Victoria Beckham is on the full moon water trend, so what is it?

Victoria Beckham is a fan, posting about ‘full moon juice’ at an ultra-luxe European wellness space.

The water is allegedly “charged with the energies of the moon” by being placed outdoors in a container beneath a full moon.

Fans claim it is a way to absorb the energy of the full moon and connect to nature’s cycle.

It sounds a little kooky, but it’s no different to leaving your crystals out on a windowsill overnight to recharge during a full moon.

The full moon is connected to emotions and energy, with a lot of people finding themselves more than a little emotional around the time of a full moon.

For those that aren’t keen on spending £8 (AUD $15) a bottle on VB’s preferred brand, you’ll be thrilled to know you can make your own.

On the night of a full moon, simply fill a clear glass jar with filtered water and leave it in a spot that will be bathed in moonlight overnight.

Set your alarm early to retrieve it before the sun rises. You want to ensure the essence of the moon isn’t diluted by sunlight.

Do this with the same jar and water for three nights; before the official full moon, the night of the full moon itself and the following night.

As you place the jar, set your intention. Whether it’s gratitude, asking for connection or working through a challenge, put your energy out there.

Throughout the month, sip the water with gratitude, make medicinal tea infusions, use it to bathe your crystals or leave it on your altar.