Your 2020 wellness horoscope is here

It’s an intense year, but there’s a lot to love about the astrology of the year ahead, says our astrologer Yasmin Boland. Here, she shares her predictions for the next 12 months…

This is a year to make sure that you work hard – because you have amazing stars.

However, in terms of your wellness, it’s also crucial that you don’t work too hard, which may seem difficult to manage, but not impossible.

Some of the most powerful astrological energies are gathered in your career zone in 2020, so you can make massive strides forwards professionally. But you’ll be no use to anyone if you burn out, so you need to find a balance between all you can achieve and your good health.

The most important thing you can do to look after yourself in 2020 is think about your diet – you may not realise it, but you are, in fact, very gifted when it comes to creating a healthy diet and exercise regimen for yourself. Explore alternative complementary treatments that keep you healthy rather than waiting until you’re totally run-down. If you haven’t already done so, think about upping the organic and minimising the processed content in your daily diet.

Try this in 2020: Inspiring Jupiter is being triggered in your meditation zone, so if you’ve never meditated, make 2020 the year you learn. It’s proven to calm the mind, and your mind could well need calming this year, thanks to the aforementioned pressures in your career zone.

Make a wish: on January 25, after 7.41am.

You’re now a couple of years into one of the most exciting – yet exhausting periods you’ll experience in your lifetime.

This is because you have the planet of electricity, liberation and awakenings, Uranus, in your sign. It’s the planet of shocks and surprises, too, so you’re living with your nervous system stretched.

There’s no escaping this energy, so you have to learn how to deal with it.

One of the best things you can do for yourself between now and 2026 (when Uranus leaves your sign), is good old-fashioned grounding. There’s increasing evidence to support the idea that simply taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the earth creates amazing energetic shifts in your body. With the crazy Uranian energy in your chart, grounding can counterbalance it. If you want to really go all out, doing something like tai chi barefoot in your garden, local park, beach or any other non-concrete type place will work wonders.

Try this in 2020: They say that travel broadens the mind, but it’ll do more for you than just that. If you can get away to somewhere exotic in 2020, it’ll release some of the pressure in your chart and for some, it could even be life-changing in amazing ways. Get away from now to March 22 and July 2 to December 17.

Make a wish: on February 24, after 1.31am.

June, November and December bring an array of powerful eclipses that are going to impact your chart and, therefore, your life.

For this reason alone, you can expect 2020 to be a stand-out and memorable year – hopefully for all the right reasons.

Eclipses used to be feared in ancient times, but now most modern astrologers see them as an opportunity to change your life. So your job now is to think about what changes would increase your wellbeing and bring you peace.

There’s no getting around the fact that eclipses are intense, and to have them so strongly in your chart means you could often feel a little like you’re in a washing machine during 2020. The main thing to consider is your mindset – the more you’re rigid in your thinking, the harder the year will be, but the more open you are to life going in unexpected directions, the better the year can be.

Try this in 2020: A fantastic therapy to get you through the year is ‘tapping’. It involves tapping meridian points and is amazing for helping process your feelings when life gets wild. This is a year when you can change your life, so you just need to get the right level of self-care in place to help you sail through it, or at least deal with issues as they come up.

Embrace change!

Make a wish: on March 24, after 7.28pm.

There’s great news for you and your overall wellbeing as 2020 dawns. After what can only be described as a gnarly few years – thanks to the presence of heavyweight planets Saturn and Pluto in a sensitive part of your chart – relief is finally here. It comes in the form of Jupiter with the message that if you want to be happy and well in 2020, your job is to think about what’s good in your life, rather than focusing on what is difficult.

Now that you’re through the hardest part of your current life cycle (which started back in 2017), embrace this new sense of a burden being lifted.

There are also eclipses in your sign and your love zone this year, so even though 2020 is going to be a little easier overall, there’s still a lot of frenetic energy in your chart and your life. If you have a meditation practice, keep it up. It will help you stay level even as the ground seems to be shifting under you. If you don’t meditate yet, now’s a good time to start.

