TikTok hack show how to unshrink clothes using hair conditioner

Hands up if you’ve thrown your washed clothes in the dryer without checking the label, only to pull it out and it’s 10 times smaller? We feel you.

But all hope isn’t lost if you find your favourite dress or jumper no longer fits, as one woman has revealed the simple trick to unshrinking clothes – and all you need is hair conditioner.

Bonnie Wyrick took to TikTok to share a video demonstrating how to fix ruined clothes.

In the video, she shares a glimpse of her wearing a floral dress that had shrunk in the dryer.

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Asking the question, “ever shrink your clothes in the dryer?”, she demonstrates soaking the shrunk item in hot water and a quarter cup of “cheap’ hair conditioner for 20-30 minutes.

After hanging it dry, she says to “gently pull in all directions to stretch” the fabric.

Wyrick then pops the dress back on, which seems to be visibly longer and looser having returned back to its original fit.

The video already has over 14k likes, and multiple comments from people who have been left mind blown by this life-changing hack.

“I tried this on a pair of shorts and it worked so well!!! yay!”, one person wrote.

Another said, “Game changer! I shrunk my favorite t-shirt last week and totally trying this now!”

A third person added: “I needed this!! When my husband does laundry, he always puts the wrong things in the dryer.”

Brb, urgently need some hair conditioner.