What the first new moon of the decade means for you

If you’re into astrology, you’ll be pumped that the first new moon of the decade has arrived.  

If horoscopes matter less to you, maybe not so much.

But whatever your stance on the stars, body+soul’s resident astrologist Natasha Weber believes this cosmic force has a great significance.

“A new moon occurs each month, marking the beginning of a brand-new lunar cycle,” she said.

“Launching projects, starting new relationships and kicking off new exercise regimes often produce successful results if begun during a new moon. This is because the energetic lunar climate is supportive of anything that, like the new moon, is starting from scratch.”

So a new moon is a positive force throughout the year. But the timing of this one means its effects are magnified.

“As the first new moon of the year in addition to a new decade, this new moon’s effects are increased two-fold,” Weber said.

“The cosmic support for anything new is more potent now as we have a doubling up of energy that’s all about fresh beginnings.”

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What is a new moon?

Logistically, a new moon is when the moon can’t be seen from the earth because it’s positioned between the earth and the sun. The sun is literally shining on the dark side of the moon.

As the moon becomes more visible and ‘grows’ it is in the waning phase until it reaches its peak as a full moon and then wanes or ‘shrinks’ back to nothing. And then the cycle starts all over again.

A new moon in Aquarius

When a new moon phase starts as the sun and moon are both traveling through the same zodiac sign, then the archetype of that sign is amplified.

This new moon is in Aquarius.

“It points towards the themes associated with the sign of Aquarius. Sustainable living, fighting for the underdog and increasing global consciousness are all part of this lunar picture,” Weber said.

“Pluto and Saturn’s connection to this new moon’s story invites us to make the necessary changes for the betterment of humanity.

“Yep, it’s a massive cosmic message!”