This new ‘day spa for your mind’ is seriously bougie

With the rise of mental health issues after the past year, many of us have learned that it’s a side of our wellbeing we cannot neglect. Enter The Cocoon Room, a luxurious space dedicated to meditation and mindfulness. 

There has been a lot of talk about how important our mental health and mindfulness are recently, especially with the increased stress of just being human during a global pandemic.

Particularly during times of stress, but really anytime, meditation is a great way to check-in with yourself, breathe, and reflect on the state of your wellbeing. But while one in six Australians practice meditation, many struggle with consistency.

This is what inspired entrepreneur Linda Belli’s latest venture, The Cocoon Room, a luxury meditation and mindfulness space in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

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“With so much discussion around the importance and benefits of practicing meditation, it was surprising to learn that the offerings were limited,” she says.

“We’ve created a dedicated tranquil space with great session times to help city workers incorporate meditation and downtime into their busy routines. We’re more ‘chill’ than ‘chore’, come as you are, no Lycra required.”

Sessions at The Cocoon Room are 50 minutes long and are broken up into two parts. The first 25 minutes are spent relaxing in the Luxe Lounge where you can grab a cup of tea, journal, colour, or just soak up the chill vibes and gently ready yourself for part two.

After a soft bell chimes, you’ll be ushered into your own cocoon with a velour chaise, lumbar support pillow, and a curtain for privacy.

Pop your headphones on and select from either a guided meditation, Cocoon Room’s signature relaxing soundtrack, or nature sounds for some much-needed escapism.

“We’ve crafted a spa-like experience without the price tag,” says Belli.

“The element of privacy with individual ‘cocoons’ and the simple meditation content is essential to encourage even the most reluctant meditators, so they too can enjoy the benefits of this ancient practice.”