Your love horoscope for the week commencing 13th February 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, February 13th to Friday, February 19th.

Love has a habit of doing away with reason and blowing things out of all proportion. This Valentine’s weekend, the cosmos brings insight that helps us see that, with some careful emotional pruning, we can foster new shoots of potential in our relationships. Meanwhile, the alignment of Saturn and Uranus encourages us to cut free from the confines that have kept our hopes from being realised. As issues that hold us back are revealed, we’ll find new ways to express our heartfelt desires.

As a feisty Aries, it’s natural to want to do things in your own style, especially when it comes to relationships. Why should you conform to the norm? Why not just say: ‘I’m doing my own thing in my way’? Although that might bring a degree of success, you’re wise enough to know that all long-term relationships depend on give and take. It might not feel like the natural way for you to respond to events this Valentine’s week, but there’s much to be gained by going along with other people’s ideas.

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The ancients have a lot to answer for! So many people have the wrong idea about you – and it’s often to do with the symbol that represents your sign; it reflects a resolute part of your personality, but it doesn’t illustrate the sensitive and fair-minded traits that define you. The powerful Saturn and Uranus link not only enables you to right an injustice this Valentine’s week, but it also lets you reveal your sensitive, passionate side – with devastating effect. If you want to make an impact… you can!

When looking at your astrological picture, I’m reminded of the famous TV detective Columbo. Just when it looked as if his investigations had hit a dead end and it was time to leave, he’d turn around and say, ‘Just one more thing’. Viewers knew what that meant; he’d solved the mystery and his final penetrating question would unlock the case. Saturn and Uranus encourage innovative insight into an ongoing mystery this Valentine’s week. It might be last minute, but you’ll find the solution.

There isn’t a Valentine’s card in the world that can sum up your feelings for one special person. So… maybe you don’t need to buy a Valentine’s card! They’re often ambiguous; and traditionally they’re sent anonymously anyway… and even if you’re sensing your natural vulnerability more than usual, this is no time to be coy. This week’s powerful Saturn/Uranus link suggests that your message will be received loud and clear. It’s time to be bold. Your courage will be appreciated and rewarded.

No matter how close you feel to someone, you can’t live their life for them. With regards to the current difficulty facing someone dear to you, the best you can do is to let them make their own mistakes. That might seem harsh; but it would be futile to intervene. They’re determined. The test is to give your advice, then back off, but make it clear that you’ll be there for them, without judgment, if things don’t work out. The reward for standing back will make Valentine’s week surprisingly special.

A situation (or relationship) has disappeared from your life; it was so long ago that you’ve probably forgotten the exact circumstances. But, as Saturn and Uranus link this Valentine’s week, there’s every chance that an aspect from this important part of your past will resurface – and bring an unexpected treat. As long as you’re open-minded enough not to jump to conclusions, and receptive to serendipitous events, this could be a pivotal moment that you’ll cherish long into the future.

‘It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up’. You might not have much in common with the players of American Football, but the advice of legendary coach Vince Lombardi is all you need to bear in mind this Valentine’s week. Even if you can’t see why, there’s a reason something hasn’t quite worked out. But it would be a big mistake to let a small setback put you on the ‘floor’. If you’re prepared to learn, you’ll reap an emotional reward that brings surprising satisfaction.

You have to go back as far as the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle to find the source of the saying: ‘Everything happens for a reason’. In a constantly changing universe everything happening to you has a purpose because it helps fashion you into the person you’re becoming. It’s a philosophy that helps make sense of recent setbacks. Yet, although the road has been bumpy, the route ahead looks as if it is levelling out; it starts with a welcome emotional boost this Valentine’s week.

The world is often divided into optimists and pessimists; those who think a glass containing 50 per cent of water is ‘half full’ and those who think the same glass is ‘half empty’. Being the supreme optimist of the zodiac, if there’s even a tiny spot of dampness in the glass, to you, it still overflows with possibility. So why have you let a small bit of criticism bite you so hard that it has dented your spirit? A kind word from a friendly face is all you need to get you back on track for a great Valentine’s week.

In one key area, circumstances are obliging you to make a decision. It’s an easy choice that has been made harder by negative comments from someone who should know better. It’s time to disregard them and get back on track; to follow your heart and embrace an opportunity. As your ruler, Saturn, links with Uranus this Valentine’s week, you can expect excitement (of the good kind) and a move into new emotional territory. You’ll soon be wondering why you took so long to decide!

‘Just gimme some kind of sign’. That’s all Brenton Wood was asking for in his 1960s hit. This happens to us all: we think we know exactly where we stand when it comes to emotions and relationships, but we’d like a confirming sign to be sure. This week brings a clear signal from the cosmos; it’s a sign of innovation and excitement as both your ‘ancient’ ruler, Saturn, and your ‘modern’ ruler, Uranus, link in the sky. The electrifying spark they create brings a chance to reinvigorate your life in a thrilling way.

‘To everything, turn, turn, turn. There is a season, turn, turn, turn. And a time to every purpose Under heaven’. Unlike Christmas, which usually tends to go on for weeks, the Valentine ‘season’ is a relatively short event. Those classic lyrics encapsulate the importance of catching the right moment. As Saturn and Uranus link, they create a sense of excitement that can easily be tuned to matters of the heart. How can you turn the excellent cosmic climate to your advantage? Just make your intentions clear.

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