Your June horoscopes are here

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ARIES (21 March – 19 April)

The full Moon on June 17 highlights your travel zone. You will inject a hearty dose of fresh perspective by getting out of town. Explore your state or consider planning a trip overseas. Learn about a foreign country you have always wanted to visit or watch a documentary on your fave destination. Neptune reverses through your sphere of rejuvenation towards the end of June. Your soul is crying out for some spiritual nourishment. If you practice yoga or meditation now is an ideal time to deepen and explore your practice further. If yoga is not your thing, seek another metaphysical subject that intrigues you. Some Rams find comfort in religion or prayer. Mercury blossoms in your love zone, aiming to bring a better balance between give and take. Singles find warmth and connection with someone new. This month, your feelings are massively influenced by your thoughts.

TAURUS (20 April – 20 May)

The new Moon on June 3 shines in your cash zone, making money matters your primary focus. Pay off upcoming bills or expensive purchases you have on credit or lay-by. Money issues may create tension in romantic relationships, but remember a shallow wallet is second priority to a warm heart. The Sun burns bright in your education sector this month. Learning new talents, skills, or knowledge creates pathways in your brain which keep you mentally sharp and astute. Invest in your mental health by tackling a crossword or puzzle on a regular basis. Challenge yourself to read more often and discover stimulating new authors. Jupiter clashes with naughty Neptune creating some ripples amongst your crew. Avoid borrowing or lending money to friends as it is likely to end in regret. Remain supportive but think of an alternative solution to help a friend out of a bind without opening your own purse.

GEMINI (21 May – 20 June)

June’s new Moon drifts into your sign bringing with it a fresh start. Ask yourself which aspect of your life needs reboot and then follow through by bravely stepping out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to expand your aspirations to fit your impressive capabilities. Geminis are in for a special treat this month when Venus enters the sign of the Twins. This is especially true for those born in the last 2 weeks of May. Beautify your body with a spa treatment, facial rejuvenation or massage. Enhance your personal style by adding a gorgeous new item to your wardrobe. Jupiter’s dance with Uranus encourages you to be realistic about your romantic expectations. There is gold to be found in your existing or future relationship if you can avoid making comparisons with past experiences. Be careful not to miss the positives by comparing apples with oranges.

CANCER (21 June – 22 July)

Happy Birthday Cancer! The Sun glides into your sign on June 22 providing a recharge. You will feel lit from within. Mark your solar return properly by celebrating with a bang! The intention you set now is vital to what will be carried out over the next 12 months. Mercury skips into your sign on June 5 bringing you a boost of confidence. Take control. Apply for a new job or pursue any entrepreneurial ideas you have been toying with. You can have your doubts, but trust that the right information will be known at the most opportune time. If something important has been bothering you, speak now and get it off your chest. The full Moon on June 17 lights up health issues. Get moving and get your sweat on. Experiment with a few different exercise styles until you find your niche. It does not have to be excessive, just find what works for you. This will maintain your motivation, which matters most.

LEO (23 July – 22 August)

The new Moon on June 3 guides you towards supportive friends, especially within your workplace. A valuable networking connection can help you progress up the ladder of success. Host a dinner party or drinks to catch up with old friends who love and know you best. Jupiter’s tango with Uranus stirs up an intriguing romantic prospect. Singles should adopt an approach that is radically different from their norm. You may attract someone that is not your usual type at first glance, but a second look reveals that you share common ground and most importantly, aligned values. For Lions already in a relationship, it’s time to amp up the romance. Use the element of surprise by planning something wild and unexpected for a date night with your sweetheart. The Sun’s shift into a new zodiac sign on June 22 asks you to reflect on how far you have actually come. Appreciate all your accomplishments to date. Next month will be your season Leo but for now be patient, stop and smell the roses.

VIRGO (23 August – 22 September)

The new Moon meets Venus in your professional sphere early in the month. Add a fresh approach to an old routine to discover a more efficient way to tackle an important project. Express any concerns over a work-related problem to your boss or discuss with a trusted co-worker. Conflict can be avoided as a mutually beneficial solution is close at hand. The full Moon on June 17 brings family responsibilities to light when you are asked to step up and assist a parent, child or someone close in their time of need. Taking on the role of matriarch can be challenging, but you will be a warm supportive presence for this person as you help them make a big decision. Venus faces off with Neptune encouraging you to seek a remedy for a flagging relationship. An overseas, interstate, or out of town escape with your sweetheart inspires reconnection. Communicate with each other and remember that your partner is not a mind-reader.

