The internet’s best life advice in just 4 words

In particularly trying times, sometimes four words are all you need to make your day better. 

When it comes to advice, the internet can be an absolute minefield.

From the viral video saying you can charge your iPhone in a microwave (you can’t and please for the love of god don’t even try), to spraying hair detangler on your twisted tech chords (it’ll just make them sticky), and certain celebrity chefs that claim to be able to cure coronavirus with a $15,000 machine energy healer, there is a plethora of shoddy life tips out there that should absolutely not be followed.

It doesn’t mean people are any less likely to pass on their wisdom, though, and admittedly sometimes seeing a phrase relevant to your situation can be uplifting, especially in a year most of us would rather forget.

But a recent Instagram thread has us feeling actually pretty inspired. Prompted by Waylon Lewis, the founder of the world’s largest mindfulness community Elephant Journal, followers were asked to share their best life advice in four words or less.

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“Everything will be OK,” replied one. Particularly useful advice in these trying times.

There were plenty of self-love and gratitude mantras, like “you may make you happy,” and “give yourself more credit,” which for those of us who experience imposter syndrome is super relevant.

Here are two of our personal favourites:

“Don’t sh*t where you eat.”

“Don’t text your ex.”