Where your dreams are telling you to book a holiday, according to a dream expert

While travel is still a risky business, maybe your dreams are trying to tell you it’s time to think about a change of scenery.

Let’s be honest, travelling in the age of COVID is kind of like a less-high-stakes game of Russian Roulette. Will you get on the plane or be stuck at home? Who knows!

Yet – maybe it’s time to just bite the bullet, be brave and book a flight (with travel insurance of course, people!). After all we’re in a very lucky position in Australia and it would be a damn shame to waste that.

But where to? If you’re finding it hard to decide, maybe you need to consider what your inner subconscious needs. After a year of very little change of scenery, it may just be hanging out for a new view.

We spoke with Dream Therapist Martina Kocian, about what our dreams are really trying to tell us. *opens booking.com*

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Pirates are rebellious, unruly and reckless and dreaming of them symbolises freedom and breaking the rules. It’s an encouraging push to assess where taking a risk or engaging in an adventure in waking life may lead you.

Exotic fruit

Dreaming of eating exotic fruit symbolises a need or desire for something new, different or unusual in your waking life. An urge to be more adventurous and expand your horizons.

  • Adelaide, South Australia: Venture to the beautiful McLaren Vale just outside the city for a taste of some of their ‘exotic fruit’ otherwise known as acclaimed wine. If you have time, you may consider a Kangaroo Island Cruise for a different view of the island during its regeneration after the bushfires.
  • West Coast, NZ: The West Coast is an untamed wilderness to explore. Take a hike through the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers, followed by a beer tasting at award winning Monteith’s brewery.

Hot air balloon

Dreaming of flying high up in a hot air balloon, looking down over the landscape, suggests a desire to rise above the mundane experiences of everyday life, to get away from the daily grind and detach from worldly responsibilities.

  • Canberra, ACT: See from a different perspective by going up in your very own hot air balloon (maybe with a glass of champagne, because why not?) Follow this experience with a long dinner at two-hatted Aubergine Restaurant for some modern Australian dining.
  • Milford Sound, NZ: The Milford Sound is the perfect place to escape to. See where plunging cliffs and ranging waterfalls meet the inky water with a different view – by cruising the sound. You can even stay within the World Heritage National Park at the Lakefront Lodge Te Anau.

Flying bird

Dreaming of observing a flying bird can signify a longing to travel or to take flight and see new pastures. With birds’ ability to take off at whim and escape the boundaries and limitations of life at ground level, flying birds in dreams represent a sense of freedom, liberation and rising above it all.

  • Great Barrier Reef, Queensland: Rise above it in a helicopter set to explore all the beauty and natural wonder of world’s largest coral reef system. Rest in the evenings at the Thala Beach Nature Reserve, an eco-friendly wildlife retreat just 15 minutes north of Port Douglas.
  • Christchurch/Canterbury, NZ: Get to the top of the world at Mt Cook, or fly above it in the Christchurch helicopter, followed by dinner at Fush. Named with humour for the Kiwi pronunciation of ‘fish’, be greeted at this restaurant with a warm welcome, learn a little of the Māori te reo language, and indulge in an array of seafood dishes.

A goldfish swimming in a bowl

Dreaming of a goldfish swimming in a bowl connotes a sense of boredom and repetition in waking life. An indicator that life may have become stagnant, bringing a significant call to break out of your routine, get creative and be more adventurous.

  • Melbourne, VIC: a hub of culture, dine in the city’s iconic Hardware Lane and explore the street art around Hosier Lane, grab a coffee in the heart of Fitzroy at Industry Beans and of course a croissant from Lune Croissanterie.
  • Wellington, NZ: a super cool capital, visit the interactive Te Papa Museum for a bit of knowledge and culture. You can also pop into Fix & Fogg, the makers of iconic peanut butter, followed by a few beveraginos at the snazzy Puffin wine bar.

Juggling and dropping a ball

An indication of taking on too many commitments in waking life. Dreaming of juggling but dropping a ball or object can be an indication of struggling to keep up or maintain momentum.

  • Esperance, WA: A beach and nature-lovers haven, unwind on Lucky Bay with the Kangaroos in Cape Le Grande National Park. Stay in one of the beautiful A-frame chalets at Esperance Chalet Village for a cosy cottage vibe.
  • Waiheke Island, NZ: Take your mind off the stress and embark on a culinary journey alongside Onetangi beach at Ki Māha. If you’re having trouble letting go, a ride on the EcoZip Waiheke flying fox ziplines should clear your mind.

Lost your voice/can’t scream, talk or shout

Losing your voice or being unable to scream, talk or shout in a dream represents a feeling of not being heard in waking life or, conversely, a sign of needing to listen more as your voice is muted.

  • Byron Bay, New South Wales: Step away from the chaos and go inwards at the Gaia Retreat & Spa south of Byron in the hinterland region. You could also venture into Byron for a late lunch at Raes on Wategos followed by some beach time and a sunset viewing as it’s one of the only places on the east coast where you can see the sun set over the water.
  • Otago, NZ: Get some gentle meditation in at the Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, surrounded by the towering Southern Alps and overlooking Lake Wakatipu. If you just need to scream and get it out, the Dart River Jet Boat should do the trick.


The rapidly moving hand or digits on a dream stopwatch can denote a sense of feeling pressured or working against the clock. A signifier that life has become too fast-paced with limited time to achieve what is required or expected of you.


Dreaming of being alone in the desert can signify a need or desire for solitude and connecting deeply beneath the seemingly isolated surface to explore your expansive inner world. An urgent call to get away and savour some much-needed me-time.

  • Cradle Mountain, Tasmania: Spend time with yourself as you trek along the iconic 6km Dove Lake track in Tassie’s central highlands region to reconnect, followed by a cosy night at the Pepper’s Cradle Mountain Lodge. If you keep an eye out you may even see a wombat in their natural habitat.
  • Taupo, NZ: Known for its lush landscape and geothermal wonders, reconnect with yourself at Huka Falls with more than 220,000 litres of water flowing per second. Follow this with a stay at the Treetops Lodge and Estate for the perfect solitude and escape.