What it means for your 2020 goals

Good things are finally coming your way as Jupiter sextiles Neptune, bringing a wealth of opportunity. Here’s how to make the most of this exciting astrological transit.

This year has been filled with a plethora of astrological events. We’ve gone through two Mercury retrogrades – which were both followed by retroshades, a Strawberry moon eclipse, Scorpio’s Super Flower Moon, July’s rare new moon in Cancer, and even had five planets in retrograde in a single week.

And now Jupiter’s sextiling Neptune on July 27. Confused and intrigued?

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The term ‘sextile” refers to when signs are 60 degrees apart, which usually occur between Fire and Air signs, and Earth and Water signs. A sextile is a friendly and flirty aspect, which brings positive, calming and supportive vibes. Basically the opposite of what you’d expect from Mercury retrograde.

Moreover, a sextile is considered one of the most change-inducing planetary connections, so NOW is the time to make changes.

A sextile between two planets also brings opportunity as it has a positive blending opportunity on the planets involved. Expect a flourish of unexpected opportunities, where you’ll have the tough decision of accepting or declining each.

Adventurous and enthusiastic Jupiter carries an ambition or goal, and when combined with intuitive Neptune, you have a board full of dreams and visions.

According to astrologer Natasha Weber, this period is all about positivity. “As Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and growth, and Neptune represents creativity and dreams, these themes can manifest positively for you when these two planetary heavy weights are sextile,” Weber tells Body+Soul. “Also, as both Jupiter and Neptune are outer planets, they move through our solar system at a snail’s pace. This makes any connection between them quite rare, and therefore notable.”

You should use the next few days to reflect on your dreams and life goals.

What do you want to accomplish this year? What changes do you need to make to ensure your goals are reached? Have you let your dreams fade away? If so, where should you look for inspiration to turn this around? What areas of your life could use improvement?

The next few days will also bring more compassion around the world, and a long-awaited boost of encouragement to complete tasks. It’ll force us to see the bigger picture, put things in perspective and take risks to achieve big dreams, which we may have been holding back on for quite some time now.

“Globally, we’ll be experiencing Jupiter and Neptune’s blessings through random acts of kindness and building greater compassion towards others. Spiritual pursuits are supported, so if you’ve always wanted to learn how to meditate or deepen your yoga practise, now would be an ideal time,” Weber explains. “As both planets are in retrograde during their sextile, dreams and aspirations can be reworked with great success. In fact, any form of manifesting techniques can produce powerful results when Jupiter is sextile Neptune.”

And while Pisces and Capricorns will “reap the greatest rewards during this transit, “Jupiter and Neptune’s effects have more of a generational influence so we’ll all benefit from this beautiful, mystical alignment.”

In order to take full advantage of this positive transit, it’s key you focus – and even meditate – on what makes you happy and what you really want in life. Once you figure this out, take the risk towards fulfilling these goals.