Your love horoscope for the week commencing February 6th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, February 6th to Friday, February 12th.

There are times when we need to stand up for our values, protect what we love and let go of outmoded affectations. Meanwhile, the issues and people we really care about find ways to evolve and become more integrated into our lives. Retrograde Mercury continues to question past actions, whilst presenting creative solutions to any persistent problems. It’s time to embrace an exciting new path. Under the Aquarian New Moon, we stand to gain much more than what we fear we might lose.

‘You’ve got to ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive, e-lim-in-ate the negative’. What could be simpler than the advice from the classic song? Even though it’s hard to be positive when you’re feeling vulnerable, that’s exactly what you need to do this week. You don’t usually have to think too hard about maintaining a good mood; normally, your active lifestyle helps. But after all this time of social restriction, even you need to work at reframing your outlook. When you focus on your strengths the positives will show up.

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On TV, multiple camera angles give a whole picture. But we humans are limited to just one point of view. To get the entire story we have to use different means, and sometimes we have to ask for help. You may be experiencing confusion in your emotional life; but your reaction would be different if you could see the situation in greater context. Although the passage of time will help you see things differently, so will someone close and trustworthy who has wise words to offer. You only have to ask.

When Mercury is retrograde, communications can become fraught. And when the planet of communication is your ruling planet, the stress can be magnified. It’s as if you’re on a train leaving a station, and a significant other is on another train pulling out in the same direction, but a few moments later. Though you’re both moving forwards, an optical illusion makes it look as if they’re going in the opposite direction. Yet they’ll catch up soon, and you’ll end up on the same platform again. Be patient this week.

Ever noticed how some smaller items on your ‘to do’ list cease to be necessary by the time you get to them? They solve themselves, or circumstances change and they cease to be your problem. This week brings a cosmic gift: a chance to ignore one or two ‘urgent’ things and focus on more pleasing items that rarely get your attention. Those big tasks won’t disappear completely, but the passage of time will make them less of a problem. The New Moon shines light on a novel opportunity.

Even though Mercury is retrograde, there’s one message that won’t be misunderstood this week; it’s a message from your heart. While the planet of communication continues its backward motion, it’s easy to be perplexed by misleading signals. Yet, with a New Moon in your opposite sign, the promise of new horizons is strong. It’s what you feel in the depths of your soul that matters. Are you ready for an exciting new chapter to unfold? Here comes a chance to embrace the future… wholeheartedly.

This isn’t the first time you’ve been beset by indecision. Yet although there are difficult choices to make, they’re not impossible. While Mercury is retrograde, it’s normal for misunderstandings to be heightened; and it’s not always the best time for big decisions. Could you find a pleasant distraction, or even do a job you’ve been putting off; anything that will stall things… and focus on that? You can live with uncertainty when you know that clarity is coming. You might even enjoy it!

The TV series, Only Fools And Horses, is full of iconic sitcom moments. I just watched the episode when Trigger received an award for saving the council money. He’d used the same broom for 20 years, during which it had 17 new heads and 14 new handles. Can it be the same broom? It’s an update of an ancient philosophical question. Are our relationships so different? Things get renewed or patched up, yet the initial spark remains. This week, you rediscover what makes a key relationship tick.

The musical West Side Story retells the tale of Romeo and Juliet. Two lovers come from warring gangs or rival families. There’s a naive purity to the relationship between the lovers; it’s only when outside forces intrude that the relationship gets messy. You’re in a situation that’s being heavily influenced by outside factors. Meanwhile, what really counts, is what you think and feel. Sometimes, you need to tell people to stand back in order to find perspective. The New Moon week is such a time.

‘Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread’. ‘I’m just a fool for your love’. ‘Am I fool number one or am I fool number two?’ With unerring skill the best songwriters get to the heart of the issue in just a line or two. But why can falling for someone make a fool of us? Perhaps because when the moment comes, our defences are down, and the reality of who we are can be seen, in all our vulnerability. It’s a risky business. The New Moon emboldens you to share heartfelt feelings and deepen a relationship.

Forget for a moment about the lockdown; imagine you’re driving from London to Liverpool, or from Sydney to Canberra; but you take a wrong turn and find yourself on the road to Bristol or Bathurst instead. Do you keep going or change your route? It’s a no-brainer, surely! So why do we allow ourselves to keep doing the same things in our private lives when it’s clear that corrective action is needed? The New Moon shines a light on where changes need to be made; it offers new ways forward too.

Now the New Year is well underway, how about making a resolution? ‘But it’s February,’ I hear you say. True. But it’s not the month that matters; it’s the New Moon in your sign, together with a plethora of cosmic help, that makes this the ideal time to commit to something big – with more chance of success than if you’d made your resolution at the start of the year. We’re not talking about small stuff either. In your heart, you know what’s needed. That lifestyle change you need to make. Yes, that.

Albert Einstein, Rihanna, Daniel Craig, Justin Bieber, Rebel Wilson. Pisceans come in many varieties; but which one do you most relate to? It’s a bogus question, because you’re not facing a test to see if you’re a genius or a giant of the entertainment industry! This week, all that matters is that your abundance of emotional intelligence is working at its best. It might be your own personal situation, or a friend who requires your skills. The recognition you receive will be most rewarding.

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