What your star sign says about your health this October

Aries (21 March – 19 April)

The full moon in your sign means it’s time for you to leave the past behind. Yes, it’s October, but it’s not too late to move on or make a change. One thing you may not realise is that releasing an upset actually makes you better at manifesting — that’s got to be worth something. On October 27… you’ve got the power, but you need to stay calm.

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Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

The new moon is in your love zone this month, which makes it the ideal time for you to do something to add some oomph to an existing romance, or maybe even find a new lover! If you’re with someone and things have been a bit dreary lately, commit to adding some spice back in. On October 20… enjoy the high romance levels for the next few days.

Gemini (21 May – 20 June)

Use this month to introduce some new routines into your life — whether you add a new morning or evening routine or just get healthier. All the experts will tell you it’s the little things you do every day that make up your whole life, so practise some self-care. On October 13… you’ll feel strong and capable today. Better yet, other people are going to take you seriously.

Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

There’s a lot of pressure in your life now, but happily, the new moon this month in your fun zone promises some good times. It’s also a great time for a new beginning to do with a child, romance or creative project. Most of the month looks very good. On October 27… today sees a clash with Saturn in your love zone, so be careful with criticism and conflict.

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

If you want some changes in your personal life, you’re in luck this month thanks to the new moon in your home zone, which promises good things on the home and family front. If you want a fresh start for your personal life, then this is the new moon you’ve been waiting for. On October 13… cut through the red tape to be in the power position.

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

The full moon is across your two money zones, which is excellent news if you want to turn the corner when it comes to your finances. Leave behind bad money habits! This only happens once a year, so don’t waste the opportunity. On October 30… your planet Mercury meets the planet of love, Venus — get ready for romance.

Libra (23 September – 22 October)

It’s a turnaround month for you regarding your love life. The full moon on October 14 is in your love zone, so if you need to move on from past bad relationship juju, now’s your chance! You’ve come out of a period during which people were unpredictable, but that’s over. It’s time to get back on an even keel. On October 24… You’re in a powerful position today, both personally and professionally.

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November)

The new moon in your sign this month is great news for you. You can wipe the slate clean and start all over again — this is a rare opportunity not to be missed. The best thing you can do is take the time to make a list of your ambitions for the coming 12 months.

Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

This is the time for you to get back on the spiritual track if you have drifted off it. Whether you get back into meditation or chanting, or something else — get your ‘om’ on! With lucky Jupiter in your sign, it’s all too easy to neglect this very important side of your personality. On October 13… this could be a lucky.

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

Make some new-moon wishes on October 28. It’s the best time of 2019 to send your desires out into the universe. It’s super important that you can actually imagine your dreams coming true. It will spur you on to take action and make things happen. On October 20… this could be a very rewarding day for you regarding love or money — or both!

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

If you want to have a last-minute red-hot go at career success this year, now’s the time with the new moon in your career zone. Uranus is involved, too, so something unexpected and, hopefully, amazing could also happen now for you at work. On October 27… today could be exciting or a little bit out of control — take it in your stride.

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

The full moon this month straddles your two money zones, so it’s a good time for you to decide if you want things to be different moving forwards when it comes to cash. If you know you have deep-seated money issues, this is the time to work on healing them. On October 13… today could be a good day for a win at work.

Moon tip

October 14 brings the full moon in the sign of Aries — the first sign of the zodiac. So, if you want to start a new lunar practice and keep it up for a year, this is the ideal time to commit to it.