‘This is the exact moment I realised I was a psychic’

Just like some are born as naturally talented singers or dancers, others are also born with psychic powers.

Yep, for those sceptics out there, you’re probably thinking the world of fortune-telling, clairvoyance and telepathy is utter nonsense, but once you meet celebrity psychic Georgina Walker, your opinion might actually change.

Walker, who is best known as the country’s top celebrity psychic (and the woman who predicted Prince Harry would marry a famous American), appears on the latest episode of podcast Healthy-ish, where she reveals the eerie moment her parents knew she had an extra sensory perception power.

“From the age of five, once my parents gave me a doll, and I went outside and came back in and I said I’m going to call her Collotta, and my mum said there is no such name as Collotta,” she tells Healthy-ish co-hosts Maz Compton and Eliza Cracknell in the latest episode ‘Bum tubes and sleeping crystals: How woo woo trends came to take over the wellness space.’

“I said, ‘yes, the man outside told me to call it Collotta’, and my mum said there is no man outside.”

From that moment, Georgina’s parents knew she had inherited her grandmother and mother’s intuitive powers – and the gift only developed from there.

Now, she spends her days helping others find the answers to their questions.

“When someone comes to me, I don’t want to know anything about them. I hold a piece of jewellery or an object of theirs – a ring, wallet or whatever – and I close my eyes and talk for 15 minutes straight, and I talk really fast. And then for the next 15 minutes they can ask questions and show photos.”

As much as it sounds like a superpower, Georgina notes that her gift can be extremely draining and somewhat dangerous, if she’s not careful.

“When clients come to me, I actually switch off and switch on because otherwise you’re going around picking up other people’s vibrations all the time and then you’ll be drained or have a breakdown or something like that,” she explains. “It’s like doctors – they don’t want to be doctors all the time… so I have to learn to switch off.”

Georgina also notes that there is often a misconception that psychic readers are God-like beings who can solve problems or change the future.

“Some people don’t want to hear what they’re being told because they’re not prepared for it and they leave, but I insist that it be recorded because at the end of the day you’ll only be holding onto what you wanted to hear that day.”

The celebrity psychic also makes it clear to her clients that she has a “strict duty of care” where there are several topics – including death and gender of sex – which she does not talk about.

“I don’t predict death because that’s not up to me, and if you get hypothetical you get a lot of people who may be depressive who are coming in for a reading and hoping you’ll give them the magic wand… and they’re the kind of people I would refer to a psychologist or a psychotherapist,” Georgina notes.

“I don’t do gender of sex because for some nationalities they want a particular sex and I don’t want to be in an abusive situation, so I have an ethical situation for myself where I don’t do that.

“I think you have to be responsible. You’ve got a profession and no matter how many times people push you, I say, well, I’m the wrong psychic for you.”

But what she is able to share with her clients after tuning into their vibrations, can be eye-opening, and in some cases, even life-changing.

“I remember one lady came to me and I said your husband must go and have a bowel check,” she recalls. “She said ‘oh, it’s not due for another year’, and I said, ‘oh no, he must go.’

“She emailed me back saying, ‘thanks to you, the doctor had said that if he left it another six months he wouldn’t be here.’”

In another instance, she warned a client to get her thyroid checked – and it turned out, she had thyroid cancer.

“Sometimes I will pick up a health condition or an imbalance in their mental state. Going to a psychic is not going to heal… sometimes the healing goes with the professional. I have a list of cards I refer people to because at the end of the day, wellness is important. A prediction won’t come true until they get balance.”

Want to hear more of Georgina’s spooky ghost stories? Tune into episode 47 of Healthy-ish, ‘Bum tubes and sleeping crystals: How woo woo trends came to take over the wellness space.’ Listen to it above, at Apple iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts from.