Try this in 2020: One of the ways to boost your wellbeing and handle this year is to do more weights at the gym – it will make you more resilient, both mentally and physically.

Make a wish: on April 23, after 12.25pm.

If you can dedicate 2020 to your wellbeing, you’ll be doing yourself a great service. It will be a great many years before you have the supportive astrology you have in the year ahead, which is focused on the wellbeing zone of your astrology chart, so use 2020 to sort out your health regimens and routines.

In particular, think about your morning and evening rituals, and what you can do on a daily basis to feel better. This can be anything from more regular workouts to drinking more water to journaling – it really depends on what appeals to you.

Your most important relationships are going to be under a new pressure from the end of March to mid-December, so make sure you work extra hard to be the person you want to be in a relationship during that time. Also try accept that the people who make you feel most upset now are the ones with the most to teach you.

Try this in 2020: Detoxing. You have the detox planet Pluto in your health zone, so it’s highly recommended. See your GP or naturopath before you begin, and once you feel ready, go for it. Even if you can’t undo the past with a detox, you can have a much healthier present. Consider a month-long detox from alcohol, for example. January 1 -March 21 and July 2-December 16 are especially good times for this.

Make a wish: on May 23, after 3.38am.

The biggest enemy to your wellbeing in 2020 is the same as it’s been all your life – the fact that you don’t always let yourself have the time out and fun that you need and deserve.

Being a Virgo means you want to help other people, and that’s a wonderful thing, but your lesson for 2020 is that when you give yourself time off for good behaviour, you come back to real life refreshed and more able than ever to be a valuable friend, family member or colleague.

You’re the sign most likely to be hooked up with a soulmate in 2020, thanks to the ongoing presence of the soulmates planet Neptune in your love zone. That said, you’re also the most likely to get involved with someone untrustworthy. For the sake of your mental health, don’t be that Virgo!

Try this in 2020: Have fun. Make it one of your New Year’s resolutions, then plan and organise it, like the good Virgo you are. You need to give yourself this pressure valve, otherwise you risk running your health and wellbeing into the ground.

Make a wish: on June 21 after 4.41pm and July 21 after 3.32am (you get two in 2020!).

There’s good news for you in your personal life. If the past few years have taxed you mentally because of the intensity of some close relationships, that’s about to change.

Whether it’s been dramas in the lives of the people you live with, or family members being too demanding, this year, the pressure is mostly off. It may well be that someone who matters or mattered a lot to you sideswiped you with their unpredictable behaviour.

What you need to do is reframe; see their behaviour as their problem rather than yours.

The way they treated you is the way they treat everyone, eventually. And now you know how to handle it and have the tools you need to deflect the stress.

A simple way to boost your wellbeing in 2020 is to make your home your gym and mental-wellbeing sanctuary. That doesn’t mean you have to shell out thousands on equipment (though it wouldn’t hurt, if you can afford it!). Rather it’s about creating a space in your home where you can do some exercises, even if it’s simply following a home yoga program on YouTube, for example.

Try this in 2020: Create a sacred space with a meditation cushion in a corner of your home, and try a daily five-minute practice – it will do wonders for you.

Make a wish: on August 19, after 12.41pm.

The biggest challenge to your wellbeing in 2020 is the planet Uranus, which is beaming down crazy times on you. Your challenge for the year ahead is to harness this energy so it works for you.

One part of the puzzle here is adjusting your mindset. You’re a fixed sign and you’re not all that adept at managing continual change – unless you decide to be. So decide that it’s OK for life to be up and down now because you know the path you’re on is leading you to liberation from ties that bind (it really is!).

So much of how 2020 pans out for you depends on how mindful you are as the year unfolds.

A lot of the most intense astrological action in the year ahead is in your mind zone. In other words, your mind is going to be racing along with the rest of your life, which is why mindfulness is arguably the most important wellbeing technique for you this year.

Try this in 2020: If you’re serious about feeling good in the year ahead, consider doing these four things: 1) grounding, where your bare feet connect with the earth; 2) ditching coffee or cutting down drastically; 3) taking up a peaceful sport like yoga or tai chi to help you calm down; 4) learning a mindfulness practice to help you stay calm in the eye of any storm.

