Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing April 17th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, April 24th to Friday, April 30th.

When certain planets enter certain signs, they make a big splash. So,when the celestial giant Jupiter makes a rare visit to its watery Piscean second home this month, we can’t expect to stay high, dry and unaffected. While some soul-searching is inevitable, this encourages the kind of sweet release found when we free ourselves from restrictive emotions. Meanwhile, May’s Supermoon Eclipse brings creative ideas and meaningful realisations that will inspire a journey out of difficulties and on to new adventures.

‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans’. John Lennon may have packed a huge amount of living into his 40 years; but even he knew how much day-to-day things can get in the way of progress. Do you feel as if you’re constantly being side-tracked, even thwarted, in your attempts to get on in life? Join the club! The Supermoon hints that several of your current aims will advance greatly – and quickly. Once in a while we all get a patch of clear water when we can sail ahead. This is one of those weeks.

You’ve done well to dig your heels in over an important issue. It’s crucial, if only for your own personal self-esteem, to make a stand sometimes. What’s the point of having standards unless you’re willing to defend them? Your tough stance has won some new admirers too. Now, as the Supermoon, in your opposite sign, opens up new possibilities, it’s time to show a more compliant side of your character. You aren’t the only one who has benefited from your previous restraint; but this week, it’s time for action and decisiveness.

Before DAB radio, we used to struggle to tune transistors with a dial. Halfway through a favourite show you’d pick up a broadcast from overseas. And sometimes, you could even pick up the local police radio. It’s hard to believe that we can now simply choose what we listen to just by pushing a pre-tuned button. If recent communications have been suffering from unwanted interference, the Supermoon should bring renewed clarity to what’s being said. Take advantage, and send clear signals that transmit your desires.

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Some couples get married, some don’t; some live in the same house, some choose to occupy different houses. There’s no one-size-fits-all for relationships. So why do we worry when we’re in one that doesn’t appear to conform? The key lies in our innate desire to be part of a community, with shared values and recognised ways of behaving. If you’re feeling an imbalance, it’s time to review things. Yet, what really matters is that each person gets support, care and attention from the other. Don’t worry unnecessarily.

Once you start a ball rolling, especially if it’s downhill, it can be almost impossible to stop. Some of your best ideas need instant action but not all of them need a swift response. Although your latest project might be inspired, it needs to be tested by people you trust. Those dear to you will offer the best suggestions and increase your chance of success. As much as it feels against your nature to show patience, don’t start this ball rolling yet. A small change could make a big of difference. And excellent advice is available.

‘We have all the time in the world, time enough for life to unfold’. Louis Armstrong had a way of making everything seem relaxed when he sang; if only we could all be like that! You’re not a naturally impatient type, but on one particular issue you’ve looked for fast progress when what’s needed is thoughtful advancement. You don’t have all the time in the world, but you do have more than you’re allowing yourself. Don’t pile on too much pressure. The Supermoon will help you see things in perspective. Timing is everything.

To err is human, to forgive is divine. A kindness that was shown to you when you made a mistake can be repaid very soon. Even if you’ve forgotten the original incident, this week, empowered by the Supermoon, the past can inform the present. Everything we do is connected. You might not feel it at the time, but this universal truth will underscore the essence of your responses to a tricky situation. Expect to feel a weight lifted from your shoulders; it will allow you to appreciate just how fortunate you are.

Does it sometimes feel as if you’re living in a soap opera, with highs and lows, happiness and disappointments, challenges and successes? Well, that’s life on this spinning ball of rock! And the best soap operas reflect just that. Admittedly it sometimes all gets a bit too much, but you have a little way to go before things start to quieten down. Following the Supermoon in your sign, you can expect excitement, romantic excess, even thrills this week. Hang on… and enjoy the ride. A moment of respite isn’t far away.

It takes courage to ask for help. And, it’s flattering when someone confides in you or asks for your advice. And, the transaction that follows can cement a valuable bond. The key, when someone seeks your views this week, is to be fair-minded and honest. What might seem trivial to you could be hugely significance to them. And your response will be noticed and appreciated. It might even encourage you to reach out and ask for the assistance you need. The Supermoon encourages reciprocal generosity of lasting benefit.

We all have ups and downs. The skill is to anticipate our emotional reactions to stresses and dramas. With the Supermoon heightening emotional responses, there’s a chance that you might be tempted to over-react to a relatively minor difficulty this week. If you’re prepared for this, you should be able to rein in any extremes of emotion, and prevent things spinning out of control unnecessarily. A renewed sense of perspective will enable you to get to the heart of a relationship issue, and establish a sense of real trust.

This forecast is supposed to focus on your romantic and emotional outlook. It does! But, as is so often the case, much depends on how well things are going in other areas of your life: work, family, social interactions. The good news is that some recent difficulties in those areas seem to be resolving in a pleasing way. Now is the time, while you’re experiencing a new level of contentment, to build on some of the relationships you’ve had little time for recently. Someone’s ready to be impressed; and it’s your turn to shine.

It’s time to stop dithering! You’ve been giving so much of yourself to others that you haven’t been able to prioritise what’s needed to be done in your own life. Now there are so many things to do that you don’t know where to start… and indecision is the result. You know what you want. You really do. And you know how to get it too. All that’s needed is a spark of courage to take that first step. Following the powerful Supermoon (which acts like a beacon of clarity) you’ll know what to do to set things in motion. And that will feel good.

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