Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing July 17th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday July 17th, to Friday July 23rd.

There’s a big difference between love and romance. It’s all very well being swept away by a knight on a white charger… but if that means years of mucking out stables and polishing armour, it could be less than ideal! Real love isn’t about grand gestures. It’s the small acts of care that make a difference to everyday life. We all sometimes dream about an external force coming along to transform our world. This week, as Venus enters Virgo and opposes Jupiter, little things will make the greatest impact.

If you’ve ever watched a TV advert for a financial service, you’ll have seen the legal disclaimer they always put at the end. A voiceover artist comes in speaking at 100mph to tell us that ‘terms and conditions apply’, ‘your investment can go down as well as up’ and other alarming statements which are barely decipherable. The cosmos is guiding you to look closely at the small print governing your emotional wellbeing. It’s worth taking the time to comply. You might find something that comes as a delightful surprise.

Love doesn’t always last forever. But some break-ups come as more of a surprise than others. Many of us have been shocked when a seemingly ‘perfect couple’ separates. But we should know there’s no such thing as perfect. Every relationship involves compromise. And rare are the partnerships that don’t encounter rocky moments. That’s not to say that challenges are insurmountable. If you feel doubtful this week, your ruler, Venus’ change of signs brings reassurance. An important relationship can blossom.

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‘Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again’. So said Nelson Mandela. And few people in history have fallen down so far, and then risen so high as the former South African leader. Like most people, you’ve been on a rollercoaster recently. The ups and downs have taken their toll. But, your resilience is far greater than you take credit for. As Venus changes signs it brings you more power and energy. It’s time to move onwards… in a positive, sustained way.

‘You treat this place like a hotel!’ It’s a phrase many parents find themselves saying when their children’s social life outstrips theirs, and the youngsters seem to pop in for a free meal and laundry service before heading out again. But, in these challenging times, when we’ve had to regulate our social lives, the idea of a home resembling a hotel is more appealing. As Venus, the planet of pleasure, changes signs, it enables a relationship to develop with someone you thought you knew like the back of your hand.

Was the term ‘the lion’s share’ created for you? I hope so! When it comes to everything from secret admiring glances to the beam of the limelight, people born under your sign get more positive attention than the rest of us. Recently, you’ve been concerned about being under observation for a less welcome reason. But, as the Sun moves into your sign this week, it burns off negativity and allows you to get back to your playful best. Get ready to be basking in the warmth of the justified approval and appreciation you deserve.

You don’t always get what you deserve. You warrant every scrap of happiness and contentment that the cosmos can rustle up. But that doesn’t always mean it happens; particularly when an emotional situation is causing friction. What’s the best way to respond? By showering others with all the kindness you have in your heart – which is a lot! As Venus moves into your sign, it maximises the powers of nurturing and healing. Soon, all tensions will melt away, and your relationships will be sources of delight.

Millions of books have been sold on the basis that they contain the secret to the perfect relationship. Just follow these steps, the authors promise, and you’ll find lasting love/impress your boss/make friends and influence people. Except of course, when it comes to relationships, there are no hard and fast rules. Well, maybe just one: be kind. This week, as Venus, your ruler, changes signs, being playful and spontaneous will reap dividends with the people closest to you. If you invest your time, you’ll reap emotional rewards.

Any enjoyably corny detective series usually has the lead cop experiencing a light bulb moment. ‘How could I be so stupid?’ they say. ‘The clues were in front of me all along!’ Then they rush out to arrest the baddie while their sidekick’s left scratching their head. Right now, you’re facing an emotional conundrum. It looks like a puzzle with no solution. But just like our hero, you have all you need to crack the case. The Full Moon grants you the clarity to see what you’ve been missing – and what you need to do.

While some people freeze in the face of the unexpected, Sagittarians thrive. You have a talent for thinking on your feet and adapting to sudden changes of circumstance. That’s why many look to you to take the lead when things go awry. So, just because you might receive a curveball or two this week, do you need to change tack, hunker down and plan multiple strategies to cope with what might come your way? No! Venus is changing signs. If you go where your heart takes you, you’ll prosper – and have fun!

Someone whose throat’s parched doesn’t need a drinks menu. They’re not interested in which glass is used, or the choice between still or sparkling. They just need cool, clear water… and quickly. You’re embroiled in a debate that appears to be going round in circles and missing the crucial point. This leaves you with a choice – to keep arguing your corner, or to extricate yourself and do what has to be done. As long as you act openly and fairly, a positive cosmic climate enables you to find a sociable way to proceed.

The comedy film The Invention Of Lying, is about a world where people only tell the truth. Its star, Ricky Gervais, is the first human with the ability to lie. What sort of world would that be? A paradise of honesty and sincerity? Not necessarily. People tell untruths for all sorts of reasons: to save face, to save another’s feelings, to ensure a surprise isn’t spoiled. You’ve hidden an important truth because you’re afraid of other folk’s reactions. This week, if you’re straightforward and honest, you’ll receive a heart-lifting response.

I remember learning about potential energy in science lessons at school. When an archer strains to pull back his bow, it looks like a waste of effort – until he lets fly with the arrow. And any winter sports fans know that you need to get to the top of the peak before you can enjoy the rush of skiing back down. You’ve been making an effort in a relationship recently, and other people are questioning your reasons. But as Venus changes signs, it indicates that your emotional investment will soon pay big, visible dividends.