Make a wish: on September 17, after 9pm.

There could be some intense times in 2020 for you, as there are eclipses in your sign and your love zone. So if you want to feel good about life, then as well as eating right and keeping fit, you need to also work on your self-esteem.

As much as you’re a naturally happy-go lucky sign, chances are your sense of self-worth has taken a bit of a battering in recent years. Now it’s time for you to change things up – do what it takes to love yourself more.

One of the most important things for you to consider as the New Year dawns is ‘whose company am I keeping?’ Are you spending time with people who make you feel good about yourself, or with people who drag you down? We’re all responsible for our own wellbeing, at least up to a point. Eating well, not slouching, getting your body moving and so on goes a long way, but who you hang out with has an even bigger effect. Think about it!

Try this in 2020: Seek out a support group.

There’s always a lot of power in seeking out group support – in your case, seeking out fellow Sagittarians for a ‘Sadge self-help’ could be the answer. Counsel one another on how to navigate these times, reminding one another not to cling on to the past but rather to open up to the future.

Make a wish: on October 17, after 5.30am.

Of all the signs, you have arguably the most intense astrology in 2020. You also had into 2019 and before that, too, so if you feel like your life has been dragged through a hedge backwards these past few years, you have the planets to thank.

It’s hard to stay healthy and level-headed under these circumstances, but that has been your challenge. The good news is 2020 will be easier. The planet of hard work and tough times, Saturn, is finally moving out of your sign, after a stay that started back in 2017. So, you just have this last hurrah from the planet of demands and difficulties.

Learn, learn and learn more in 2020 and it will all have been more than worth it. Then you’ll have the happy and lucky planet Jupiter in your sign, lightening and brightening everything for you.

You may find it easier this year to stick to some healthy habits, so see if you can cut back on crutches like caffeine and sugar, and start some regular (but gentle) exercise like walking or yoga – your body will thank you.

Try this in 2020: Your best bet now, for good mental and physical wellbeing, is a regular gratitude practice, which Jupiter will help you with. At least once a week, stop and make a note of all the good in your life. It will help you deal with the demands on you, too, as well as attracting more good things.

Make a wish: on November 15, after 3.07pm

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)

As 2020 dawns, there’s so much going on in private for you. There are secrets you’re keeping and parts of you that you worry about revealing to the world. Here’s a tip: of all the signs, you’re the one who most needs to meditate and withdraw in 2020. You’re also the sign that stands to end 2020 feeling way better than you did starting it.

In some ways, we could recommend a spiritual practice and/or meditation to every sign because it calms even the busiest minds and has the additional benefit of making people feel more grateful.

But of all the signs, you’re the one who’ll benefit the most because you have so much you don’t want to talk about right now. Meditation will help you process what you don’t discuss.

Try this in 2020: Work through your fears. Working out what makes you scared is the single most important thing you can do for your wellbeing in 2020. Visiting a kinesiologist for muscle testing will help you understand the basis of your fears.

Once you do that, it will be infinitely easier for you to release them.

Make a wish: on December 15, after 2.16am.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

One thing we know for sure about us humans is without love and company, we wither like an unwatered plant and we die.

The past few years have been intense for you in terms of friendships and relationships. The people in your circles may not always have been the easiest to deal with, or perhaps they didn’t behave as you wanted them to and you kicked back and a rift developed. 2020 will go at least some of the way to healing any upset.

You should feel more optimistic about your ‘community’ and that will boost your feelings of wellbeing. Don’t be too hard on others and they won’t be too hard on you.

Make group activities your wellbeing go-to in 2020. Whether that means rocking up for anything from a spin class to going for a run or whatever else you like doing with your friends, just don’t be a loner.

Happiness for you this year comes with being with others.

Try this in 2020: Create a pre-sleep ritual.

Your mind is prone to being scatty or even fractured now, thanks to the mad planet Uranus in your mind zone. If you’re having trouble switching off at the end of the day, invest in a soothing sleep playlist to help you off to sleep.

Make a wish: on every new moon!


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