What is it, who is affected and how do you cope?

Just when you thought you were in the all clear after 2020’s last Mercury retrograde ended, Mercury in Scorpio has arrived. Here’s everything you need to know about this punchy astrological event.

If you thought Mercury going retrograde – hello chaos, confusion and a lot of miscommunication – was bad, then you haven’t met Mercury in Scorpio.

“The planet Mercury spends roughly three weeks in each astro sign – except when it’s in retrograde, which is a famously tricky time – and where it lands affects the ways we communicate, think, collaborate and socialise depending on the energy of that sign,” astrologer Trudie McConnochie tells Body+Soul.

Until December 1, Mercury is transiting Scorpio and boy are you in for a treat. Scorpio is the sign of power, transformation, analysis and sex, and astrologist, and as McConnochie puts it: “Scorpio does not mess around!”

*cue the panic*

So, what should you expect over the next few week? Who will be most affected by Mercury in Scorpio? And how can you use it to your advantage? We reveal all here…

What does it mean when Mercury is in Scorpio?

Your relationships can be positively or negatively affected during this period.

“Conversations tend to go deep during this phase, especially between romantic partners, which means less chat about dinner plans and more about what you truly want from life,” McConnochie explains. “You’re less likely to override or bury your emotions – so if there’s a conversation you and your partner really need to have – especially if it’s about your sex life – the planets are supporting you to do that.”

“You’re likely to be more open to intuitive thinking, too, rather than taking things at face value. So if someone feels a bit dodgy to you, trust that feeling.”

On a careers level, do you have an idea for a side hustle you’ve been sitting on for a while? Keen to start looking for a new job? Or have a home project you need to get done before the holiday season? Well, delving into projects is right up Scorpio’s alley so “you might be extra focused, productive and intense in your work like and ways of thinking.”

What star signs are most affected by Mercury in Scorpio?

It’s hard to believe but Scorpios will “get even more intense”, so tread carefully around your Scorpio mates. We warned you.

As for Sagittarians, McConnochie says they “may find themselves dealing with uncomfortable truths about the past,” while “Leos could find themselves unexpectedly emotional and introspective” (which, TBH isn’t a bad thing for them).

How to use Mercury in Scorpio to your advantage

“If you need to make important changes in your life, Mercury in Scorpio can help you suss out the best and truest approach. If you are someone who stuffs down your desires to make other people more comfortable, Mercury in Scorpio will not let you get away with that,” McConnochie notes.

“If you are playing small, Mercury in Scorpio can help you step into your power – meaning it’s an excellent time for power moves at work.”

Although all positive, McConnochie warns to tread carefully and not take everything at face value. “One thing to watch out for is that Scorpio energy can be possessive and envy driven, so some of the worst aspects of power could rise to the surface if insecurity or control issues are a theme in your life. Don’t believe everything you think.”

What comes after Mercury in Scorpio?

Don’t stress, it’s all positive vibes post-December 1.

“On December 1 Mercury moves into Sagittarius, the sign of travel, adventure, authenticity and learning,” McConnochie says. “That’s when things lighten up a little, and we’ll be more about having fun and new experiences.” Finally! A positive ending to a less-positive year!

Trudie McConnochie is an astrology writer and energy healer. Follow her on Instagram @onegroundedangel.