Yay! Your horoscope for the month of June is here

Resident astrologer Natasha Weber shares a monthly horoscope for every star sign, for June 2021. What have the stars written for you?

The first half of June spotlights your home, inspiring you to redecorate a neglected room with personal touches. Photos of special moments and people are a simple yet effective way of injecting positive vibes into your space. This month’s eclipse messes with communication, so be crystal clear in everything you say and write; that’s the key to getting an important message across. Reread emails before hitting the send button and do the same when texting. Single? How many online dating apps are you juggling? That’s fine, but make sure you don’t give the wrong message to the right person – and vice versa. Otherwise, you’ll land in hot water over a sexually suggestive faux pas. Jupiter’s retrograde in your rest zone begs you to slow down. Pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion is never wise, Aries. Especially when the cosmos demands you nurture your physical, mental and emotional health. Be proactive about your wellbeing, and it will pay off tenfold.

Venus encourages a healing conversation with your sweetheart, giving you the thumbs up to open up about what’s troubling you. Expect to hear great news about a female friend. The green-eyed monster makes a brief appearance but generally speaking, you’ll be cheering for your bestie. In fact, the happier you are for her, the more likely it is that you’ll attract the same luck. Money matters are on the up-and-up from June 23rd, thanks to Mercury’s forward flow in your financial sphere. Still, don’t expect good fortune to just land in your lap! You’ll have to come up with a clever plan and follow through with concrete action. Don’t be scared to try something new when it comes to your budget. Play around until you find the sweet spot between your incomings and outgoings. Until then, crunching numbers and balancing books is a brilliant way of putting Mercury’s retrograde to good use.

June marks the start of something big for you, Gemini, as the eclipse highlights your sign. Chances are when you look back at this month, you’ll see it as a major turning point in your life. I won’t lie, the eclipse vibe is discombobulating, but you can work it to your advantage too. How? Avoid sticking your head in the sand. If something in your life is screaming for change, address the issue – now! Running away from uncomfortable conversations isn’t a good idea. Confront problems head-on, rather than skirting around them. Trust your gut, go with the flow and take a leap of faith. Do this, and you’ll be a giant step closer to becoming the queen you’re destined to be. The Sun protects finances when it enters your money zone on June 21st. From that point on, make sure you’re not selling yourself short.

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Happy birthday, Cancer! June 21st kicks off a new chapter with a fresh, can-do vibe. During the first three weeks of June, think carefully about your goals for the upcoming year. Remember that your solar year is twelve months from your actual birthday and not measured by the calendar year. Practise a ritual to manifest your needs and wants. Don’t worry; you don’t have to dance naked under the full Moon (unless that works for you). Try ridding yourself of what’s not in your best interests by writing down what you want to eliminate and then burning that piece of paper. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you have the right intentions. By mid-month, Venus’ embrace with Pluto fires up your relationship zone, turning up passion with a touch of drama. A disagreement ruffles feathers, but it’s just because you care so damn much about each other.

A snaky woman isn’t all she pretends to be. On June 2nd, Venus slithers into your secrets sphere, warning you to be on guard for the next three weeks. There’s nothing to worry about because your spidey senses sniff out this imposter from the start. It’s how you handle the situation that’s important. Don’t give anything away – that includes your anger. Stay on top of your game by not letting her rattle you. And above all, don’t stoop to her level. June’s eclipse brings a valuable networking event that you should jump at! There’s every chance you’ll meet a new professional connection that can help you in some way. Put your best foot forward and say “yes!” if you’re offered a golden opportunity. Now isn’t the time to hesitate or allow lack of self-esteem to sabotage your rise to the top. June’s full Moon reminds you not to neglect the basics when it comes to your health.

New relationships, both romantic and platonic, hit a snag when Jupiter rewinds in your partnership sector. Try not to panic by throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Bide your time. Use the slower pace to catch your breath. Forging ahead at the speed of lightning gets you caught up in grand promises, and the danger is that you could miss the flaws. While it’s fine to indulge in all the feels, stay in touch with reality too. Your career prospects look good, thanks to Mercury’s influence in your professional sector. Delayed projects get the go-ahead, and an alliance you’ve been working on finally launches forward in the right direction. Mercury’s retrograde causes some communication confusion, so clear that up after June 23rd. This month’s full Moon recommends that you address a child’s concern sooner rather than later. Although it’s a small problem now, allowing it to fester isn’t a good idea.