LIBRA (23 September – 22 October)

The Sun fires up your ambitions, setting a courageous tone in your career for the next month. A new job may be on the horizon or you might expand your influence in your current profession. Grab the bull by the horns and boldly go for what you want in your profession whether that be a pay rise, promotion, or a chance to prove your worth. Playful Mercury introduces you to a new crew. This group may be younger or have a fresh vibe that stimulates and captivates you. You will feel more social than usual, so kick up your heels and enjoy the party. Chiron, the healing asteroid, allows you to repair a rift, especially if there has been a confrontation where hurtful words were spoken. Singles should remember a valuable lesson from looking back at past loves and mistakes. There’s no need to revisit old ground if you have learnt what the experience was meant to teach you.

SCORPIO (23 October – 21 November)

The new Moon in your financial zone on June 3 brings an opportunity to grow your wealth. Expect news regarding your income, a financial consultant, or an offer to collaborate. When Venus joins the party in the same zone, you will have a choice to make. Base your decision upon pure fact, removing emotion out of the equation. Neptune reverses through your love zone putting a spanner in the love works. Plans with your sweetheart may hit a snag or be temporarily delayed and need to take a rain-check. Beware that someone who elevated your hopes may turn out to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Pay attention to their actions, not their words. An epiphany concerning your life direction hits you like a ton of bricks. Execute goals one step at a time over the course of a 5-year plan. Towards month’s end, you will feel more confident about a work project. Run with it. You will soon receive recognition for a job well done.

SAGITTARIUS (22 November – 21 December)

The new and full Moons on June 3 and 17 ask you to reflect on what you are bringing to the love table. Which relationship issues are getting under your skin? Examine yourself; often the qualities we reject in ourselves are mirrored back to us in our partner. Jupiter’s kiss with Uranus focuses on overall wellbeing. Decide which areas you would like to improve such as diet, fitness, or mental health. If your diet is lacking nutrition, try adding a whole food supplement. If you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, meditation, yoga or power walking amongst tall trees is helpful. Practice self-care in June. Neptune backtracks in your real estate sphere delaying proceedings. A home project may take longer to complete than originally anticipated. Make sure you have all the facts before signing a contract and get at least 3 different quotes before committing. Try not to stress over a family misunderstanding. You are coming from a good place and that’s all that matters.

CAPRICORN (22 December – 19 January)

Mars aligns with the Moon’s Node in your relationship zone promising a passionate encounter. Singles are likely to experience a sudden interaction with an attractive and intriguing stranger; sparks could burn if you decide to light the fuse. Taken Goats discover sentimental issues are resurfacing from the past, it may be time to decide to do something about it once and for all. The full Moon on June 17 demands you take a break. Even the most ambitious goat needs a respite to realise what’s truly important to them. Don’t sacrifice your sanity to meet a deadline as it’s just not worth it. Trust that while you may not win first prize, you will reach the finish line eventually and that’s enough for now. Venus sails into your health zone adding a spring to your step, so don’t be surprised if a friend comments on your glow. Smash fitness goals through consistent effort, motivation will be easier to maintain this month.

AQUARIUS (20 January – 18 February)

The new Moon on June 3 manifests a future twin-flame love connection for singles. In the meantime, looking towards greener pastures in your social set connects you with someone special that shares your sense of humour and an important common interest. Taken Aquarians find communication to be the biggest turn on of all. Share your deepest thoughts and fantasies. Discover something different, exciting and sexy about each other. Jupiter’s alliance with independent Uranus gives you the nerve to limit or cut off a connection that has become stagnant or unhealthy. Break free of restrictive influences; this could also include family members. Elevate your vibe through those you do admire. Neptune reverses through your money zone increasing the possibility of financial obstacles. When it comes to building wealth, it may feel like you are taking two steps forward and one step back. Avoid get rich quick schemes and chin up, as better opportunities are just around the corner.

PISCES (19 February – 20 March)

The new Moon on June 3 shines on a new chapter in your family life. Spruce up your home decorating, renovating, or by adding a piece of eclectic furniture. Adding a bit of character to your abode will work wonders for your family’s mojo and for the general vibe of the house. Expect some news about a parent, particularly your mother and be ready to assist if needed. Neptune travels backwards through your sign, making you more introspective than usual. Address any health concerns and be sure not to sweep anything under the carpet. Chances are any niggles are nothing to be concerned about but getting on top of things now will be of great benefit later. The full Moon illuminates on your career prospects providing an opportunity to climb the corporate ladder. Concerned and tempted to wait until next time when you are more qualified? No! Go for this opportunity and put yourself up for the task. If you fail, you will only grow, improve, and learn for next time.