You can now take Yale’s world-famous happiness course online for free

Whether you’re ‘sparking joy’ the Marie Kondo-way or Hygge is more your thing, the writing is on the wall: most of us are looking for ways to be happier.

And now, you can actually take a course on the subject, thanks to Yale University, which has just made its world-famous happiness class available online for free.

You might have heard of it before, given it is the most popular course to ever be taught at the prestigious university in its 317-year history. When it debuted last year, more than 1200 students – nearly a quarter of the undergraduate student body – enrolled in the course, which was launched in response to high levels of student anxiety, depression and stress.

Essentially, the course, named ‘Psychology and the Good Life’, teaches participants how to be happier by giving practical advice, such as how to find the right career, how to find satisfying pursuits and how to cultivate happiness in the day-to-day.

Now, psychology professor Laurie Santos, who teaches the class, has created an extended version called ‘The Science of Wellbeing’, which has been filmed at her house and can be taken online by anyone for free.

With weekly classes featuring video lectures, complementary readings, quizzes and some homework, , it contains a varied curriculum, exploring topics such as misconceptions about happiness, why our expectations around happiness are so bad, how to overcome biases, activities proven to boost satisfaction and how to put strategies into practice.

But unlike other university courses, there are no entry requirements, nor compulsory texts and deadlines are flexible, allowing students to go at their own pace. In other words, it is more likely to relieve stress than add to it – phew!

The Science Of Well-Being is available for free on Coursera, which can be audited for free, or completed with certification for $49.