Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing July 10th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday July 10th, to Friday July 17th.

When I got married, some of my friends couldn’t understand why we wanted such a formal ceremony. But, as we stood before them, there was a sense of ritual that went beyond time and space. The act of coming together to acknowledge unification, and to champion hope affects us on a deep level. This weekend’s New Moon celebrates families and tradition. And, as Venus and Mars converge later this week, they bring reasons to celebrate love. Being conventional isn’t essential, but finding reasons to celebrate is!

If sorry is the hardest word, how come you have been saying it so frequently? No, don’t apologise for that too! You seem to think that you’re in need of forgiveness for a list of supposed transgressions. But you’re giving too much credence to your critics – and, one person in particular should be feeling ashamed of their emotional manipulations. The weekend’s New Moon nourishes your spirits. If you stay true to yourself, you’ll emerge with replenished levels of confidence. Remember, it’s good to be you!

Sometimes, your high levels of self-belief ebb away… and this makes you question your closest relationships. Is someone’s affection for you waning? Do they only care for you out of a sense of duty? No, on both counts! You’re charmingly unaware of the levels of respect, admiration and, yes, love, that you inspire. The weekend’s New Moon nurtures and intensifies those feelings. There are bumps in the emotional road ahead – but if you apply your legendary charisma, the cosmos will help you smooth the way forward.

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John Lennon imagined a world where there was ‘nothing to kill or die for’; where everyone lived in harmony. Are you a dreamer too? Do you think you’ll soon be ‘living in peace’ with your nearest and dearest? Or does this require too much imagination? You can sense trouble brewing… part of you is ready to put out a fire. But part of you is ready to throw petrol onto the flames. If you choose the latter route, don’t be surprised if you end up getting burned. A conciliatory approach will deliver long-term rewards.

‘We build the human heart, and lock it in its chest. And hope that what we’ve made can save us’. These words, by the poet Campbell McGrath, capture both the hope and fragility of love. Of course the human heart does more than provide a receptacle for our most precious emotions. It provides the beat that accompanies our life. At the moment, both of those functions are working together to drive forward an emotional process. Aided by the link sensual Venus forms with powerful Mars, your heart will be full this week.

We’re often told about a ‘must-see’ film, or a ‘must-read’ book. Of course, this is nothing but hyperbole – you don’t have to watch or read anything you don’t want to! But sometimes we apply the same rule to our lives; there are things that ‘must’ happen to ensure happiness. Yet this just heaps needless pressure onto our shoulders – and adds to the disappointment if the target’s missed. Before burdening yourself with any commitments, consider what (and who) you really care about. Then, you’ll really know what you need to do.

‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here. It’ll be better than before. Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone’. Fleetwood Mac’s song is such an earworm that it will probably be in your head all day! That’s no bad thing. Because you need to let go of a missed opportunity or a recent regret. Yesterday really has gone. But what of tomorrow? Well, this week’s alliance of Venus and Mars means heightened levels of sensuality. In matters of the heart, your future’s looking brighter than your past.

What brings you to your forecast? Are you in need of a large dose of ‘everything’s going to be okay’? Do you hope to bask in a future filled with sunshine and free from storm clouds? Sadly, I can’t promise that. But this weekend’s New Moon signals a turning point. Blue skies lie ahead. And while you can’t control the weather, you can prepare to make the most of the sunny days when they arrive. Now’s the time to cast off your emotional overcoat, and open your heart to the warmth and happiness coming your way.

Some young people are said to have wise heads on their shoulders. They seem mature beyond their years. Maybe their personal circumstances compelled them to grow up fast, and they’re able to understand and respond to challenging times with the sort of perspicacity we usually associate with the sage elders of the tribe. You’re facing an emotional challenge that requires both the wisdom of experience and the energy of youth. Luckily, the Venus/Mars link will invigorate your head and your heart this week.

Have you seen the sitcom ‘Chance In A Million’? It’s about a man called Tom Chance, whose entire life’s beset by extraordinary coincidences. He seems very stoic, even when he’s mistaken for a jewellery thief and reported dead by the local newspaper! His misadventures are always entertaining, but they make you wonder – do some people attract more luck than others? Do the fates pick on certain individuals and ignore the rest of us? This weekend’s New Moon makes you receptive to the better fortune coming your way.

What do you think when you hear the word ‘influencer’? These days, it probably brings to mind young social media stars, who suggest which brands their millions of followers might like to buy. It’s lucrative work! Yet the word dates back centuries; to at least the 1600s. And you’ve long been an influencer. Not to millions of online fans, but to the people around you. I’m telling you, because it’s easy for you to miss how important you are to so many. This week, you can have a particularly positive influence on one special person.

When you have a kid, older generations tell you to cherish every moment because they grow up so fast. Most parents don’t give this much thought: children seem such a permanent part of their lives that the idea of them flying the nest is almost impossible to imagine. And then one day, it happens – whoosh, they’re gone! So much of life seems permanent and fixed in stone. Yet so little of it is. Change is coming into your world this week. It might seem disconcerting at first, but it will deliver unforeseen happiness.

‘Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof’ sings Pharrell Williams in his monster hit ‘Happy’. I’m not sure everyone would be pleased with a room without a roof, particularly if it was a bedroom and it was raining! But the song does a great job of capturing the feeling of being on an untouchable high. Sometimes, though, happiness doesn’t come to us… we have to actively seek it out. This is such a moment for you. With sensuous Venus linking with powerful Mars, if you follow your heart it will lead you to a happier future.