Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing April 17th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, April 17th to Friday, April 23rd.

They say that ‘only fools rush in’. But they also say that ‘the early bird catches the worm’. So how early is too early? And isn’t it foolish to eat worms! Following its Minor Grand Trine configuration with assertive Mars and enthusiastic Jupiter, Mercury converges with the Sun before they both change signs this week. So, while it’s important to look before leaping, we shouldn’t risk missing opportunities by doubting our plans. It’s not ‘winner takes all’ now. But, in order to share the spoils, we have to join the action.

Q. How do you make a small fortune from gambling? A. Start with a large fortune! This old joke serves as a valuable warning. What sometimes starts out as a mild flutter can sometimes end in ruin and heartache. But without risk, surely there can be no reward? True, but the kind of risk worth taking isn’t a financial one; it’s an emotional one. As the Sun and Mercury move into a new sector of the sky, it’s your chance to gamble on showing the depth of your feelings. There’s a jackpot to be won, and it might just be your week!

The first rule of juggling is ‘don’t drop a ball’. That’s true for a stage act, where every ball has equal value. But the juggling we do in everyday life is different. Each item has a distinct value. When you’re mentally handling various competing elements, each demanding your time, you can safely drop the less important ones without fear. The secret, is to know which ones matter. As Mercury and the Sun move into your sign this week, you’ll get clarity to help you prioritise so that you can create time for some real fun and games.

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I recently saw a TV show about decluttering. When the contents of one couple’s house were laid out in a warehouse it covered an area bigger than a football pitch. The lesson learnt was how to distinguish between what we need and what we want. By identifying out-dated items, they quickly reduced their ‘baggage’ by half. Once we have clarity, everything else falls into place and priorities become clear. If what you want is getting in the way of what you need, this week brings a breakthrough, leaving space for excitement to fill.

When you’re one-to-one with someone, perhaps across a restaurant table, it’s easy to pick up on micro-signals; a raised eyebrow, the trace of a smile, an inviting tilt of the head. But with so much going on in your life you can easily miss someone trying to get a message to you. Perhaps they’re too subtle… or you’re just too busy. Either way, try this week to take time to notice someone who normally keeps in the background. Good things are in store and they can be even better once you’ve made this connection.

Gift shops are full of cushions, china mugs and other items with encouraging sayings on them. ‘You only live once’. ‘Every moment is precious’. ‘Live life to the full’. Yet we often let everyday happenings obscure those admirable sentiments. Clearly, no one can live life at 100 miles an hour all the time. But, equally, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t make the most of your time and use your natural gifts. Concentrate, this week, on getting your focus back; you won’t need a gift-shop memento to remind you.

Is your life too full of ‘could have beens’, ‘should have beens’ or ‘what-ifs’? Does it sometimes feel as if everyone else gets the good breaks and you miss out on more than your fair share? Someone can make all the difference and help you catch some of the missed chances, so that you win the emotional boosts that are your due this week. You know who that person is. Something you set aside or have been thinking about postponing needs to come to the fore. Sometimes plans need to be changed. Take the guidance that’s being offered.

Hollywood images of historical luxury might show a rich potentate being fed grapes by a slave. But is it really possible to enjoy that kind of luxury knowing that those serving you are living lives of oppression? Perhaps in those days, yes; but clearly not nowadays. You might not feel as if you’re living in opulence, but, compared to others, your lifestyle represents a pinnacle. Taking care not to flaunt current restrictions, there’s no reason why you can’t share your assets with someone who’s in need. There might even be romantic benefits.

With luck and careful planning, let’s hope travel is soon back on the agenda. But are you one of those people who turns up at the airport just before check-in, or arrives at the station as the train’s about to leave? After more than a year of restrictions try to enjoy the process of preparing for any of the events you used to take for granted. See them as an expression of freedom. As Mercury and the Sun move into your opposite sign, they bring a reminder that when everything we do becomes a pleasure it enhances our lives.

It’s time for the wise, thoughtful side of yourself to have a quiet word with your impetuous, fun-loving nature. That’s not to say that good times can’t be had. But the cosmos wants you to have the best chance of making the most of the upcoming opportunities. Of course there will be more chances in the future, but that’s no reason to let a good one slip past. As long as you take a moment to reflect before leaping into action, this will be a week to remember for all the right reasons. Your emotional life is due for a reboot.

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That wise observation is attributed to Einstein. So, to an outside observer, his fellow scientist, Edison, who tried more than 1,000 ways to produce an electric light filament, might have looked insane. Yet each of his trials was subtly different. And, after many failures, he eventually got the right result. Your current quest needs a subtle change of approach. You might need more than one or two attempts… but success awaits.

The say that ‘all is fair in love and war’. But why should love and romance ever be regarded as a battlefield? The best partnerships are always alliances… even if there’s sometimes tension within the relationship. A joyous emotional event this week sets the tone for some while to come. What really matters is that you, and the person you’re thinking about, have the same goal in mind. Once you’re satisfied that this is the case, the rest of the battle (or should we say, collaboration) starts to look very rewarding indeed.

The older I get the more I understand the term ‘University of Life’. Experience usually outweighs book learning. But without some formal lessons or reading, life-experience can take a long time to attain. There are no shortcuts to what you want to achieve. But you’re much closer to it than you think. It’s helpful to remember that other people are striving for their goals too; you might be as much a part of someone else’s thinking as they are yours. You should find, this week, that teamwork will be especially beneficial.

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