Turn your fridge into a healthy oasis (because #fridgegoals)

We’ve all heard of Marie Kondo, now we speak with Australia’s first certified KonMari consultant about how to organise our way to healthy eating.

Ever sauntered over to the fridge, taken a glassy-eyed look at its contents only to shut the door again and utter the age-old phrase ‘there’s nothing to eat’.

We know. Us too.

Here to save our fridge from being overloaded with takeout, wine and chocolate is certified KonMari master, Gemma Quinn. Speaking on Body+Soul’s daily podcast Healthy-ish, here are her tips to create a healthy fridge oasis.

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Purge baby, purge

The first thing to do in any fridge renovation is to pull everything out and give it a good old cleanse.

“I would pull everything out of the fridge and I would wipe it down,” she tells host Felicity Harley on the Healthy-ish episode Turn your fridge into a healthy oasis (because #fridgegoals).

Create a containerville

“I use good sturdy plastic containers to group different categories and different meals in your fridge.”

She suggests opting for clear, stackable containers all of the one brand so that they’ll all tetris neatly into the fridge and you can see what’s in them.

Create an ‘eat now’ space

It does royally suck when you miss the use by date on the‘treat’ yoghurt you’ve been saving.

“My other recommendation is to have an ‘eat now’ container. So, you know, if your yoghurt is going to go off, or you have leftovers that you want somebody to eat … to have a container for that.”

Put your snacks at eye level

That’s right. You’re more likely to eat whatever is right in front of you (we’re such complex creatures).

“Take the things that you want to eat – snacks you want ready to go – and keep them at eye-level. It’s really easy and a great thing to do,” she says.

Better yet, banish your unhealthy snacks to the back of the fridge and prioritise healthy options in the prime position of your fridge.

Sneaky peas

Keeping chocolate in the fridge can be risky business (particularly if you live in a house of choccy snufflers).

To keep it away from prying eyes, Quinn has a genius idea to hide it.

“My advice for parents is to put a slit in the back of the frozen peas in the freezer….obviously unless your kids are fans of frozen peas.”

Feelin’ spicy?

“With your spices, I always recommend you storing them in boxes,” explains Quinn.

“You’re preventing this, you know, traffic jam of products in your cupboard and you can easily pull it out versus searching around for something in a cupboard.”

That’s right. You’ll never spill the paprika all over your groceries. Ever. Again.