The first half of June is a test of endurance. Saturn’s link with game-changing Uranus wants to see if you’ve got what it takes before handing you first prize. The truth is, you’ve got what it takes to smash your goals, but you also have to believe in yourself. Once you feel deserving – deep in your bones – that thing you want so desperately will be yours. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. Still, if you don’t back yourself, how can others be expected to buy what you’re selling? By June 21st, the Sun’s glow in your career sector gets you noticed by a VIP or powerful influencer. It’s time for your work to be recognised, Libra! La Luna brings a family matter to light, helping you create more togetherness and understanding. Also, there’s a lovely gathering to look forward to. During the celebrations, you’ll feel connected and accepted, which brings out your best.

A clash between Mars and Pluto pushes forward an important issue or big decision. Chances are, you’re contemplating furthering your education, improving your knowledge or broadening your skillset. Plagued with procrastination? This cosmic kick up the backside thrusts you in the right direction. Don’t overthink things. Just do! Mars encourages you to use what you learn when the action-orientated planet blasts into your professional zone on June 11th. Here’s your chance to show off your newly acquired skills, so don’t be shy. You’ll impress your peers, coworkers, and people in high places. Jupiter’s retrograde has you dancing around a tricky love conundrum. Do you tell the truth or not? That depends on whether a white lie is acceptable if it’s said to protect someone you care about. It’s totally your call.

June’s eclipse rocks your relationship zone by making you aware of something new or bringing fresh information to light. But don’t jump to negative conclusions! Although La Luna raises questions for those on shaky ground, the opposite could also be true for happy couples. Meaning that Archers contemplating commitment may decide to bite the bullet. Or, you finally realise that the person you’ve been dating for ages is actually your forever person. On June 21st, Jupiter’s backwards slide in your home zone attends to minor household repairs. Sure, it’s a tedious task, but once ticked off, you’ll feel a tremendous sense of relief. Expect fallen out family members to resurface this month. Here’s your chance to make amends, but it’s your call. Don’t be bullied into playing nice. Stand by what you know to be true in your heart of hearts.

June’s full Moon makes its annual visit to your sign, opening your eyes to a relationship reality. You can’t wish this one away, but when you look at things in the cold light of day, is it really that bad? You’re a grounded soul, Capricorn, so make your next move based on that. Act in alignment with your values, and all will be well. By mid-month, Saturn’s link with Uranus pulls your purse strings tight. This is where your economic prowess comes in handy as you deal with frugality better than most. Still, an innovative idea on how to generate income gives you more room to move. On June 23rd, Mercury abandon’s it’s retrograde in your health zone, building your physical reserves. Slowly but surely, you’ll gain more pep-in-your-step over the remaining week. This is the perfect time to amp up your fitness routine, green up your diet and drink more water. Basic yet vital self-care serves you best in the last half of June.

As if you haven’t been in the cosmic eye of the storm enough lately, both your planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus, make a colossal alignment on June 15th. How will this affect you? Well, you are the sign that rules change and dancing to the beat of your own drum, so expect these things to be tested. But the good news is that you have everything it takes to pass this test with flying colours. In fact, you’re capable of doing so well that this could be the turning point that steers you in a new and improved direction once and for all. This month’s full Moon facilitates a change from the inside out. You may decide to dress differently, cut your hair into a radical style, or become more empowered in a take-no-BS-kinda way! June is definitely a game-changer for you, Aquarius.

The two planets strongly aligned with your sign are turning retrograde. If ever the cosmos wanted you to tune inwards, it’s now. Spending time alone proves cathartic, as it brings an answer to the surface. Contemplate a question, problem or situation where you need guidance. And in a quiet moment, what you need to know will simply pop into your head! Make relaxation a top priority. This may mean giving yourself permission to sleep in, meditating those extra few minutes or curling up on the sofa to binge-watch your fave Netflix series. Just make sure you carve out enough time for self-care. Enjoy Jupiter and Neptune’s calm, regenerative vibe while you can because when it comes to your family, it’s all systems go! Mercury ends its retrograde in your home zone on June 23rd, kick-starting a delayed family project or celebration. This event promises to keep you on your toes with a few surprises along the way.