The bizarre wellness therapies that Angie Kent has tried and loved

Angie Tries It is Nova’s latest podcast, where the fabulous Angie Kent puts her mindset on the line to try a huge array of therapies, so we don’t have to.

It’s impossible not to love Angie Kent. We’ve watched this down-to-earth lady light up our small screens each night on the likes of Gogglebox, The Bachelorette and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, for a good dose of honesty and a whole lot of laughs.

But now, she’s coming through your ear holes *literally* in a new podcast with Nova called Angie Tries It.

“I love to talk and after COVID I’ve probably got more of a face for radio,” Angie jokes, speaking with Body+Soul about the moment Nova approached her with the idea for the podcast.

“I was like ‘oh my god, yes’. I don’t have to get super dressed up, I get to talk and they know I love a good therapy session. I love all different types of therapy.”

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A part of Angie’s new gig is testing out ALL of the therapy, including the weird and wacky ones we can’t help but wonder ‘do they work’? We’re talking Past Life Regression, Exposure Therapy, Laughing Yoga, BDSM Therapy, Singing Therapy – and you guessed it – Equine Therapy.

So, early one Tuesday morning I shimmied my butt down Mona Vale Road to meet up with Angie at the beautiful Willow Wood Stables in Terrey Hills, NSW, visiting the professional therapy team at Leading Edge Life Skills.

Set amongst the Aussie bush, we came face to face with our therapists for the day; Kylie and Vinnie (Vin Diesel) our therapy horses. Along with these legends, we had the lovely team of Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators (EAL) on site who were there to help us bond with the horses and understand their cues.

One of the first things we learnt, which stood out to Angie and I, was that horses are naturally very intuitive creatures. If we’re covering something up, or pretending, they’ll see right through it.

So yes, they could totally see through my ‘I’m the leader of the pack’ exterior and into my extremely non-confrontational, non-assertive and kind of nervous-around-horses vibe. Let’s just say Vinnie (the horse I was working with) didn’t feel the need to listen to me at first.

Meanwhile, Angie is getting on like a pro – she’s leading Kylie around the ring with ease and slowly but surely becoming more confident.

“I would never have even thought about animal therapy,” she says. “You read about this stuff but you may never really do it. But it’s made me feel – weirdly enough just within that 20 minutes – confident that I can walk alongside something I’m usually frightened of, and almost tame a 500 kilo beast.”

“I’m like – oh, she’s my mate now.”

While I still have a ways to go to master my relationship with Vinnie, I could still get a feel for how introspective this form of therapy is, and how beneficial the focus on authenticity and awareness could be.

In fact, before you work with your horse you need to partake in a kind of ceremony called a ‘horsey handshake’. This is where you approach the horse, from the side so they can see you, and introduce yourself by holding out your hand and letting them smell you and get to know you. Throughout you keep an eye on all their signs to see their response, including whether their ears are up (a good thing) and whether they’re flicking their tail (not so good).

Angie mentioned that this kind of respectful approach is something us humans could learn in the way we treat one another.

Speaking on the vulnerability and authenticity required to work with the horses, she added, “You never would have thought of that coming here. I never would have had that in my mind….But it would be so nice if we could all be that authentic with each other as humans. And we’ve learnt that through a horse. Therapy, I tell you – it’s a game changer.”

In fact, when asked about her go-to wellness tip – Angie said counselling is her most favourite.

“I’ve got the best therapist in the world and whenever anybody is losing their minds, or having a bad week – I’m like ‘oh my therapist is the best, I’ll give you Tracey’s number’.”

“I always recommend therapy because you don’t know why you respond and react to certain things unless you have an outsider, who is a professional, to really break it down. You can work yourself up into a right state. I did that for so long , and now I’m just like ‘no’.

Add meditation and exercise (where possible) to your talking therapy and that’s the Angie Kent method to get through even the toughest of days!

So – what does she think of some of the other therapies she’s tried?

#1 Past Regression

“I’ve done the past regression therapy, and I loved it. I’ve done it twice before this session and this one was quite different. Obviously I was in a studio with like five other people but I find – whether they’re a psychic, or a therapist or a medium, they all have different ways they do it.”

#2 Sex Therapy

“I’ve never had any sex therapy before which I think is a game changer – I think all women and men should do sex therapy because after it I was like ‘oh my god, there’s so much I didn’t know’. And I’m 31 – it’s like – what have you been doing?”

“I never really knew that I should get some kind of sex therapy and work out why I do certain things or why I attract certain things from people.”

#3 Singing Therapy

“I’d never done any of the others before – nothing like this [horse therapy], singing therapy, yoga therapy – like laughing yoga – some of them are very full on.”

“I was very uncomfortable with the singing therapy. Because I really had to sing and if you can’t sing then it’s really embarrassing….Oh my god, I don’t even want to think about it,” she says, remembering.

“But it means there’s something within me that’s really embarrassed about that and I need to work on it.”

It’s all about finding your go-to

For Angie – it’s not necessarily about the type of therapy you do, but just that you get help and support in a way that makes sense for you.

“I’m a big believer – especially after doing different types of therapy, with different psychologists, doing meditation – that not one particular therapy or therapist will be right for all.”

“It’s like when you go get your hair cut. If you’ve got a sh*t hairdresser, you’re not going to keep going back, so you’ve got to test out another one.”

But what we all really want to know is – what was her most bizarre moment when recording the season?

“One of the most bizarre ones, which was also one of the most interesting, because it was so out of my comfort zone was the BDSM. I’ve never really been in like… I don’t think they’re called ‘sex dens’,” she laughs trying to think of the appropriate term.

“I had to walk up the stairs and she [the therapist] had all these different toys set out for me. For me, [it was a lot] seeing all those toys other than on a movie – like I only have a vibrator, I don’t have whips and chains and ropes…Sometimes I was a little bit giggly about it, but to me, that’s something in me that I have to work on.”

“It’s like – grow up. You’re 31, why are you giggling over whips? When I get nervous too I giggle or I’ll say something really inappropriate.”

While trying weird and wacky therapies may be a little challenging, Angie thinks it’s a really wonderful way to explore and foster new parts of yourself.

“The best way for humans to grow is to be out of their comfort zone. If we’re constantly doing the same thing, how are we going to expand, learn, grow. I’ve absolutely loved it,” she says.

“It’s like it’s almost like a real life, rollercoaster, horror film. What do I say…oh yeah, ‘Angie. I try it. So you don’t have to.'”

You can tune into her first episode, on Regression Therapy right now here.