Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing July 24th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday July 24th, to Friday July 30th.

The Thunder Moon was aptly named by the indigenous people of North America; it accompanies their summer storms. Yet it’s lightning flashes of inspiration that made this weekend’s Aquarian Full Moon so exciting. As Jupiter returns to Aquarius, and opposes Mars, we’ll be inspired to strike while the iron’s hot and take full advantage of the emerging opportunities. Though passion alone won’t ensure success, if enthusiasm’s combined with pragmatism, great strides forward are possible this week.

Sometimes it feels like your brain’s working against you. Just as you’re dropping off to sleep after a long day, your mind decides to remind you of an awkward or difficult incident; or you spiral into the future, with all its impossibilities and challenges. Suddenly, you’re wide-awake and your thoughts are swirling around. This week, as your ruler, Mars, changes signs, you’ll find it easier to live in the moment and relate, spontaneously, to the important people in your life. If you take things as they come, you’ll focus on what really matters.

We’re told there’s no limit to our imagination. And it’s true that great storytellers, from Tolkien’s Middle-earth to the dystopia of Atwood’s Republic of Gilead, can create entire worlds. But there are things and places we can’t dream up. Like the gaps in our understanding of the universe. That’s why we have faith. When our imagination hits its limits, belief takes over, leading us to new and deeper experiences. Following this weekend’s powerful Full Moon, follow your heart this week. It will guide you to a rewarding experience.

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‘You can’t always get what you want. But if you try some time, you just might find, you get what you need’. Wise words by two great philosophers of our time: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Yet, it’s not always easy to differentiate between desires and requirements. Sometimes, what you want is what you need. Sometimes it’s not. This week, with dynamic Mars moving into a new celestial home, the cosmos is guiding you to do the right thing. In your heart, you know what to do to feel a great deal of satisfaction. It’s time to be bold.

‘What does she see in him? What does he see in her?’ When the qualities of someone’s partner aren’t readily apparent, we indulge in gossipy questions. Yet it can be pertinent to ponder such things. We all see different qualities in people. And sometimes we struggle to go beyond our first impressions, and miss out on a more rounded appreciation of someone’s talents. This weekend’s Full Moon brought heightened awareness – and a chance to look again at a key person in your life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you see.

Ex-UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, famously said that he had ‘no reverse gear’. It sounded very impressive – a leader committed to driving the country forever forward. But when he doggedly pursued some controversial policies, his critics used the claim against him. The fact is, turning back is sometimes the wisest strategy. It’s not necessarily a retreat, but a rethink. Should you stay on the same road, or is it time to return to base and look for another path to happiness? Look into your heart and you’ll find the answer.

There are occasions in life when fast action is required. When your house is on fire, you get everyone out. In a medical emergency you dial for an ambulance and give first aid. Thankfully, though, those moments, when every second counts, are rare. At the moment you’re being pressured to take swift action over a matter of the heart. Well-meaning people are urging you to make a decision. Yet the cosmos has a better solution. You have plenty of time to think. And, as Mars enters your sign, the problem may well solve itself.

‘If I only had this, I’d be happy’. ‘When ‘this’ happens, ‘that’ won’t be a problem’. It’s one thing to defer gratification and another to make it entirely dependent on a specific accomplishment. This week, no matter what you’ve resolved to do (or change) in your emotional life, resolve that you’re going to feel okay, regardless of what you do or don’t manage to ‘get’. This weekend’s Full Moon marked a turning point. As long as you start as you mean to go on with the next phase of your journey towards deeper contentment – you’ll get there.

Apparently an ancient Egyptian pharaoh reported seeing ‘fiery disks’ floating across the sky around the year 1440BC. It’s probably the earliest recorded instance of someone witnessing a UFO. Although there have been many more apparent sightings since then, we still don’t have definitive evidence of alien visitations to Earth. Nevertheless, you’re about to have your own unexpected encounter. Don’t worry! I’m not suggesting an alien visitation! A moment of emotional enlightenment is in store. It will be out of this world.

You’ve been caught in a dramatic situation that could be a soap opera storyline. Oh, how you wish it was over. You’ve suffered enough stress and are desperate for more emotionally stable times. Happily, this week brings the beginning of the end of a period of turbulence. While there may be an unforeseen curtain-call or two, the conclusion is within sight. There are still a few wobbly moments to deal with, and things aren’t as stable as they will become. But, if you stay confident that progress is happening, you can worry less.

They say that ‘time and tide wait for no one’. Yet, we can always wait for the tide to turn in a favourable direction. Just because something seems unfeasible doesn’t mean that it will remain impossible. And, even when something’s in plentiful supply we can’t guarantee it will always be so. Although you’d like to be able to speed up a situation in your emotional life, a little more patience is called for. Meanwhile, the legacy of the Full Moon highlights a new possibility that deserves your attention. A seed planted in your past is starting to grow.

Something good’s coming your way. There was a time when you’d have rolled out the red carpet, and welcomed it with open arms. Yet we’re often suspicious of new opportunities – experience teaches us that nothing’s perfect, and we try to protect ourselves from disappointment. That’s why you’re constructing a roadblock and stationing metaphorical guards at the checkpoint, ready to interrogate this new force about its intentions. Happily there’s no need for that! An obstacle’s crumbling. Don’t try to rebuild it.

There’s a marvellous moment in the sitcom Father Ted when Ted teaches his child-like fellow priest, Dougal, a valuable life lesson. Ted holds up two toy cows. ‘These are small,’ he says, then looks out of the window, ‘but the ones out there are far away’. We laugh at Dougal’s bemusement – but sometimes we all have problems getting things into perspective. We can be so close to a molehill that it looks like a mountain. This weekend’s Full Moon helps you understand where your priorities lie and make an affirming decision.