The most effective sleep aids to buy for a good night’s rest

We all need it to function at the most basic level, but a large proportion of Australians are suffering from poor sleep three or more times a week. 

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Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to overall physical and mental function, but it’s estimated 60 percent of Aussies are experiencing disturbed sleep three or more times every week and few people actually seek help for it.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite tips, products, and tricks to help you get the most out of bedtime to ensure you wake up feeling and looking refreshed.

Patch chest

Worn overnight, these medical-grade silicone patches work to prevent creasing and deep wrinkles forming on your chest area due to sleeping on your side or stomach.

Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Wrinkle & Décolletage Smoothing Kit, $42

Wake up with the sunrise

Studies show that loud, startling alarm sounds can leave you feeling fatigued throughout the rest of the day. Use this clever light alarm instead, and your body will wake up to a simulated sunrise and soothing nature sounds.

A.H. Beard Nox Smart Sleep Light, $249

Soak it up

Ease aching muscles before bed with this relaxing blend of magnesium, rose, geranium and sea salt.

Salt Soak Rose & Geranium, $24

Pyjama party

Who said jammies need to be casual? Try a set that gives new meaning to “Sunday best”.

Sleeping with Jacques The Classic Set, $429

Having trouble drifting off ?

Try aromatherapy. Essential oils like lavender, sweet orange and chamomile may help with symptoms associated with mild insomnia, restlessness and stress. Pour it in a di user or roll over pulse points.

Oil Garden Sleep Assist Roll On, $13.99

Grab a gummy

These edible gummies use food-based ingredients including cherry, lemon balm, magnesium and manuka honey to help support melatonin production. They are formulated to have a cumulative effect over several weeks, so chew two about an hour before bed to aid in a deeper, more restful trip to snooze town.

BetterBare Co. SleepyBare Cherry & Vanilla Gummies, $59.99

The power’s in your pillow

You’ve heard of silk and satin pillowcases, but what about pillows that conform to the contours of your face to help prevent sleep-related wrinkles? Plus, the non-absorbent satin cover minimises sleep lines while also ensuring your skincare doesn’t get soaked up by your linen.

Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Age Defy Pillow, $108

Heavy duty

Can’t sleep? Try a weighted blanket. Using deep-touch pressure stimulation, it is said to help calm your mind and promote a more restful slumber.

Calming Blanket Hand Woven Weighted Blanket, $399