less than ideal, we have the power to change the relationship. It just requires one party to wake up and see what’s going on. If you want change, this Equinox week, you can have it.

Apart from Achilles, have you ever heard of anyone who perished as a result of an injury to their heel? No? Me neither. Perhaps the reason this story continues to have such an impact on us, and has stood the test of time, is because of the fear it generates; it’s not really about a small wound, it’s about our own weaknesses; the failings we tend to overlook. The Equinox means that a new start is possible. If you can be open about your current fear, you’ll find that you have the strength to make it lose its power.

Modern TV sets are a marvel; the ability to record, catch-up or delay our viewing, at the push of a button, has changed home entertainment. Real life, though, still happens in real time; and, as much as you’d love to put an issue on hold, you can’t put the brakes on. Fortunately, this Equinox week heralds a time of new beginnings and new ways to view any tricky situations that won’t go away. What seems hard to resolve will reveal itself to be a fast track to an emotional or romantic high point.

It’s impossible to judge the beauty of the countryside by just looking at a map. Although those contour lines might indicate where there’s an interesting looking peak or valley, you won’t be able to see the wonderful colours of the sun setting over the hilltops. Your agenda or upcoming to-do list might look mundane, and you may feel as if there’s nothing much to look forwards to, but the Equinox highlights a delight that’s hidden in your day-to-day life. It will delight you as it unfolds.

According to the Law of Attraction, we can attract what we focus on into our lives. It’s seen as a manifestation of the power of prayer, or ‘wishful thinking’ made real. Whatever your views, it’s true that when we yearn for something, we do certain things (either consciously or unconsciously) that make it more likely to occur. Whether you’ve willed something into being, or worked hard for it, an opportunity is at hand. This Equinox week, if it’s still what you want, you can start to enjoy the benefits.

When we’re struggling, out of our depth, in an ocean of uncertainty, any piece of flotsam or jetsam is useful. An idea or opinion (no matter how misguided) can help keep us afloat. It’s not so helpful, though, when we continue to hold on to it when a paddle-steamer’s cruising by. Before you can find the right sort of assurance about your emotional life this week, you need to question your current support system. The Equinox brings a way to make a subtle change that will make a big difference.

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