Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing June 12th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, June 12th to Friday, June 18th.

At the start of the year, as six planets entered the progressive sign of friendship and freedom, we talked about the Arc Of Aquarius. The Arc, and its Aquarian themes, continues its influence throughout the year due to the dance of the sign’s traditional and modern rulers. This week, the second peak of the Saturn-Uranus relationship signals tussles between the old and the new. By committing ourselves, and rallying allies to our causes, inspiring change can become more than just a pipe dream.

When you’re living with someone and you have a falling out, you get plenty of opportunities to make up. But when a discord occurs between people who don’t see each other often, there are fewer chances to put things right. Someone’s said something that’s gnawing away at you – and you’re avoiding making contact with them. This week brings a chance to reassess. Was it a subtle criticism or some misspoken words? Friendship’s a two-way street; and for all you know, they might not even realise you’re upset. Make that call.

When you’re in a team – whether it’s sport, business, or a group of hobbyists – there’s a sense of comradeship. As we slowly emerge from pandemic-enforced restrictions, such teams are reforming. Yet, none of us are the same people we were at the beginning of last year. So, there’s no reason why your role needs to be the same as it was. The timing’s perfect. As the effects of the Arc of Aquarius inspire confidence, you can reposition yourself into a more exciting role. Just make it clear that you’re ready for a challenge.

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How would you react if you were told that you could take a week off with no loss of earnings? You’d leap at the chance! So when a week comes along when there’s no astrological pressure on you, should you take that as a kind of holiday? This week, the cosmos is bestowing you with blessings. With Venus, the planet of love in your sign, you can afford to take some time out to indulge yourself in pleasurable activities. If you just give yourself some space, your innovative mind will be fired up with brilliant ideas for the future.

As a capable Cancerian, people turn to you for assistance. But are you guilty of saying ‘yes’ to too many cries for help? Of course, genuine appeals require an urgent response. But when you get bogged down in the minutiae of someone’s life, you often end up paying a heavy physical and emotional price. By all means help others by suggesting ways they can help themselves. But this week needs to mark the moment when you stop carrying too many burdens. It’s time to free yourself up for new possibilities for you.

So much of what we do involves managing risk; life demands an investment of our time and effort – and there’s always a possibility of failure. Yet a life without drama wouldn’t be much fun. The skill lies in keeping a balance between the risk and the possible reward. While the pandemic has made you more cautious, as we carefully return to normal your enthusiastic, fun-loving side is reappearing. This is a good week to make a new connection. It might be risky (or even risque) but, as long as you’re conscientious, it will be worth it.

‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing’. Legendary long-distance walker Alfred Wainwright’s words are your guide to the week ahead. If you’ve the right equipment for the job… and you’re willing to adapt, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. No matter the ‘weather’ thrown your way, you’ll not only be able to cope, you’ll be able to shine. The Arc of Aquarius enables you to think creatively and find your way around an obstacle. A small diversion could lead to a beautiful discovery.

Much of what we do is defined by unchangeable factors. Influences such as our family background, our education, and our ethnicity have a bearing on the opportunities that open up for us. Our sense of duty limits our choices too. In bygone times the child of a farmer would grow up to be a farmer. Other trades and professions were the same. You’ve been feeling limited by the circumstances you face. The re-empowered Arc of Aquarius suggests you can break the mould this week. It’s time to liberate a new you.

I doubt there’s a child on the planet who’d choose broccoli over a piece of chocolate! Or salad over ice cream. But is the sweet choice necessarily bad? Perhaps… if that’s all we eat. But sometimes it’s right to indulge in something that gives us pleasure, without too much concern for the ‘healthier’ option. Even though we might have to count a few calories or sleep off an over-indulgence, we all need to give ourselves opportunities to let go of our responsibilities and reward ourselves. It’s time for some well-deserved playtime this week.

One of the things we like about Sagittarians is that they’re decisive. When everyone else is dithering about a decision, you’re not afraid to express your viewpoint. In fact, for you, almost any decision is better than no decision; if you make an error, you can soon put it right. Most of the time you make good choices. But sometimes, your ability to spin things around is called for. A recent choice may not be working out as well as you’d hoped. If you need to retrace your steps this week, do it with confidence. A hidden treat lies in store.

Although a series of small misunderstandings might be attributable to the current phase of Mercury retrograde, the more likely cause of a temporary imbalance is the influence of your ruler’s link with Uranus, the planet of change, innovation and rebellion. This is a cosmic invitation to readjust and recalibrate. If you embrace it, the benefits will manifest in a tangible way. A transformation is possible. Although change is never easy, this could be the start of a new way of living and loving that you’ll cherish.

There’s a difference between being given clear, firm instructions and being bossed about. It’s a matter of tone and style. Someone in your closest circle’s trying to throw their weight around. The problem is that they might be right, but their manner is provoking the exact opposite of what’s required. It might be too late for them to save the day; but you can. With the Arc of Aquarius heightening your authority, the right advice, delivered in the right way, can put things back on a track that leads to collaborative success.

The science of attraction makes for fascinating reading. For a lucky few, the experience of ‘love at first sight’ is real (although almost always based on physical attraction). It’s only later, when a relationship has developed, that we back up that first sensation with emotional depth. But we all have the ability to ‘like’ at first sight. And anything’s possible after that. With Jupiter still in your sign, you might find that a fortuitous encounter is possible this week. And with the Arc of Aquarius adding a touch of magic, there’s a lot to like, or even love.