What the end of Mercury retrograde means for those pesky exes

We’re bidding adieu to the wishy-washiness of the Mercury retrograde in Pisces, and saying hello to a clearer state of mind as the planet enters ‘retroshade’ in Aquarius.

If you’ve been feeling a little lost over the past three weeks, odds are you’re not the only one.

In case you missed the memo, we’ve been dealing with the first Mercury retrograde of the new decade since February 16 – which usually leads to plenty of miscommunications, emotional confusion, missed appointments and worst of all, reappearing exes.

But if this particular period has been getting to you emotionally and mentally, fear not, because it’s nearly at its end. Mercury is coming out of retrograde on March nine, but we can’t be too complacent – because next up is ‘retroshade’, and it’s bringing along an extra serving of communication troubles.

Retroshade is the two to three-week period that follows every retrograde, which is also rather dramatically termed a “shadow phase”. Think about it like this: retrograde means the planet is spinning backward, and when it starts spinning forwards again, it has to retrace its retrograde path to get back on track.

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This means themes of this retrograde, such as hidden agendas and illusions, travel and technical disasters, emotional flux and a lack of focus – and yes, possibly those pesky ex partners – will be revisited until March 29.

That may sound scary, but it’s actually a great opportunity to address any issues (or people!) that may have popped up thanks to the retrograde – and to do so with a clearer mind, now that we’re away from the elusiveness of Mercury in Pisces.

Mercury will be rolling through Aquarius now, which means fresh perspectives, thinking outside the box, and looking to the future. It also means you’ll be able to look at issues a little more clearly, making more rational decisions with your head rather than your heart. Don’t fret if things don’t get sorted out immediately, because there’ll still be a bit of a lag as Mercury moves through retroshade to get back to its exact pre-retrograde position – so you may need to exercise some patience until March 29.

This retroshade will also be a great opportunity for re-evaluating relationships. If your ex pops up begging for a second chance, make sure to use that rational Aquarian influence to think clearly about your response (or lack thereof!). Be careful of insensitivity though – Mercury in Aquarius can make you a little less attuned to your own and others’ emotions, so be mindful that you aren’t neglecting anyone’s feelings.

Watch out for an extra dash of drama courtesy of the ‘Super Worm Full Moon’ which will be peaking in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The worm moon is what we call the first full moon of March, and this one is extra close to earth, making it a supermoon. Full moons generally signal truth, so don’t be shocked if big secrets are revealed.

So, in summary: take advantage of the clarity of this retroshade period, be patient as you clear up any miscommunications from the past few weeks, and breathe a sigh of relief for making it through the first Mercury retrograde of the decade.