There’s three personality types when it comes to life admin, which one are you?

Caroline Brunne, of Organise.Curate.Design has partnered with Westinghouse to share how we can be the best version of ourselves. 

When it comes to the life admin to-do list, tasks can seem endless and suffocating. You know those important things like planning meals for the week, cleaning the house for that weekend family dinner and buying a gift for your friend’s upcoming birthday, we all approach them differently.

Westinghouse has partnered with one of Australia’s only ‘real life’ lifestyle management experts, Caroline Brunne of Organise.Curate.Design to share the three types of personalities when it comes to life admin and what they need to be the most organised versions of themselves.


‘Late’ personality types tend to be overloaded. You’ve seen them before, they are the friend that is always late to dinner or the one who forgets your birthday, even when Facebook reminds them. They mean well, and we know that they are trying their best but being late is something they have become known for.

They can sometimes be people pleasers, and hope that they can do it all without having to say no to anyone. The ‘Late’ personality type can also be overly ambitious, they might be the type of person that believes they can travel from point a to point b in fifteen minutes, when it is physically impossible to do that, let alone with the challenges of modern-day traffic and any other hiccups that may occur along the way.

In many cases this type of person has not had the opportunity to set clear boundaries either for themselves or for the people around them, that is the problem at the core of their lack of time management. These people often need structure in place and support to set boundaries and goals that are realistic. They also need tools implemented for them and further support with accountability.


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‘Action’ based personality types sit well and truly in the middle. They are usually action oriented and work well with a list, but can sometimes be overwhelmed with this list if there is too much to do, unexpected tasks or moving deadlines.

Similar to the ‘Late’ personality type, they too can sometimes fall into the trap of blurred boundaries and saying yes to too many things. Though they may not do this as often it is often these moments that can cause them to detour from their planned path of action and land them in some tricky situations at the end of the day when there are still a few too many items on their to-do list.

We often work with these people to identify how to prioritise their tasks and how to let go of the things that are on the list but that no longer need to be. We also support them in decision making, giving them tools to manage decision fatigue and to see their time as an asset that they should protect and value.


‘Organised’ personality types may seem to have it all organised but they can also benefit from support. Yes, they might have it all together when it comes to calendars, checklists and time management skills but it is their clear understanding of who they are and what they want to achieve that forms the foundation of why they are organised.

The ‘Organised’ personality type doesn’t often have an issue asking for help as they want to get the task done and don’t want to overload themself. They are also mindful that they may not always the best person to complete a task, searching for quality and results above the ‘I can do it all’ mentality.

The key to why they end up working with us is that they are realistic in what they can achieve, they are comfortable with outsourcing and are ok with letting go of perfectionism, done is better than perfect.